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Nigel Finn
I find myself, sometimes, drifting off
Into vast seas of imagination,
Until somebody lets out a cough,
And destroys all of my creation.

I wonder if the same thing applies,
In terms of our reality;
If we're just the dreams, and hopes, and lies,
Of some cosmic entity.

And if we found out that that's true,
Would it really change a thing?
If what's true for me is not for you,
Is there nothing I can bring

To your fake life, and also mine,
That serves a higher purpose?
Perhaps our meaning's still divine,
Although it may seem worthless.

Imagine you are in a play,
Whose audience numbers one,
And you helped brighten up their day,
And shaped what they'd become.

Would it really seem like nothing?
Is that really not enough?
To know the joy that you could bring,
In a life that's often tough?

So I don't care if they're true or not;
All the memories we share.
I'm happy now with what I've got;
The capacity to care.
 Oct 2022
Matthew Renahan
when it rains, I listen to the rain
when the wind blows, I listen to the movement of the wind
when a friend speaks, I listen to their heart

when I walk, I am a part of what is around me
when I sing, I create for others and myself
when I love, I am love

when we choose love, we are love
 Aug 2022
J Robert Fallon III
Calling out for help with zero intention of being heard.

Inevitable change is a diabolical fear.

A life without such nonsense is what I’ve always preferred.

Deep pondering views inside peel back the layers of irrational fear.

A life without adversity is a life without growth.

Embracing change creates a blank canvas.
A dark void inside craving the vibrant colors of new experience.

A life without risk is a life dictated by fear.

Regret seeps in when change is avoided at all cost.

A life without change is a life not worth living.
 Jul 2021
Josh Schrader
Searching, scattered.
Broken, shattered.
Floating debris in an angry ocean.

Medicate, obliterate,
Facilitate prideful hate.
Counterfeit reality, fleeting in motion.

Intolerance, slavery,
Damnation of bravery.
Ego-driven exchange, seems to be the notion.

Betray and conspire,
Jump in the fire.
The mask of foster, neglects true emotion.

Complacent, denial,
Appeasing the vile.
Pat on the head: "Good Dog..." Devotion!

Gluttons acquire,
The bigot empire.
An Icarus fate, will be dealt by the sun.

Add and subtract, obscure the equation.
Media diversion = systematic persuasion.

Branded by fear we await "The Explosion".
But looking out and not in, ensures death by implosion.
This is a re-post because it seems the media is even worse now. Or maybe I just pay them to much attention.
 Jul 2021
Josh Schrader
I’d rather sleep when it’s sunny
And wake when it rains
I’d rather trade all my new clothes
For the ones already stained
I’d rather watch people from a distance
Than get in their way
And I’d rather be the one leaving
So all others could stay

Take air from my lungs
And give flight to the birds
Take sight from my eyes
And leave me with words
Take dreams from my heart
Contentment to bleed
But leave all of your nightmares
They are safer with me
 Jul 2021
Valsa George
Staying by the sea
under the canopy of the sky
amid rising and falling lilts
of euphonic melody
I partook
of a mass nuptial ceremony
when the waves garlanded
the regal rocks in coy mirth
with the closely strung
white blossoms of fluffy froth!
 Apr 2021
J Robert Fallon III
Perfect calculation has the inevitable human result of an enigma.

To gaze beyond the factors of sigma,
allowing creative wildfires to birth,
joining the thoughts outside the stigma.

The beauty of us makes the world we live in.

The terror of emotions is what brings us to life,
not a single identical twin or sin,
the mind allowing true living to begin.

Life your life unafraid and open.

Write your golden woven tale and be outspoken,
with self-belief leading the unspoken towards the unbroken.
 Oct 2020
J Robert Fallon III
The human complex is simple.

We want more, more, and more on top of our full-plate.

A vicious cycle of self-infatuation, self-pity,
and a lack of empathy,
creates ill-fate.

No human is perfect so why do we constantly try to drown in false preconceptions?

How can we not see its all just perspectives, wholly subjective?

The world can't seem to see past shiny things,
the loud and bright distractions,
yet stay on the search for the perfect life, inevitably full of imperfections.

When all you need is just above the glaring screen,
raise your eyes to true love, affection, and human connection.

Love is perfection in any complexion.
 Jun 2020
Stars whispered,
As if divulging a secret:

'I'm but a scintilla in the universe'
Lost in the interstellar
I seek the lucida🌌
 Jun 2020
I’d poison my own heart
If only to see you smile
while watching it happen
 Mar 2020
I followed your heart
In the billows of love
That beat each morning

I snuggled in the lavender
And drowsy eyed laughter
That came before the cold floorboards
Reminded me of the warm night

I followed your heart
Because it was like a light unto my dark

You illuminated my world
With your smile as my spark

And the love we made
Was a soft song played
Upon an angelic harmonious harp

I can still hear the ghostly melody
The soft sounds of the violin
As the singer wails the end

The audience is left frozen
As the stage burns away

And I followed your heart
Because it was the brightest star

I'd ever seen
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