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 Dec 2021
David P Carroll
Watching the snow fall
Tonight I'm happy and jolly
A through the snowy night and
Santa Claus flying his sleigh
He's on his way and it's nearly
Christmas day
Hang the bulbs
Light it up
Sing a Christmas song
So we all can sing along
Merry Christmas
Merry Christmas and
May this Christmas
It'll be magical and fun
Because our happiness
And joy has just begun.
I feel the winter sharpening my eyes,
my nose now knows that when the icy wind blows
it will be blown too,
noses know
no, they really do.

and yet as sharp as my eyes are they cannot cut through the snow, it's a good job that my feet know where to go,
feet know,
no, they really do.
 Dec 2021
Irving MacPherson
I grow in
                                   your garden
                                                                                         as you grow in mine
 Dec 2021
Dave Robertson
Hearts are funny things
I feel mine rise and fall, jarred
like captured summer fruit
fat in syrup
some days
others, pickled sharp
and tucked away in acetic darkness
 Dec 2021
A W Bullen
As I recall
we watched together,

turning off
the upstairs light

we huddled by our
landing window.

under burgundy

We stared across
the road, toward

that solitary
street lamp

both silenced,
by the wonder
of it all...

So when
the first flakes fall

I become that child,
once more,

my face behind
the curtain

forehead pressed
to freezing glass,

being careful
with the breathing..

living only
for the quiet snow

some part of me
expecting you
to be here
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