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 Dec 2020
From the book of
“ I say so ‘s”
(Not Isaiah)

Nothing can really be described
yet a poet paints a picture
in your mind

No one can be converted
until their truth
has been perverted

Lies needs to be believed
the truth doesn’t
we’ve all believed
a lie that wasn’t

There’s no future
there’s no pass
there’s only the present
Life is a state of either
Pain, pleasure or pleasant

Do not stop desiring to desire
The meaning of your life
Lies within your passions!
Traveler Tim
 Nov 2020
The King with the axe
And the Suicide Jack
Are always worth a wild
Doubled down
Take a hit
And always wear
A smile
Snake eye roll
Crows eye view
Luck is a lady
Me and you
And the devil too

Now deal those cards!
Traveler Tim
 Nov 2020
october, my love, your comfort and
courage--your absolute devastation--
my soul lives forever in you--
all the years, the tears, the natural
ebb and flow of hope and heartache--
the bittersweet autumnal hymn of death
of warmth in the sun and cold everywhere else--
infinite dreams, romantic projections of the
necessities of a human heart--
incongruency of aesthetics so beautiful
they have to be true-- dancing through
recalcitrant golden sunbeams
of somewhere, somehow--
 Nov 2020
D Awanis
Dear Grandma and Grandpa,

How's the Earth looking from up there?
I bet you wouldn't even bother about the livings anymore,
I bet you couldn't wait for the Heaven; the eternity

Dear Grandma and Grandpa,

Forgive me,
For every time I see a butterfly perched on my window I always thought that was you missing me
Forgive me,
For every time I see a cat around the backyard I always thought that was you visiting and checking up on me

Dear Grandma and Grandpa,

Now I'm at peace, realizing that you are free from any physical pains;
As you are no longer burdened by your diabetes or sudden heart attack
As your fragile skins won't have to be bruised when you coincidentally knocked on the table
As you won't have to feel headache each time you're overwhelmed by the thoughts of your family

Dear Grandma and Grandpa,

Still, it doesn't feel right for my brain to comprehend that
My childrens won't ever get to hear the warmth of your voices;
Tasting the overburnt eggs and noodles you used to make;
Watching your favorite old movies in the afternoon;
Playing with the wrinkles on your hands;
or making fun of your white hair

Dear Grandma and Grandpa,

I know you will never know about this
But I'm down on my knees
Silently pray inbetween the night and the dawn;
So that the angels will not be too harsh on you
In hereafter
I miss you
 Nov 2020
Harbour him
Citrus skin
Quivering hands
Stowed away from departure

Weighed my stains and faults
Down in the sea
He carried me
So I could breathe

Sea Salt burns
On my cinder block hands
But he kisses my cheek
Sets them free

Him and drenching clothes
Unbound souls
All I need
For L
Nothing lasts forever.
Except for the human soul.
The biggest damage
To anyone
It's this energy, inside it, that takes the biggest toll.
After all that has been said and all that shall be done
Remember that a battery needs a positive terminal
Not just the Negative
Terminal to ride the electric rail
to a recharged future.
 Nov 2020
I cannot force them out my friend
They just flow out from time to time
Some days I fear they will never end
All days I’m left with no reasons why
I don't know if it's the pain of lost love
Maybe the chaos I bring upon myself
Could be the scent in the air or the stars above
Or just the dust that lingers on the shelf
Some are past lovers, friends, unwanted enemies
Dreams I haven't had yet come true
Some lines...just plain old memories
Heartaches and heart breaks, fate mixed in too
But at the end of every day
Beginning of each new year
There isn't much that I can say
When you ask if my words are near
I'm not sure if it was destiny
That I assume a poets role
There is only one thing I can relay
My words...they are from my soul
 Oct 2020
Adaley June
Final click, give it a kick
Sit and wait, wait and sit
She stops dancing, loses her grip
Grey days stretch into more
Grey waves crash upon the door
A mirror hangs where bug mesh did
It displays a fading face
Every now and then
She forgets the feel
Of smooth legs and bare skin
Still somewhere deep within
She remembers warm sunshine
Out of patience, out of time
She flings open a window
And leaps blind
He catches her, arms open wide
All that waiting on a door sealed shut
All she had to do was jump
I kept pushing away
I see how annoying it is for another to go quiet and distant
I was afraid of rejection
I got it again
I spoke my mind if uncomfortable
It wasn't comfortable
He wanted an easy life
I didn't know how easy my life would be
I wanted them to accept me when I couldn't fully accept myself
They taught me to heal deeper by my fears
I'm learning to embrace more of me
No longer together
I still care and will love them anyway
I want them to be ok.
I find your pecuniary longings
To be so overcoming that
you have become porcine in
your search for it. Wealth is not
some truffle that can be rooted
out of the ground or society.
You might do well to ruminate
on the profundity of this statement.
A piee of pompous hogwash. Playing with words is such fun.
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