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 Jan 2014
We are a people that only children love
Men and women proud of themselves
But when asked, cannot tell you why they
Should be

Ideology replaces morality
Sin becomes greater than overcoming
Never forget we are the sons and daughters
Of immigrants too

We quietly grew strong
Munching on fallow fields and iron-hard
Our adolescence ended in war
But our virtue is still fading like those
Battles were justified

Like so many others,
We did not realize how great we were

Too late did we think, oh,
We are not entitled, simply

We have yet to realize this

Never did we think god was not one of

Just as we dream we live
Caught in high clouds and strung out
On past success
We are a people only children could

and simply put,
they do
 Jan 2014
colette anne Naegle
You gave wings to my hopes
a chance for my talents
I wear your space like a coat of freedom
Your skies
As a hat of cornucopia
Your mountains
as an echo of love
your plains
as an ample cape of independance
Your oceans
as the children that you gave me

Colette Anne Naegle

copy rights 2006
Thank you America
 Jan 2014
Geno Cattouse

 Jan 2014
Once upon a time
            there were days, months and years
Once upon a time
           we would plan, dream and we had no fears
Once upon a time
           there were moments, evenings and late afternoons
Once upon a time
           we heard stories, sang songs and watched Saturday cartoons
Once upon a time
           there were decades, generations and changing seasons
Once upon a time
           we saved Sunday for church and we all knew the reason
Once upon a time
           we stood and pledged with a hand on heart
Once upon a time
           we were united together, we all did our part
Once upon a time
           we held liberty, freedom rich in red, white and blue
Once upon a time
           the world was a better place and you know these words are true
Once upon a time
           we almost lost our freedom land
Once upon a time
           hope, faith and courage became our stand
Once upon a time
           there were statesman, patriots, heroes and leaders
Once upon a time
           we voted out the haters, pretenders and political cheaters
Once upon a time
           is now, right now, we have so much to save
           stand and fight for OLD GLORY long may it wave
Once upon a time
God bless America
Once upon a time

— The End —