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 Feb 13
Francie Lynch
I dreamt  I went to heaven;
(Or someplace, perhaps not there) ,
It surely was surreal.
I was somewhere in this vision,
For I certainly wasn't here.

In revelry I searched the crowd,
Saw countless faces shining.
Booth and Chapman smiled sublimely;
Oswald and Ruby discussed their crimes;
And Adolph and Idi wete enjoying time..
Charlie and Earl began singing,
And Brutus danced out with  his brothers.
And the legions were carousing,
I wept while browsing,
I didn't see her here.

Did I take the wrong path,
As  dreamers often do;
And miss the gates of Paradise,
To go to Hell for you.

In the centre of this commotion,
Judas called me over
With his martyr's  smile.
We joined with the others,
(Ones he knows as brothers) ,
And lead me to the One I sought.
I'm in heaven when I'm with her.

I  roused myself,
Shook hard and long.
All the teachings we ingrained
On bent knees with hands inclined,
In prayer and subtle song,
Truly wronged us all along.
In death, I know, we leave behind
Our Hell-on-earth, and find,
Everlasting Peace-of-Mind.

 Feb 8
wes parham
When the hate  she expressed
Was in honesty’s name,
When she doubled down on lies,
Her excuse was the same.
I was there with my finger,
On the pulse and the blame,
But I am not cruel,
And she is not your shame.

That night you tried more,
Smoking, late, on the bed,
And the things you had done,
Were just as she’d said,
When the ashtray came down,
It was inches from your head.
When Fall came and went,
You two were still wed.

You were not promised wealth,
Not one measure of fame,
You said life wasn’t fair,
Because you see it as a game.
Now, the last time we’d speak,
You’d be cursing my name,
I am not cruel.
You will never be the same.
Free associative word story, speaker is peripheral to a relationship that is fiery and also overtly abusive but would rather not be involved, take sides or tender advice one way or another.
 Feb 4
Why do I say I love you
When you already know that I do?
Why do I need to say it out loud
When you already know that it’s true?

But it’s..

Funny, hearing those words, knowing, I like them more than you.


Sunny, that feeling I get, glowing, when you answer that you love me too.


I love you
And all of your many ways
And I’ll love you
Till the end of my needy wee days


What’s a poem for
If it doesn’t let me love you a little bit more
So while there’s words on this page
The thought cannot age.


I love you
In the bright focal light of the day
I love you
In the dark heady sleight of the night
I love you today
And in every way
Things that you do
Words that you say
Those looks that you give
The way that we live

I love you..
The fuller version..
 Jan 30
life's jump
There's no gental way to stay
No plans for tomorrow
It's coldest just before the sun rise
Tips on poise and what to be
Pass from them to me

Like devastating news
That note of wound waits
Getting to know yourself
By the weight of your compassion
Trying to explain the past
Through strangers expressions

I lie to you about what
I have been
Not to make myself look better
But to hide what I've lived
Comparing their reaction
To what I said

So I swallow
look for a way to fit in
Eventually realizing
They never did

People like us
People like us
Have lived
Lives like fiction
that they fact

Expect us not to bite
while biting back
Standing on a landslide
cage in hand

Traped in your wave of dirt
No clear path
Cut myself on the way down
But I come back-

We recover
to suffer
To start again
we shiver
turn over
go again

I know about these days
Take my hand-
Writing this song on a telephone
Was not my plan
There is no warmth
When I wish you the best
There is no cold touch
Of your eyes

The air between us
Has passed
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