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joe machetto
don't expect too much
from life

or eternity either
for that matter
as I emptied
her apartment
I realized

how much more
of her she had
left behind

than what
was left
light passing silently
as an instance
of distance

shadowy movements
in the window
a sunset of leaves
drifting moments from
my sleep

as the tree waits
for whatever
in time may come
 Mar 6
The greatest gift a timewinder
Can give is to not give at all
But to let it pass
And exist in
Due age is
Timewinders, Gid bless em.
 Mar 3
many things enter the nothingness
the nothingness of us
from what we were created

and many things are clung to
like they were really important
only to turn around and bite you.
 Mar 3
joe machetto
first step
last breath
and all that
in between

just a spec
of light
in the void
 Mar 1
We step into existence from beyond the veil
With our fate stamped upon our souls.
Marking distinctions between science and faith
We find ourselves advancing through the cycle of life.
The Leapster or Leap Year baby
Shares a joke with the cosmos
Flouting our concept of time
To be born within times eternal spring.
In life's cycle of ever green
We look to the stars
In order to be seen.
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