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 Nov 2016
Allan Mzyece
I do not sin, I blame these hands and the places my legs stand
Buried in the sand
The hourglass was found empty
The courts found me guilty of wasting time

In the end the Masters fell at their knees to one servant
He was broken and blind but
yet had seen hell with his own two eyes
This bloodless slave crawled back from hell mere a surprise
I do not Sin, I blame these hands and the places my legs stand
He looked at the judges before him and said to the jury
" If God is among you, I therefore just as any sinner say I am fully guilty,
If God is not among you, I therefore just as any human say I am fully Innocent"
The Hourglass was found empty and the courts found him guilty of wasting time
Buried in the sand, the ashes and the remains of men that committed suicide and dreadful crimes
 Nov 2016
Allan Mzyece
It was as if I ran out of saliva, when the girl I didn't like told me she's in love with me. Wanting to **** myself because of ugly hearted girls
"That's why the bible was made" I said, to protect us from our evil deeds
which are increasing as we live.
Well, not all dreams are good (I MEAN COME TRUE!)
bcoz of things like "POVERTY" the girl that fell in love with me
She had striked my Dad when young, he used her before he passed her on to me.
I Inherited a ***** from my father of which I hated, so broke; that the devil wont dare to tempt me
(CAROBLEND WILLIAMS) son of a rich lady (I MEAN *******!)
My name is an Italian one which means "FAULTRESS OF AFFECTION"
Demn he who cant understand!
Bcoz everyone no matter who likes me, hates my behaviour
I h8 some women bcoz they make me sad
My mom had 5 children, whom all had a different Dad
3 yrs ago Mom was killed by Dad's hands
now, he's in a death spice
hail poverty one LAST
I Wrote this when I was 14, and it does not get old
 Nov 2016
Allan Mzyece
They grabbed their 3D glasses just to watch me beg hello poetry for more followers
They watched, but didn't see me with the glasses on.
You see, I wont be televised
That's why I write like I am about to commit suicide
to tell all that I tried my best
but if all my effort goes to waste!
I will forever stay alive just to write something Shakespeare forgot to write!!
Follow me
And I will not just let you see
But also make you use all your Senses
This is far from poetry
This is life hidden in some dark Mystery
before throwing it at your enemy Shake your Spear and follow me on a mystical, romantical, weird and dark phenomenon!
You cant!!
I cant!!!
be the greatest without each other!
pls follow me
 Nov 2016
Allan Mzyece
As a little boy I grew up so Broken and so Sad,
For Papa committed suicide and Mama died right in my hands
Only at the age of seven did I surely dance with the devil
My family fed me hatred till I was fade up
I'll spit in God's face if he ever shows up!
cause I was born to sin not to live my dream, with black skin that made cursive Noah scream,
Ever since I lost my Parents; my Family showed me their ******* true colours
the only person that loved me
was my adorable girlfriend "Ashley"
She was to die for,
but she committed suicide on her bathroom floor
A young talent like me they say "should be sponsered"
But why live life without your loved ones?
They tell me to upstage the world,
I wasn't born a Star and I will never be a Star!
drew a Pentagram on my face and said "Kid you'll surely make it far!"
drew a Pentagram on my Face!
I have a goat hidden right in my place!
Like the goat diagram on my face
I am not a Star, I am a Pentagram!!!
 Nov 2016
blue mercury
i'll paint stars on your ceiling
to keep you close to heaven
even heaven wasn't enough
to make you want to stay
if you want hell's fire
i swear i'll burn hotter
i'll give you so much love
it'll wash your sin away
 Nov 2016
The Ripper
VVe vvrite words
to fill in the emptiness
as if they vvere concrete patches
for neglected sidevvalks
that nobody vvalks on
Carry on
D A R K  poets
Toss that alphabet
tovvards my shovel
let me bury it
 Nov 2016
Aaron LaLux
Lights camera action,
who’s up next,
or dumbsh!t pundit?

Oh I see,
everybody’s an expert,
man these candidates have switched sides so many times,
watching them flip-flop this much makes my neck hurt!

Candidate’s wearing make-up,
if you ask me it’s all a cover-up,
blemishes on their records,
when’s enough actually enough,

on stages,
synthetic sages make up stories,
while the police keep stuffing us into cages,
and the politicians keep talking about reclaiming America’s lost glory.

America’s lost glory what glory,
the one about us bombing innocents or the one about slaves,
well if that’s the glory then it’s not lost,
because the US still bombs innocents and pays most people a slave wage.

It’s fckn depressing,
these pop-star presidents,
jockeying for position,
just for a chance at a White House residence.

On a stage,
it’s a sad charade,
all these bad actors,
pointing fingers trying to shift the blame,


All they do is talk different when in front of a mic,
but behind closed doors they all act the same,
different costumes different connotations maybe,
but really there’s no significant difference because there’s no significant change.

It’s an act a sham a show,
pop star presidents hip hop rock and roll,
Barack stars sing about change without any evidence,
if you ask me they’ve all gotta go,

and this election year is no better,
if anything it’s worse,
you’ve got Hillary Clinton AKA Barack Light,
and of course running is another Bush,
then there’s Donald Trump,
who’s legitimately probably the Anti-Christ,
he’s a racist sexist selfish sociopathic narcissist,
he doesn’t want to debate anything he just wants to fight.

But what about Bernie Sanders,
people ask, “Are you feeling the Bern?”,
I mean the guy’s a 74 year old career politician socialist,
he’s gonna try and take half of everything I earn.

I’d vote for him I guess,
outta desperation only,
because maybe it’d take someone that extreme to get us outta this mess,
but honestly he’s a bumble bee,
poking at the hornet’s nest,
I’d bet if he becomes a real threat to the one Corporate Establishent want’s to elect,
that the speech where he accepts ends with one of his last breaths.


America the beautiful,
when’d you become such a bully,
you used to be my best friend,
but now you act like you don’t even know me,
you’re blood lust is revolting,
why’s your answer to everything violence,
and how can you say you speak for the people,
when most of the people are so fed up they just shut up and stay silent,

and even if we do get out and vote,
these days our votes aren’t even counted what gives,
what you think it’s just a coincidence,
that almost every state Hilary won was accused of being rigged?

I feel sick.

This political pile of tricks politics seems like a pile of ****t,
and the media’s forcing it down our throat,
I mean really what are we supposed to do,
when those that feel outcasted can’t even get the system to count their cast votes.

So I take notes.

And I write.

I write,
all of this with typing hands and a shaking head,
because I want a leader I can truly trust and believe in,
instead of some actor that can’t be trusted no matter what they’ve said.


I’m not a Jew,
I’m only half so I’m Jew-ish,
and I’m not trying to be rude,
or to sound too prudish,
it’s just,
the history of half my people,
is filled with those that want to ***** us,
so the bait and switch poli-tricks these politicians politic,
well they’re Grand Old Party is nothing new to us.

Who to trust,
who to trust,
we’re tired of feeling like Lewinsky,
giving oral to the Oval Office and getting nothing back but fckt.


When is enough enough,
no is supposed to mean no,
but we get it no **** on the ****** tube,
***; Slave & Master we’re all Lady Liberty’s ******* so on with the show!

Lights camera action,
who’s up next,
or dumbsh!t pundit?

Oh I see,
everybody’s an expert,
man these candidates have switched sides so many times,
watching them flip-flop this much makes my neck hurt.

Candidate’s wearing make-up,
if you ask me it’s all a cover-up,
blemishes on their records,
when’s enough actually enough?

∆ Aaron La Lux ∆

The Holy Trilogy Vol. 1; 11/11/16
 Nov 2016
Kaleidoscope Prhyme
My earphones are as tangled up as the words that I’ve tried to say to you.
The words that I’ve constantly tried to say to you are now suffocating me.
Depriving me of the air I need to breathe when I think about what we both could be.
Here I stand gradually disintegrating just so I can try to remain whole.
I wanted to escape from the cold and nestle myself deep inside your soul.
But you’ve changed now and you’re no longer the same person that I fell for.
Allow me to whisper the words that held together the shattering glass that you’ve become.
I know that through their utterance you will finally feel your heart beating to the rhythm of our love again.
My earphones are as tangled up as the words that I’ve tried to say to you.
The words that I’ve constantly tried to say to you are now suffocating me.
We were 13
We said "love you" over text
But I didn't kiss you because I didn't know you
And that's why we broke up

You were tired of being rejected
I was almost 16 and never-been kissed
Your mom didn't want you to date me
And we didn't like each other enough to fight it
And that's why we broke up

You were so sweet and loving
But you accused me of sharing my affections
And even though I didn't
I felt guilty because I did compare you to him
And that's why we broke up

We were never actually a couple
But I made up excuses to talk to you
I went out of my way to touch you
I apologized when you wronged me
But you still didn't want me
My worst heartbreak wasn't a breakup  

You were soft and secure
And I thought I was broken
There was nothing wrong with us
We confused being comfortable with being in love
And that's why we broke up
 Nov 2016
Allan Mzyece
Desert dust, Broken past, Hidden lust; all flew away as I took a glance at the girl who held a knife that was set for my life
Tonight I dont know if I will survive
All I know is that I am in Love
with one who loves to **** and I love to Write
there is a huge difference
She will be my death sentence

She licked my neck and said "my friend you're dead!"
She stuck the blade right in my chest
To her suprise I had no blood
She was so afraid
We made eye contact and I kissed her a sweet goodnight

Days but ago,
I lay dreaming of death, woven sharper than my woman
I never knew fire could shape ice
I write and she kills
I rhyme and she takes on the thrills
Hopefully no blood spills

Love, Love, Love, I survived my Serial Killer Wife!
Take, Take this Life, If I dont love my Serial Killer Wife!

I live for you baby!!!
 Nov 2016
Allan Mzyece
Sometimes I wonder why I only have two followers on hello poetry
Maybe I am too boring
Maybe I should stop writing and delete my profile
I only get One like for my work
Scared that I'd break
Poets thanks for the hate!
guess I am not so great :(
Maybe I am too boring,
But I am happy, because I gave my followers some hella great poetry

One day you will know I AM GREAT!

— The End —