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The Epiphany & the Moment of Truth


I wandered on the waterfront
Where cherry blossoms grow

And took some petals

Into mind,

And then, II let them go

They were so pink
That God seemed vain
And naked to my eye,

But I was gathered in His grace,

As they began to fly

And as this beauty swirled above
My wonder far below, it burst
In pulsing rings of light

That set the scene aglow

The blossoms flew
In ways their own,
Then on the river fell

Like teardrops from a mother’s eyes
When children perish well.
 Nov 17
Anna Adamu
The chocolaty panache
And coffee sensation
The shimmering elegance
And sparkly finish
Skin so unique
With earthly flamboyance
The daring charisma of the African skin
Black is indeed beautiful
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