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 Jan 2016
Arcassin B
By =arcassin b= & vango

it is January 1st and another
Year has gone by,

=I won't let my future ambitious

* tis the day of a year where dreams
For a new better year lie,

=have no fear it's the new year and
There's no time to cry=

nor time to let ole Lang sine be
Forgotten is the time to make

=to never cover all of your losses=

with new years comes a bed of
A parade last years faults,

=a year that you won't forget
With children and adults=

and the innocents just got caught
Up in,

=the icy frozen tundra where they
Keep the sin=

is thawing now, we are caught
up in.

Happy New Years!!!!!!
 Jan 2016
Tomorrow is the first blank page of a 366 paged book.
write a good one!*
Don't bring the past to the future.
let the past be the past and
let the future have new adventures
Its almost here!!! :D #2016
 Dec 2015
Forgive more
  Apolgize more
     Discover something new
         Find love & happiness
            Find out who I am
                Stop second guessing myself
                        Be nicer & Do something nice for someone
                             Stop regretting
                                    Learn french
                                         Learn how to save money
                                             Conquer my fears
                                                     Learn to drive & Get a job
                                                           Have the best sweet 16!
                                                            ­     **Stick to resolutions

— The End —