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 Nov 2019
Jack Jenkins
rumble of thunder
lightning across the skyline
light shines in the night

 Sep 2019
Artists live as prisms
Captivated and thus torn
By the light through them
"If he wants presence, he must consult with nature. He must be captivated by the light. Always the light."
 Jul 2019
Haikus are like Blue
Berries bursting in my mouth
Always gone too soon
If you liked, please add it to a collection and say "Hi! Blueberry Pancakes Please!!!" (;
 Feb 2019
Jack Jenkins
my heart is sunburnt on the outside
frostbitten on the inside
//On love and life//
Title refers to a method of cooking steaks. Look it up if you'd like.
 Oct 2018
Pagan Paul
Stars shine behind clouds
peeking through on occasions
the sky's hide and seek.

© Pagan Paul (10/10/18)
 Jun 2018
Midnight Rain
i can taste heartbreak in my mouth
like a sweltering iron
    within me,
&  searing my lips
when i spill out
             your name

a passing thought
 Mar 2018
You've loved them
enough to know,
- You'd lost.
A quote
 Mar 2018
Thomas P Owens Sr
the shattered remains of consequence
are glued together
like pieces of a broken plate
to be used again
hopefully unnoticed
are the lines
the scars
that run deep
 Mar 2018
Chelsea Rae
I always feel like a rope that has unraveled to it's final thread

and I think to myself so many times in life,
"This is gonna' be the time
I snap."
Always SO sick of life and tired and always so ******* ready to be done.
 Mar 2018
Jack Jenkins
I burn trust to keep myself warm
but I'm freezing from the inside out
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