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 Mar 1
in the most sensational ways
 Nov 2020
Imran Islam
I am waiting for your smiles
and sitting on for your voice.
I have found your door after
the journey of miles and miles.

If you accept me this morning
I'll melt in you till the evening
I'll make you never forget me
after my loving touch today.

When you will come and see me
I'm lying down on the front door
You'll just pull me up to adore
and you won't stop hugging me.

I hope you will be here so soon
and I will make you wonder
I'd draw a beautiful afternoon
So, reach my hands to feel better.
 Nov 2020
Imran Islam
I couldn't tell my minds yet
Maybe I am not perfect,
I keep you in my little heart,
but I am a failed poet!

I have found the moonlight
on your happy face first,
I am always ready to fight
for you my sweetheart.

I would be a romantic cricket
and sing for you tonight
to make your dreams sweet,
Then you will feel me, I bet.
Enjoy reading my books!
Who am I
Even I dont know
This troubled soul
To be
Hidden there in concealed flesh
Lies rotten puke
I voimted out black pile
out it came weeping
for mercy
But instead it cried out in pain
The chains grew tighter
Deeper into darkness
The tunnel endless without light
The smoggy  atmosphere tense
I hid my face
I couldn't look back at the mirror's
They released reflections of truth
Which I held onto
These roaring lions
Savaged my inmost being .
I was an animal not worthy of redemption
One that should be forgotten not forgiven.
 Oct 2020
What is the point of living?
What is the purpose of life?

If death was the ultimatum then what's the point of being born?

Maybe we are too small to speculate it.

Maybe we will get extinct before we know it.
 Sep 2020
You were fresh out of September
Dewdrops touching my face

a bright day
A sunny smile
the star lighting me up

A patch of pink and blue

but with rainy nights
and windy breezy evenings

The sweaters of November
will suit you too
 Aug 2020
We don't trust a kind person
they are always under suspicion,
Nobody has been kind to me
without any reason,
their ulterior motive be some kind.
It seems that kindness be
An extinct breed indeed.
Not a call in which,
it is purely for asking of well being,
what follows concern, is the real deal.
The world has toughen, sharpen each edges,
distrust is all time high, cutting up inches
You are one of them, I am not putting the blame,
I have turned just the same
By not trusting everybody,
I am just being kind to me.
 Aug 2020
Druzzayne Rika
Visions blurred
Future unclear
Aspirations silly
Disturbing insecurity
Dreams incomplete
Untouched gifts
Hope wilts
Cryptic wit
Uncertain relation
Suspicious intentions
Difficult conditioning
Unresolved mistakes
Hesitant risks
Seasons passing
Age increases
Tis' Life.
 Aug 2020
Thomas W Case
My daughter talks to
her blueberries like
they're her friends.
My soul smiles
and I never want
it to end.
my daughter eating breakfast, she's two and a half.
 Aug 2020
My heart is caged
Within the ribs
Like a little canary
Always willing to fly
Into the wild.

The cover picture of an old school project inspired me to write this little poem.
Thanks for reading:)
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