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 Feb 2019
Arcassin B
By Arcassin Burnham

You can't join,
What's a man to do to get his own peace?
Mind in a place with no granders,
Living day by day with no say and no law
and no purpose,
Hope it's worth it,
Still don't wanna create a life in world
that displays its okay to cheat on your wife
and lie,
Good thing I'm one of the good ones,
Pretending not to be the hood ones.
 Oct 2018
Arcassin B
by Arcassin Burnham

Sorry if I'm a little hard spoken on this poem,
But the ******* that i put up with for so many years got me
Clinching my fists and releasing my hate on the tree in the
Backyard where all the weights are, no point to recharge,
No point To be on guard,
**** this life and the people that tried to end mine,
Picking on my mental illness,
I can see the end around the corner.
Is it a crime to want to live in peace, no there no peace nowhere,
They say God doesn't put you through something you can not beat,
And while I'm torn between the fake and reality , I can not be.
 Oct 2018
Arcassin B
by Arcassin Burnham

Laced with my ambitions mixed with motivations and a teenage life that was forsaken like a
Frankenstein as a fail creation to the family members I thought would've had  my back though all
The troubles but they are the troubles in a world so potent to mind controlling and self-
Absorbing in breaking a focused Lord that only wants the best for all his children but the system
Says otherwise to prized possessions like peace in America where they spike what you eat and
Make a profit off the weak,
Blacks in America can't be leaders without corruption and greed and every step you take is
Mostly a bullet or on your knees especially desensitizing all the people to the wrong things in life
that'll make you **** just for some bling bringing kids and teens in hospitals to be adopted into
Worse families is the trade where money is the seed amplifying what you need collecting checks
Off of kids you don't need pinching the poor and defenseless to meet all demands thinking why
Is it that God doesn't take a stand.
 Oct 2018
Arcassin B
by Arcassin Burnham

I hope you use to feel,
I hope you use to feel like I did.
But you never did,
Cause the things that I surpassed were surreal, too vivid.

Sketches and the drawings I would do would look just like you now.
Ripping pages had to do with rage, I couldn’t stop thinking of you now, now.
I just knew that my dreams weren't real when I would dream of you now ,now.
You had better things to do than to be friends with me , but I loved you now, now.

I hope you use to feel,
I hope you use to feel clarity.
But you said need,
Cause the things you use to have then , now you don't need,
Which was my love.
 Oct 2018
Arcassin B
By Arcassin Burnham

Pushing the barricades, making these new moves,
Why do have to share my glory with false hoping attention grabbing
glory seeking egotistical *******,
God says you better love your mother,
At least that what he said before she told i ruined everything,
I wasn't supposed to be born according to what she says,
A young man could only take so much , when the problems ain't harsh,
And your souls not gone, and went ghost for a whole year just to prove a
Don't have time for ******* and such, when your life is at peace,
Eat , sleep and ****, and the days don't matter when have common
sense , ***** get to the point!
If I haven't woken up , I will,
If I haven't woken up , I will.
 Sep 2018
Arcassin B
By Arcassin Burnham

this is so lovely and this is so weird with Nature's intention for humans
to fear,
I never had problems with anyone here,
They came up so ignorant , but will cry
the people are sluggish and drowning in sorrows,
there are no handouts ,from me you can't borrow,
you speak ill of my name then I won't hesitate
to let these motor hands go, leave you
slump though.
If I didn't know better , I would say these
are the worse days.
Did enough harm and now to me you can
not phase.
Tired of not using my brain to get out of this life.
I'm pretty chill today got nothing to do on the side.
 Jul 2018
Arcassin B
By Arcassin Burnham

Men being afraid of other men is a joke,
Pretend to have a hard exterior from ****
that they spoke,
You seem to act tougher than the man
you brought with ya' but when he leaves
all those you said will just up and choke,
Men ain't men no more, they just come with a gloat,
For me its not easy to be a black man and
be broke,
Can say it two times , can say it three times,
If I don't get it the first time, its not gon'
Leave my emotions and my feelings and my anguish and my insecurities to put a
troubled man under the dirt,
Manhood comes first,
This is a curse,
Wicked worlds worth,
How many men does it take to lift the earth,

Not intimidated by no man.


Sparkles don't last as long than an life expectancy,
Lashing my threats to my enemies,
I am nothing but holy,
I know I could peel the corruption from my skin, my soul,
A morning like this could take me out
of feeling old,
A good solid feeling from the this I've told,
Some days I feel my words are not enough and so,
Reap what you sow,

And so will they also be sold.
 May 2018
Arcassin B
By Arcassin Burnham

Part from all the pass objections , I own
up to ****,
I didn't even think that I could make just
like this,
I didn't have to earn a living or lottery hit,
Take a chance and put that glove on , if
it'll fit,
I feel I'd , get closer to a new beginning
and an new end where my body collapses
ending up in a spiritual state to see all
that I have become in this horrible world
of greed and less diversity,
You can not get rid of me,
The enemy of my enemy.

Put aside the past for a pair old yellas,
Library swinging with a tao book , they're
Learning made a passion and my brain
****** it up,
This simulation we live in isn't real , so
give it up,
I feel I'd, Make it out alive somehow in utter
confusion blessing from above like I was
the only human coming out as a wolf and
not a sheep to all these **** tools that
called themselves woke,
Better make sure I don't choke,
I just hope that you could cope.
 May 2018
Arcassin B
By Arcassin Burnham

Growing old as a dead man,
living in the water.
All alone,no one to love,
faith that you believe in is faith that only I should have,
In such a world like this one,they will decide.
just to pick and choose what their heart wanna desire.

I could be the one to tell spill my heart out on the table.
hate me and then they love me , at the same time they're able.
why won't females take me as I am and not they want.
But all I get is girls that go behind my back and simply just taunt,
why does love forsake me?

My mind nowadays doesn't focus on what the love brings,
visions in my head bring up exs and God it really stings,
what the **** is the purpose of everybody settling,
buying diamonds and pearls for people they were gossiping,
about , next you know everybody breaks up,
they just take a breath, lost whatever your mind makes up,
I thought she loved me,
I thought she cared,
she knew my moms and I thought it was okay,
I must have did something wrong cause now she got her mind made
up packing clothes in a suitcase,
When I gave everything was it a ******* joke?
you don't got sense enough to look me in the face,
life lessons here , love is overrated,
don't you situate it,don't you complicate it,
people only replicate it.
live life by yourself to the end,
I know you like me but I tell you this as a friend.

I could be the one to tell spill my heart out on the table.
hate me and then they love me , at the same time they're able.
why won't females take me as I am and not they want.
But all I get is girls that go behind my back and simply just taunt,

I Don't Care What You Want.
 Sep 2017
Arcassin B
By Arcassin Burnham

Don't tell me you can't be seen me.....
Cause I did nothing wrong to you,
Stop looking for some clarity.....
Nothing but a piece of residue,

On the ground,
May the lovers be one and found like the grey stone in the elders
Temple while clearly seeing your reflection,
I had no remorse for feeling any animosity,
for me to get away from the human race permanently,
Latching onto nothing that was never real.......
I was trying to bring you along for the ride but you gave on me
Simply for another's direction,
And in the end it was just pure cruelty,
I went into this new world with a cup of tea and broken dreams in
Smoke signals that never were really released,
I swear I told them all that Diamond Valley was real,

Don't tell me you can't be seen me.....
Cause I did nothing wrong to you,
Stop looking for some clarity.....
Nothing but a piece of residue,
I want you,
I could hear them calling for miles to pull me away,
we brand you,
There's no doubt in my mind my life's a mess but I stepped into
Heaven's Gates.

No more love,
No more love.

 Aug 2017
Arcassin B
By Arcassin Burnham

Try to not forget the souls that bind ,and intertwine.

And don't you say another thing about love , unless its life.

We all have our purposes in life , some the same.

don't forget your mothers name,
don't forget your mothers name.

Use to talk a good game about what , you should do.

Only you know your worth so don't let it intimidate you.

They say in the time that you get hurt , all you know is pain.

don't forget your mothers name,
don't forget your mothers name.

hate is just all the same,
love is just all the same,
breathing is just all the same,
living is just all the same,
but there will always be pain.
 Aug 2017
Arcassin B
By Arcassin Burnham

Stepping through some cemeteries,
Lost your soul In February,
Looking for attention in a school where the kids make babies,
never married,
Closed eyes will be starry,
riding open waves are scary,
fall into the current , drown all your emotions,
its way more than death can carry,
friends are snitches , mercenaries,
backstabbing you in secrecy,
Even to you when your married,
cause what you and your wife have . he feels jealousy,
separate the real from peasants,
No time for argumental dispositions,
guess we're on a mission,
no further discretions,
Everyone ain't your friend , learn your lesson,

Friends do what their friends do and their intentions
is to hurt you,
hit you where it hurts the most then walk around while they
disgrace you,
people get in on to be cool or their scared, one of the two,
Got you thinking that suicides the only way to commute,
In other words i was a victim too,
hopelessly suicidal, with no further guidance from a parent too,
i swear i could relate to you, your not alone,
scared to talk , scared to go home,
There shouldn't be any **** reason for why you should handle this on your own.
 Aug 2017
Arcassin B
By Arcassin Burnham

How can you be an overgrown unicorn running through a grass field just
to get to your achievements?
How you can be a being that's accepted by everybody and don't have any
enemies or crazed fanatics?
How can you live a normal decent life without the violence and corruption
on every corner you turn to?
How could you be a positive influence when everything you've done in the
past comes back to haunt you?
they don't wanna see you succeed,
they don't wanna see you achieve,
they don't wanna see you graduate,
they don't wanna see you educate,
they don't wanna see you build a company,
they don't wanna see you making money,
they don't wanna see you go to college,
they don't wanna see you have knowledge.
In The World that we all live in today . I Say **** Em Lets move on,
The doubts and cheap talk comes free to ignorant people,
most of you can't even write sentences,
when in doubt don't let words get you down,
In a country , if you are black , they put you down,
Art Imitates Reality , that's what a good friend just taught us
last year , i ain't saying no names,
Can't be silenced in a world where if you speak the truth,
you could expect to be aimed,
Freethinking all time , I can't be tamed,
Family issues in my own home , And I'm blamed,
Conditions come worse than expected in this life,
Hope your minds not too closed just to beat shame,
we all got problems that need be solved,
Negative people remember your name,
and it seems every year the property value goes up that's the real shame.
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