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 Dec 2021
I saw you
As you stared at me
Two deers caught in each other headlights
As brief as a flash, blinked, and you’d miss it

I am only reminded of my heaviness when you are there
Standing – Floating – Watching
As ghostly as any ghost, then
Gone – Vanished – Nothing
I am alone, again, cursed to remain here

I tried to follow in your footsteps
Untangling, unknotting, unravelling
Myself from a generation of debt and duty
These twisted roots of familiar obligations
How did you escape such a similar situation?

I wasn’t born light, like you.
I was born heavy, brother.
I will have to earn my lightness.

Sometimes on rainy days
when the weighty pain becomes unmanageable
I find myself slipping into the tangible delusion
Of ascribing meaning to everything

That maybe you think of me as much as I think of you
That you see my pain and want to help
But it’s just too much for you right now
When you’re ready, you’ll come back to me
You’ll come back.

Sometimes the little lies we tell ourselves
Can be enough to get us through this life

But not tonight.
'He ain't heavy, he's my brother'?
More like he *is* heavy and he ain't my brother
 Sep 2021
S Olson
poetry does not sleep in my hand
and kindness is something I value as
half true almost as often as people
mistake what I am now
for what I will be when I
am neither magnanimous
nor synchronized
with what I was before
in the circular continuum
where I am flailing on all
edges and slopes of your sea
like a valley; on all fours,
all aspects of me
are all aspects of me
and I am whole
where I am gentle
where I am cruel
and where I, a pacifist
ignite these wars between us
I am digging these moats to embody
and receive all we drink in
each other that is chaos and peace
will always be there to refill the cup
of your heart as my purpose in life.
 Mar 2021
I've fought myself
with my every thought
now there's no doubt
I killed the thing that I fought

I studied the maps
my lies that I bought
I set a lot of traps
it was only me that I caught

swallowed my pride
I was doing as I taught
I looked deep inside
I found the monster that I sought
 Oct 2020
solEmn oaSis
ang kaakit-akit
**** bating-
ang siyang wagas
na nagdala ng madamdaming
mga katanungan
mula sa iyong puso patungo
sa iyong kasintahan,
gamit ang ibabaw ng
mga matikas na alon...
walang pasubali na ipinahayag mo
ang iyong pangmatagalang
paglalarawan sa marami,
bagaman ang mundo
ng magkabilang dako
ay pansamatalang natutulog na
... ang kagandahan niyon
ay mananatiling gising pa rin.
Dahil siya ang natatangi **** daigdig
at ikaw nga ang makulay niyang pag-ibig!
At mula sa iyong napakalambing na pagsisimula
Mayroong "kayo" na magsasalo sa magdamag
habang heto si Ako...mananatili ring tapat
at gaya niya na di nakakalimot sa akin!
Kaya naman sa iyo aking mahal,
Malayo ka man sa akin ngayon,
lagi pa rin namang merong "tayo"
Maulap man ang papawirin
Ating babagtasin
ang araw at sinag nito
hanggang sa isang kabilogan
na lang ng buwan
ang aking pananabikan at bibilangin ko!
Sa pagsapit niyon
matamis na katahimikan
ang siya nating mabubuo!
tanging sa ating pagniniig
nang may buong kasabikan
ang mga himig na maririnig!
mula sa simula hanggang
sa ang wakas ay magsilbing hudyat
na sa langit nating inaasam
ay magigisnan ang malakidlat
na tilamsik ng ating pagsusuyuan
Di-kapara ng naunang magsing-irog
mula sa bukana ng talon ay nahulog
at kapwa bumitaw sa ere sa gitna ng kulog
pero tayo...Hindi tayo sa patibong matutulog!
patutunayan nating Hindi tayo
ang tipong mauuwi sa TaLiwaS
dahil sa katunayan nga mahal ko
sa pamagat pa lang binungad ko na ang SiLaw aT
labo na nananahan sa pagitan ng tukso
at ng bahay na inaakala nilang
panghabang-buhay na tahanan!
Transferring my feelings
of longingness
from formal norm
into a tagalog love-poetry
 Oct 2020
K-mari AJani Jones
Tall, red like roses, hair short like the waves is my pretty boy
His smile brighten my days
That I like him already

Blue is our sky
It would be like in heaven
If I come by him and make him flip
I realized he has no ring
But he all in his feelings
And I got feelings for him
I wish I could marry him all like now
Cause with him I am everything

K-mari 2020
spring sweetens her breeze
and i sing today for the sigh,

delicate leaf,
emotion of the sea,


i am far from you
like the beautiful
cherry flower on my tree,

i yearn and yearn,

you called me your bird
and we danced with
wings of fire,

pretty light in a house,

flowers as ghostly as the dawn,

when i say i love,
i love.
sigh is an ancient hedge. you should always tell it to not grow and that it has delicate leaf.. sorry not publishing recently hello would not let me post. love you all⚡️🥂⚡️⚡️
 May 2020
Bijan Rabiee
Love is a cloud
Roaming the sky of dreams
When it rains
Originates flowers of passion
Driven by solar bridge
Fueled by Moon's grace.

No rule can stop the reason
Take it easy and enjoy the breeze
The stimulating melodies
Validating your rhythm.
 May 2020
guy scutellaro
ice forms along the edges of ponds and hearts
thin ice...

holding you in my arms
puzzled you

johnny al said it was always *** with you
just *** and even if I was good at it
(and I was)
I was out of my league
johnny al said that

the cat that plays with the mouse is sad
when the mouse dies
and it doesn t know why it is sad

sometimes love is like that

the door to night swings open
and the night comes down hard
I still love you so
 May 2020
Life is a journey and its events are divine will
We met, fell in love, now walking the path with you!
I too wish, God please keep us together and forever
Until the life ends holding the hands with you!!

I will love you, cherish you, and hold you my love
I will then give myself as a whole to you!
This may include my bliss and sorrows and
Even will be walking thorny jungle with you!!

Far from the earth out there where we are from
We will then meet again actually where we belong!
We are here to serve purpose in our mortal lives
Our souls be together forever as foregone!!

Our love is unconditional of course we both agree
Makes sense when two people love each other truly!
Let’s promise today under this open blue sky
Stars are the witnesses, we will live our lives fully!!
ian was my cloud-castle
ian was my dream.

the love was always the love
with my ian.

i was his beautiful bird
he was my beautiful boy

he was my gentleness of heart
he was all my day and all of my night

i love my ian for ever.

when i come back it will always be
beth and ian.
ancient history
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