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 Mar 2014
Light of my heart
I* loved you dearly
Ever in my heart I cherish you

Dedicated to my kitten, Callie
Who passed away 1-2 years ago!!! ~~~~<3
Today I was thinking about how much
I dearly miss her sweet and comforting presence!!! ~~~~~<3
Rest in peace in the comforting arms of God, Callie dear!!! ~~~~<3
But I shall always miss you
Until the day I die and see you in Heaven!!! ~~~~~<3
Until Then!!! ~~~~<3

I hope you enjoy this poem, my HP friends!!! ~~~~~<3
 Mar 2014
Callie, Oh Marian's Callie,
You Lived A Great Life,
A Life So Great That Only A Few Manage.

Callie, Oh Marian's Callie,
You Were A Great Pet,
A Pet So Great That Inspire Poems About Them.

Callie, Oh Marian's Callie,
Hope You Are In Peace,
If Not So, Let Peace Be Upon Your Sweet Purrs.
This is for Marian's Callie
 Mar 2014
Part I

Why did you die?
Why did you heave your last sigh?
Didn't you know I loved you?
Why then did you make me feel so sad and blue?

I love you dearly,
Can't you see that clearly?
I wish you were here on my bed,
Instead of buried in a tea box. . . Dead.

For my kitten, Callie who died when she was about two weeks old. I think she died sometime in October. I miss her very much! She was the kitten of her mother, Onyx who is a stray. My Mamma found her outside and she was so small she was afraid the neighbor's dogs would get her so se brought her inside and our cat, Candy who was expecting her own litter took care of her.
We don't know what made her died but we know we certainly miss her very much!!!

— The End —