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 May 19
Joel Frye
in whispered words
you sing along with
the song of my heart

unconcerned with tune
or harmony
a simple chorus
in unison

the reverb swells
as the presence
you and i and love;
with Spirit
adding contrabass
more felt than heard
She haunts my dreams
Stands right out of sight
There are times I swear I see her
But when I look, it's someone else
Not her

Her long flowly brown hair
They way her brown eyes could change
The natural beauty she has

Oh god how I wish I could go back
Go back when I had her in my arms
Go back to that moment
When she was mine

Please I want to relive it
One more moment
Please just let us have
One more moment

Because I don't want to settle for her shadow
 Apr 1
To your privilege,
My dismay,
I'm a pro player,
In the game of
No need to worry ya! In the end, it's me.
 Mar 28
Megan Parson
We become part of nature,
part of sunflowers & leafy stature.
By the running brook, quiet creek,
Like snowflakes on jagged peaks.

By sunny beaches, which the horizon reaches,
In wispy woods & pristine beeches.
Below the dark, cold depths of the ocean,
Which moon tides draw in motion.

Tis where my soul would go,
For solitude, no friend, no foe.
An alternative perspective on death. © Megan Parson 2022
The aroma of those Lilacs,
will be green...
Its buds...
Your buds...
Among the white dress
they move;
your eyes...
Dead summer cherries...
Among your ears
So they have voice;
your eyes...
And your hands,
 A moment;
in time....
And how burning they will be this year
the whiteness of your hands,
In the absence of
white orange blossoms
in the garden
In the absence....
 Feb 18
As naive as the moon,
I often seek light
from the dark.
And as I chased love in my ruins,
I heard his whisper from the wind.
For nights I wander
through my starless, somber sky.
And while I pick up
pieces of my soul,
I felt a soft and sudden brush
to my wings.
His breath wrapped me
with stardust.
His heartbeat was singing
a promise of love.
But I’m a bird.
Still chained to this gloomy sky.
 Feb 13
Chuck Kean
A Ghost In Time

      It was a perfect end to a day
The night sky was well defined
There was magic in the air
All the planets were aligned

A young couple fell in love
To be together forever more
They walked barefoot beneath
The moon along the ocean’s shore

Unfortunately it wasn’t meant to be, tragedy
Re wrote what was written in the stars
She was taken away from him
Leaving him with permanent scars

She was a victim of collateral damage
Innocently being in the wrong space and time
When shots rang out in a gang drive by
In an act of a senseless crime

He’s an old man now and thoughts of her
Have disappeared into a fog of memories
The love they shared has all but been
Forgotten, locked in a vault of treasuries

She still haunts him in his dreams
He feels her presence and love so sublime
His broken heart to be forever captured
By A Ghost In time

Written By: Charles Kean
Copyright ©️ 02/10/2023
All rights reserved
 Jan 18
Caroline Shank
Bard of my reading, no less
the trail to my heart's desire.
Singing in the crevices of
memory I love you.

Ode to the bark and green
you awaken the song.
Sing to me in the spaces
between rhyme and

I wait to hold the source
of song, the poem of
you driven to the page
to lap the signs of
tomorrow like evanescent
cotton when spilled in
the wind of your

Tomorrow the nascent verse
will spill like water on flowers.
Grow to the top dear Poet,
ride the board of memories

which sing in the lines of
your experience.

Teach me, Sweet Jesus, to

Caroline Shank
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