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 May 2022
apart from breathing through your nostrils?
Every breath intake,
A second more to live
all we ever did was breathe
through the sorrows and happiness
it has many arcs, the wave
every moment I spent living,
I knew the fate
same as everyone
death will swallow me whole
all I ever had was my fine soul.
 Jul 2021
Druzzayne Rika
I fell. Hard.

On the floor.

It was gravity's fault.

I did nothing wrong.

I am heavier than I seem.

The sky won't tuck me in.
 Mar 2021
in the most sensational ways
 Nov 2020
Imran Islam
I am waiting for your smiles
and sitting down for your voice.
I have found your door after
the journey of miles and miles.

If you receive me this morning
I'll melt in you till the evening
I'll make you never forget me
after my loving touch today.

When you will come here and see me
I'm lying down on the front door
You'll just pull me up to adore
and you won't stop hugging me.

I wish you will be here so soon
to make my eyes wonder
I'd draw a beautiful afternoon
along with you by the blue river!
 Nov 2020
Imran Islam
I couldn't tell my minds yet
Maybe I am not perfect,
I keep you in my little heart,
but I am a failed poet!

I have found the moonlight
on your happy face first,
I am always ready to fight
for you my sweetheart.

I would be a romantic cricket
and sing for you tonight
to make your dreams sweet,
Then you will feel me, I bet.
Enjoy reading my books!
 Oct 2020
What is the point of living?
What is the purpose of life?

If death was the ultimatum then what's the point of being born?

Maybe we are too small to speculate it.

Maybe we will get extinct before we know it.
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