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 Oct 31
Sk Abdul Aziz
It's hard to talk about a loss
The emotions just go into overdrive
I've tried and failed innumerable times
But anyways here goes.....
I lost my father about 5 months ago
And yet I still can't come to terms with this painful reality
I still feel his presence everywhere around me
Not a day goes by when I don't think of him
His face keeps wandering in the deepest corners of my mind
I can't sleep at night
My pillow gets decorated with pearls of tears
Everyone around me says that time will heal everything
But will it really???
My world seems shattered
My whole life has changed
At times I feel like I'm falling into an abyss of hopelessness
I've realized that there are some kinds of pain that never go away no matter what you do
I guess the only choice I have is to learn to live with this pain
Dearest Dad...wherever you are.. I hope you find comfort there
I miss you so much and I promise to take care of the family as best as I can
I know we had our differences but deep within I always knew that you loved me and truly cared for me as I always did for you

Dearest Almighty.. Please give me the strength to fight through this difficult period in my life and take care of my family
 Oct 20
Poetic Eagle
If l could be anything
I would be everything you need
 Oct 5
Poetic Eagle
I'm a poet at night
When the world is quiet
My thoughts make the loudest noise
The best conversation between pen and paper.... heartchronicles
 Aug 14
Pagan Paul
Saturday night will make you smile
just reach out and turn that dial.
Honk on bobo and pick that guitar,
you know exactly where you are.
You are getting some Blues Power
to take you to the midnight hour.
But wait! Here comes the crunch -
its also available for Sunday Lunch.

Pagan Paul (21/06/23)
Poem written for Blues Power programme presented by Bernard Docherty on Planet Rock radio.
Bobo = Harmonica
there were days
I danced with angels
and found poetry

I wrote sonnets
and wore us like jewellery
together, we were so
 Jun 2022
These scars
bear my witness
I did not see it coming
a minute
she married
 Feb 2022
Carlo C Gomez

time free
to sight see


in a garden
of angels
with pine cones
at the border of
void and Vaud

of meltwater cirque
les petites Fauconnières
the inner basin
of my outer reaches

I am
I am

for snow
and polar cap
where things
are still run by the natural elements
instrumental dreamer
not by algorithms
not by advancement
 Sep 2021
Poetic Eagle
Do you have to get high when you low
In hopes of solving your mental problems
Face your problems, cry so what of you are a man, speak to people,get help. It's okay to grieve. Stop suppressing your feelings. One bottle of alcohol will not solve your problems. It even gives you a bigger headache
 Jul 2021
Poetic Eagle
Roses have thorns,
Even the beautiful things can s hurt you
Random thoughts
 Jul 2021
Poetic Eagle
Up at dawn just to rise together with the sun
As we hope to leave our darkness with the shadows of the night
Random thoughts
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