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 Oct 11
Poetic Eagle
l talk you just reply,I wait, it's true,
like a chase we play, me and you.
Hearts can only bear so much weight,
Someday, I'll tire of this endless wait.
A peek into my thoughts
 Sep 28
Poetic Eagle
Gradually finding myself ensnared by your words
So much so that your silence becomes a vexing void
Poetry is still a safe haven
 Sep 14
Poetic Eagle
sooo loud its deafening
Be my morning to midnight chat
Night and day,
Lets live stories and make memories
Can we explore what life has instore
Be my bestfriend
Crushing on the idea of being "bestfriends"
To the person that existed in the abstract
 Jun 2021
Valsa George
when feelings throttle
my heart
when memories **** past
like flash bulbs
I sit drowsy
in yawning dawns
all drunken thoughts
to be winged

then a poem is born
 May 2021
Valsa George
at the edge of the cliff,
she stood
eyes limpid pools of sadness,
hair wind swept


the swirling enormity below
nested in her own ignorance
never knowing there’s poison
in the sting of bees,
as dripping honey
in their combs.

consumed without flame
in the heat waves of life

an escape is ineluctable
perhaps more to cover a secret…!


the water below parted noisily
sloshed up…
but the tug was fierce.



she slid,

into the silver chambers
to be garlanded by mermaids!
 Nov 2020
Poetic Eagle
Stories change

Memories are forever
Midnight thoughts
 Nov 2020
If the stars were too bright to shine, then the flowers were too delicate to die. we walk on these negative roads; where the sun shine comes and goes. Not only am I carrying this lonely fire, but I'm burning this great desire. storms will come, and snow will fall, but what about the girl who once stood tall.
where will your darkest moments take you?
 Sep 2020
Poetic Eagle
slowly the memories fade
before you know it, there is nothing left to hold on to
random thoughts, loving people from a distance
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