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 Dec 2016
Soaring above the field
the pidgeon saw the world revealed
but by its own flight it was betrayed
for that pidgeon was made of clay

Floating like a summer's cloud
my love for her was high and proud
yet my heart was chipped one day
for my heart was made of clay

Beauty can't always be entrusted
to the potters hand
so build your beauty from something
that can withstand
more than the lovers arrow
at least
til the morrow
injury 1-8 in a collection
 Nov 2016
A chicken might live without a head
live many a year before it's dead
but have its heart ripped from its breast
and it'll be in seconds before it rests

but oh how its different with us
and isn't the poem the best forum to discuss
that without a head - death would appear
but without a heart. Well. I'm still right here
 Nov 2016
Maybe the greatest injury yet
was all too soon after we met
and with eyes and ink still wet
you tried to **** me with the alphabet
 Nov 2016
I'm not sure if death is an injury
but from the Rockies to the Yangtze
If you read any Bukowski
You may never rip that knife free
 Nov 2016
A final stanza on the busy bus
can make the world freeze
so don't forget to hold onto the handrail
or when it really stops,
you'll be brought crashing to your knees
 Nov 2016
there's those poems that destroy you
from inside to out
an h-bomb of hopelessness
and the post realisation fall-out
 Nov 2016
There are those poems that complete you
and also those that abscise;
Taking a little love from behind your ribs
and a little light from behind your eyes
 Nov 2016
there's that poem that you read
that stops you in your tracks
dropping the book on your nose
as you're lying on your back

— The End —