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He left at 67.

No one knew
he caught the first light
through the window glass

smelled dew when autumn came
was joyous at the trills of birds
caught all the blue in his eyes
and smiled the sky was his.

No one knows
if it was too early to go.

He knew
he was briefly happy.
I close my lonely eyes
And listen to the wind
Sometimes, like that, I’ll find
You floating through my mind
Sometimes, like that, I
Dissolve myself in time
Sometimes, like that, silent tears
Blur the passing years
And those lonely eyes
Glisten in the wind.

 Jul 6
Yes, here I am
In my 1955 model body
Sipping hot toddy
But on the inside nothing has changed
It’s all on the outside.

And there I go
Like the old man in a song
Shuffling along
Inside, nothing has changed
But, oh, the outside.

The years have passed
One on one
69 have gone
In the blink of an eye
But the changes you see, tell a lie.

SE      May 24
Does everyone of a certain age feel like this?
 Jul 6

I close my lonely eyes
And listen to the wind.

Almost tattered with oil spots and all
when it was gifted I really can't recall
the colors are faded the surface rough
but in my possession is no better stuff.

The smell is old with layers of years
wiped bath water, sweat and tears
rubs me tender whispers sweetly
in love with you please don't leave me.

My old buddy without a name
hugs my skin covers my shame
post the showers it's been my muse
still not useless from years of use.

Why it's so special why can't I leave
the torn old thing holds love I believe
the touch of love that's never really gone
in a parting gift from the father to the son.
 Jun 29
Salmabanu Hatim
Is better,
Than a bitter truth,
If it saves a marriage,
Or a life.
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