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 Jun 2018
Arcassin B
By Arcassin Burnham

Holy unholy matrimony in love.
cozy like a feather under rain where my
heart Is.
stopping all the violence in the world
where it all begin.
love everyone love noone at all for this
is trust.
your dreams soaked in tar where it does
not see the light of day again.
Holy unholy matrimony in love.
theres no where to hide,
no where to run,
officially stuck.
Holy unholy matrimony in love.
Holy unholy matrimony your in love.
Holy unholy matrimony be in love.
 Jan 2016
I think someone is watching me**
You blocked me,
So you can come on my page still...?
Why won't you just leave
I asked rather nicely.
I refuse to ask you again.
You are cyber-stalking me I believe
.............. Stop watching me
Dedicated to Ranger Rick (Richardson).  Last warning
 Jan 2016
Hey Ranger Rick why don't you add this
one to the  YipYap  collection too
You  **literally
  unblocked me
so you could add my nonpoem ''really part
3'' to your collection and
then blocked me again...?
Furthermore you say we're the bitter ones...
you're the one that keeps unblocking me
so you can comment on my poems
then blocking me back. Uh, stalking...? much
Didn't I tell you to stay off my page! ?
Stalker: unwanted or obsessive attention by an individual or group toward another person. Stalking behaviors are related to harassment and intimidation and may include following the victim in person or >monitoring them.<
Cyber-Stalking: Cyberstalking is the use of the Internet or other electronic means to stalk or harass an individual, a group, or an organization. It may include >false accusations,<  defamation, slander and libel. It may also include >monitoring, identity theft,<threats, vandalism & solicitation.

.........................Ranger Rick Your are a  Stalker,  point blank.
I'm not even going to apologize anymore. :/ ....Ranger Rick everytime you come to my page and leave a comment, I will call you out on it.
 Jan 2016
-Be courteous and respectful. If you don't like a writer, their style, or their work, just move on. Harassment or abuse of other members will not be tolerated.
-Do not post overtly obscene, hateful, or objectionable content. If in doubt, contact us at about posting your work.
-Do not spam. Over posting comments, posting advertisements, sending too many messages, or creating too many groups all constitute spamming. We're reasonable on this, since we trust you know the difference between being active and spammy.
-Do not post content that you do not have the rights to. Read more about this in our *Terms of Use
People need to be remind of these guildlines. I think they forgot what they were or just didn't read them. This is suppose to be a friendly zone.
 Jan 2016
It saddens me when
people use poetry
to talk badly about someone else
Poetry is suppose to be fun
not a competive sport.
Why can't we
just all support one another
and be suggestive.
We all feel the same things.
We all be through alot;
that's what usually
makes a great poet.
So stop hating on people,
it is uncalled for.
This isn't middle school.
If you have a problem
with someone then
talk to them about
or block them...
Yes, hello poetry has a
block button**
feel free to use anytime
you have a problem someone
and get on with life.
These words are for Top hat and r. (both are poets on this site)
Stop hating on wolf. Wolf is a great guy & poet.
 Jan 2016
Really..?  R or Top hat or Woody or James
who ever you really are.
r commented on my poem ''Poetry'' and said....
''I don't usually respond to children or little nuts that fall from an oak tree, but since you addressed me specifically, I will. You are apparently clueless about the true character of your daddy woof. If you want to be a little fly buzzing around his piles of Chihuahua crap that he calls poetry, feel free. Leave me out of your juvenile postings.  You don't know me fallen acorn, so I choose not to respond.''
You blocked me, cause I called you out and you knew that I was going to respond to your comment.
You called me a child, I'm 16 and I'm way more matture than you...
hint hint: fallen acorn..... Really...? Come on r you could have done better than that. Thats was corny and so unoriginal. :)
I really wasn't trying to get involved with this. But I was going to defend my friend and let you know what was good.
........I'm leave it right here. But come at me again and we (just me and you) are going to have some really big problems. <--thats not a threat either...its a promise that I intend on keeping.
I'm sorry guys. but this is my mood. I'm not trying to be hateful or anything...just trying to calm down.
 Jan 2016
Really Rick (r, top hat, woody, james)...?
I just love how you blocked me
but you keep coming to comment on my poems...
The thing about it is you *think

I can't see the comment that you write,
but you thought wrong.
Hint hint: I can login out & see the comments
and I get emailed anytime someone comments on my poems

R said, '' Woof, don't send your teenage minions to fight
your battles if they can't handle a blunt response to
their contact with me. It is kind of weird that a 65 year old
delusional man has a 16 year old girl doing his ***** work''

First off wolf aint my daddy,
but if you would like to meet my daddy
then I would be more than happy to introduce y'all.  ;D
I'm not doing wolfs ***** work.
I suggested something to you regarding wolf...
You came back and attacked me.
I guess you thought I was playing
when I said ''come at me again & we gonna have some problems''

Ranger Rick you live where... in North Carolina right?* ......
Sorry again guys. #mood    .... I might be 16 & nice but i'm not weak and I don't break promises.... I'm keep calling you out
 Jan 2016
I said I wasn't going to do this today
but again for the third time you asked for it.
Ranger Rick you thought that
if you used your Woody account
I wouldn't know that it was you.
You thought wrong.
Yea I **Blocked
Marcus Darcy or should I say Deena/Vicki..?
Angelina Lopez or should I say Brandon Nagley, Tommy Jackson, Tiberius Paulk...?
Frank Rizzo or should I say Gary L..?
James or should I say r,woody, tophat, Wilf Sporrat..?
>Wilf Sporrat is a complete wannabe Wolf Spirit<
Jake Muler, Bill Murray and ten others are also fake

The things that you are inboxing Wolf's followers,
aren't true.
So Stop.
You guys are stalking him and his followers

Thanks Woody for the Community Guidlines reminder,
maybe you should read the guidlines too or Shut up!
and stay off my page.
Its actually very funny how you blocked me but you still go on my page and leave comments...? Huh maybe we all should take a moment to ponder on that.

----> FYI <----
*I was not put up to this by Wolf Spirit or anyone else....and I got my information from many different reliable sources.....
Sorry again guys! :/ #Mood NonPoem

— The End —