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 Jan 2018
Anora Emporium
It's not fair
that despite knowing
you will never love me back
all I can recall
is how you did everything
so beautifully.
I said thank you after just one night because I knew that you would one day become nothing more than a beautiful memory.
 Jan 2018
Anora Emporium
How many times
can I message you
to see you reply
with one word
and still tell myself
maybe he's just busy
maybe he just doesn't like talking via text
maybe he's caught up working at the job he is so dedicated to
maybe he simply meant to say more but got distracted

he does that

maybe I'm making excuses
for a boy that doesn't love me
or care enough
to give me his time
or show an inkling of effort
everything is fine

How many times?
 Jan 2018
Anora Emporium
love can hit you
an unforgiving crunching of steel and glass
it collides
then ricochets in a confusion
of twisted metal
screaming down the highway
I wish
you had watched where you were heading
so that maybe I wouldn't be regretting
falling in love
at 2am
with a car wreck
There's smoke in my eyes
I'm not crying
 Jan 2018
Anora Emporium
I wasn't looking for love
but it found me anyway
in a glass of cider and a 2am conversation
it filled the silence with heartbeats
and the night with music
it was the grip in my hair and the kisses on my neck
just a peck that left me begging for more
love found me in shared poems
and Lord of the Rings games
and blushes as thank you
and two plates for one meal
in Star Wars jocks
and quirky socks
love said hi with a grin and screamed over loud noises
to drown out every other worry
that I may have
about losing what I've only just begun to love

— The End —