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 May 2020
Kate Millar
A memory is under rated
What felt so right at one point in time
Now just minutes or a glimpse of what might have been

It’s like a dream that your mind created
A scene from a movie
That keeps playing in your mind

I have to pinch myself now to keep that memory alive
No longer real or present
Just a scene
To be forgotten

A memory that will soon be erased
It didn’t happen
It was all make believe
 May 2020
When a flower begins to grow,
do you hear it cry?
Does it fret about the water supply,
or the illogical odds of snow?
In spring does it wish for the summer,
or that rather it grew by the lake?
No- it blooms without worry, with grace,
and this is Man’s biggest mistake.
when we slow down, and reconnect with ourselves, we realise our inner capability and potential. Stress negates abundance, don’t sleep on your true self x
 May 2020
The Dragon speaks
of himself truly;
Unmasked and undisguised,
                                              in his own voice
of his vices, his schemes, and his doctrines
to lead astray the elect — if that is possible —

Feeding them bread laced
with leaven, the rot of wealth
and power of one’s will to believe;
With mighty signs in riches
                                             and magic.

But failure comes often and death slowly
— for Love is patient unto repentance —
but inevitably and unattributably:
for death and failures are but the dead’s faith
lacking and false,
                             which is nothing but the truth.
 May 2020
It shows old posts as new ones,
And the new ones just disappear in thin air.
Is anyone else facing the same error?
Thrown away
When you are done
I'm tired
Of being disposable
 May 2020
they say
boys want a girl
that is good
in the kitchen

i just
want a girl
that is good
in my arms
 May 2020
Paper Heart Poet
Little heart beats
Constant hammer
In construction
Sonogram panic
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