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It’s as bright as hell
my eyes are squinting
Due-east the sun is rising
The shining snow welcomes
a break from days of overcast
Banshee and I aimlessly walk across
the frozen lake to avoid the traffic of the winding slippery busy roads
Dead critters feathers and fur
cars and trucks slip and swerve
Ice fishers on the horizon
year rounders in summer cottages
Far and few people but hardly alone
So I sit on this ice and write this poem
Traveler Tim
Your breath
a prayer in water, when
vision fails.

Life will treat you
in beauty, when you were
ready to meet future.

Like touching god's
feet, to smear the lunar's
dust on fore heat.

The journey never
ends. Bright stars beckon to
you, but you will not
find Miranda.

The fever was mystical.
In delirium you will recite
a poem.
All this weight dragging me down
Get your hands off me!
Must I be both sober and sound
Get your paws off me!
Will you let me go, my way
out into the freezing snows okay
Get your wicked claws out of me

To you and all your cronies
I am just a phony
so please get your hands off me

A massage to all the players in my hell dream
I will awaken soon
Thank you for being
a lifetime to my dreams
I love you more and more
Happy Valentine's Day
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