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I would crawl to work
on all fours after a night of heavy drinking,
just to avoid nursing a hangover at home

I hated being stuck at home, what, with all
my furniture bought on credit, living a life in debt.
So again and again, I crawled back to work.

Once, before I knew what and who I was, I found
nothing to question, not that the whole ball of wax
wasn't just a put-on, a big lie, a way to keep me bound.

The language of the living put out their message of peace love and understanding and I'd like to say I immediately answered the call, but that was not to be, not for years to come.

I couldn't stay away from the wicked alcohol without some hope.
I hide myself from any kind of sheltering arms, or full on hugs.
I held myself back, back to that phony self that kept me alone.

Finally, after a mental breakdown I began my spiritual breakthrough, it wasn't easy but it was something that had to be done, a process that one didn't find to be all that fun.
All those people in their social circles
Trying like mad to think outside of the box

I'm just in my kitchen learning how to make *****  
You can't beat alcohol to wash your hands

Political pundits  punching at my brain
Can I get a witness to this world gone insane

If  you're able to walk your block take it if you can
A clear mind needs a fresh and clean body

Be willing to give up your silver and gold, your money's no good
I'm sure an empires fall has never been graceful
Give me the time of day in the daylight
I will poke a hole in my shadow
Can I incorporate myself so I don't have to pay taxes?

If it's dark  the imitation  light
throws its grey-black silhouettes against an old-brick wall
It makes me shrug, my back curls and I put my hand on my hat

The 'leaders of the world' show they're in it for the money
Money needed by the renters and the hungry before they go under
But instead they'll bail out the large banks and corporations

They need a swift poke in the ribs, their soul is black, no light, no
shadows cast. I can't tell you how to fix it but things must change
Stop making things legal so they can steal, it's not right, it's illegal
A full moon passing through the night sky
Isn't what it seems, it's not the way it goes
It's the rotation of the Earth that causes the illusion
Known by most but thought of by few
thought on the simulation
Row row your boat sung to the young
Grooming one to think outside the box
Poets, thinkers and philosophers hinting of the universal hologram
The matrix living in a computer program
A mind **** leaving the branding tool in the flame too long
Populations of mentally ill produce a 'glitch', the tear
In its software, a movement away from, not toward
I sure as hell get a lot of things wrong
With creativity and persistence it might go right
Branches breaking off in the wind, rain whipping horizontal
At times I lose it but it doesn't mean I can never win

I've lost a lot of time chasing my tail
Flipping through my billfold buying this buying that
It numbed me, shifted my focus, filled my space
I was collecting shinny things like a magpie

I tested myself over nothing, rotting meat
I didn't know my *** from my head
It's hard to clean the slate when in ignorance
When I ignore my arrogance, it becomes a sword to the throat
This ball and chain
The mud and the rain

This holy terror
That keeps me up at night

Fractured femurs
Piled sky high

Slow caterwauling
Smearing my name

What choice to bear or
do I grovel in fright

Manufactured rumors
Are on the fly

My monkey claiming
He's seeing my game
Here we go baby
It's coming 'round
I'm reaching for the stars
I'm stepping out of town

I used to be as worthless
As **** on a bull
I've turned that around
Now I'm nobody's fool

You may have a choke hold
I'm going to knee you in the *****
You'll relinquish that choke hold
Before the darkness falls

We're on the threshold
Of a whole new deal
It's called turning the thumbscrews
Let's see how you feel

If the revolution is a shot in the dark
I'm hear to tell you it won't be a walk in the park
If you are going to be stupid you'd better be tough
The game is fixed and I've had enough
We walk this long highway together
Nothing can pull us apart, no never
The sun so low in the sky headed for the horizon
In the garden, things look so inviting
The flowers they just do as they please.

The trees shake their leaves as we walk by
Hidden secrets they whisper in the breeze.
A long time ago when we first started
I knew you were the one, you were so kindhearted.
Beneath a be-bop moon I want to croon to you
Nothing short of our giving it our best will ever do.
I'll be right here putting all my eggs in one basket
Sweeping sentences into the corners of my cranium
Shaking the cobwebs free to feather in the light breeze

Passing ancient ruined relationships gone down with the ship
The proverbial creek with out the paddle rocks left rocks right
In my right mind there is no turning back you see

You worked hard for what you got welcome to all your stuff
Let's us go for a stumble spilling beer down the front of our shirts
I will skip across the waves like a flat stone to meet my burial at sea
You can run roughshod over our language
Mangling it making it hard to comprehend
You can put your faith in some ultimate higher being
Choosing some far out law that allows you to be mean

You can kiss either a conservative or a liberal ***
Letting them add to their larder that's already overflowing
You can play any style of music and try to force it on others
Driving around town with the windows down
Can I really be free
Staring at the back of my eyelids when I rest
Thought age would give me a leg up
Little did I know it wasn't the flight of any bird I live
Phoenix or not at times I still tie my ******* in a knot
I crucify my ownself in my mind's marination
Lifting my skinny leg to **** on a tree
The apple doesn't fall far and you can see it in the lines of my face
******* away any freedom that could be had
Can I really be free.
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