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Immense responsibility is ****** into life when parenthood arrives.

Unconditional love thrives,
I’ll love you no matter what told
an infinite number of times.

No blueprint available brings worry and stress,
wanting your child to flourish and grow,
not wanting to depress their ability to progress.

Always wanting to express support and care since an embryo.

The rollercoaster of life inevitably takes control and never lets go.

Child, teen, and then adult makes the parent feel time to let go and become the background chaperone.

I’ll love you no matter what.
I’ll love you no matter what.

A phrase that will never age.

A child grows but the love they felt and feel is their most preciously held ideal.

- For my Mother -
 Sep 12
Sarah Mulqueen
How it started
Running around the playground squealing with laughter.
Building stables on the field
Or witchy poo on the fort
Over 2 decades of knowing you. Experiencing life alongside you.
I watched in awe as you raised your family, and held it together all of these years Watching you grow into this unstoppable, firecly strong woman you are today
Ever need me, I'll be there
I'll never be in your pocket, or the other end of the phone every day
You'll always be like family to me, sorry but you ain't getting rid of me
Over 20 years of friendship. How they change alongside you and bloom in their own way
 Apr 29
guy scutellaro
nothing is any good
you know
unless you
share it
so Tom has brought back the bar:

the Elvis impersonator
who almost
played las vegas,
the hair dresser
come future race
car driver,
a sufi
and a seer.

the seer
tells me she hit a cat
the cat was still alive
so she ran it over
again and again,
"and that's when god
talked to me."

"was that before or after
you ran over the cat
the second time?"
i asked.

"She talks to me every day,"
the angry divorced seer
tells me.

is god talking, now?

now, elvis
joins in,
"what if camus and nietche
met. what would they think
about the cat?"

"nah, who cares,"
the race car driver-
hair dresser,
says, snorts another line,
"what if they
a rock
and roll

the Sufi wonders,
"who would play

"nietche on drums!" tom interjects
with a smile.

and camus,
a gibson semi hollow."


"god!" exclaims the seer.

"right on," i say, everyone smiles
and the seer is looking better and better
after every beer.

sometimes the dead
travel the road
to nowhere
with a smile

and i've got to get
up at 7a.m.
i'm a college
toy store clerk

it's closing time at the circus
 Sep 2021
Mr Alkindy
Whence cometh darkness but came the light,
Shining  and gleaming that changed my night,
I knew as to why as  I smile so bright,
It is you who came to be my snow white
This is a story of a man who was heart broken and for a very long time his life was  a bumpy one. All he could see was darkness.
As he was wondering how it came to be that way, one day he met a very beautiful lass whom he fell in love with.
ever since his life changed and he felt happy once more
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