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 Feb 2018
Haritha Seby
He gave me a rose on rose day,
that shrieks of love.
An ethereal blood red rose,
that made her smile.
An ordinary move,
that shows nature's art.
The queen of buds,
that ordinance the heart.
A valiant floret,
of mystique romance.
I know everyone is busy ... of the valentine week. Bt this is for my love .. I am not busy and I don't need any special day to express my love bcz I know  you are mine forever and every day is a rose day,teddy day, chocolate day, hug and kisses day...etc for me.
I strongly believe in my love. Yeah! Its complicated, twisted and may seems like ****. Bt still I whir his name, bcz fr me he is the reason to look forward to d next day. He made me realise that I am always and beautiful and he gave me the confidence.  I love him❤
 Nov 2016
A ballerina
In a big fluffy tutu and pointe shoes
Thats all you see.
You don't see the pain, the struggle, the bruises or the tears.
All you see is how pretty
and graceful she is.
Have you ever wondered what its like to dance day in and day out?
You don't know what happens behind
Those curtains,
You don't know us,
You don't see us
We are dancers
We love dancing
We dance no matter what
~The show must go on~ :)
 Oct 2016
~College ( Juilliard/ Chapman/ Texas A&M;/ Boston Conservatory)
~Contract/Professional dancer (Joffrey Ballet/American Ballet Theatre)
~Become a fashion designer
~Buy mom a house
~Get married + kid(s) (daughter)
~Live in paris (1 year)
~Travel rest of the world
:) FA
If you can dream it, you can do it ~Walt Disney

Dance is everything ~ EVERYTHING IS DANCE ~
Everybody is a Dancer ~ Everything dances!
Sound is everything

 May 2016
Natasha Meyer
The signs where there
Like writing on a wall
Tug and pull
We would eventually fall

That very first time
When you asked me to choose
Between singing and dancing
Or only being yours

That very first time
When you walked away
When all I really needed
Was for you to stay

This roller coaster ride
Was really just buying time
We were heading for disaster
 Apr 2016
Lisa Ann Noe
Heaven’s Home
By Lisa Noe

I heard the trumpets blow
I felt that I must go
The pain had left me
I felt free as if I could finally see

Silver shadows slithered around
I knew that I had left the ground
What on earth could this be
I felt as if many eyes starred at me

Then a man in a white robe
Took my hand and stroked my lobe
You are safe you’ll see no harm
Then he took me by the arm

Come with me I’ll get your dress
Forget your earth and all that mess
From a tunnel we emerged
For me to follow, that he urged

Where am I said with a fright
I was in darkness now it’s light
You’re in Heaven, you’ve passed away
Now it is here that you must stay

I heard a voice call my name
I looked around and there he came
A man of innocence and light
For me to see a pure delight

Jesus I said and he smiled at me
You’ve nothing to fear because you now see
I brought you here since you’re filled with love
I see your soul is like the little dove

Now it’s time to see your dad
I know for years that you’ve been sad
Because we took him for our own
He helped to fill Heaven’s home.

© Copyright 2016 ~Lisa Noe~kittylove
In memory of Charles A. Noe
 Apr 2016
Haritha Seby
I am only me
No more no less
I love
I dance
I cry
I live
I proud
I laugh
I am a girl
I am a daughter
I am a sister
I am romantic
I am utopian
I am passionate
I am an honest friend
I am sweet
I am shy
I am cheeky
I am not perfect
I am not as forgiving
I am not funny
I do faults
My logic is always my own
I have many slants,
like diamond facets
It is my life
I am only me
Not you
I am what i am.. Believe that...  I am tired...I can't change... Believe me.. Believe me...
 Mar 2016
from this
vantage point
the world is
smaller than
we previously
thought, birds fly
alongside us,
cars that roared
before are
we swim
in a sea of blue, 
a view that 
sharpens what
we already knew;
that this world is
a feeling that if
would be taken
in the traffic
jams & hospitals
& we would
see the Earth as a
speck of dust
through a
much bigger
than us
 Mar 2016
SG Holter
For Helene.

Ashes on the water, now.
Love's bones like dust downstream.  
At least it got to see itself in our eyes,
Feel itself between hand holding hand

And whispered caresses.
From pillow talk to fists raised at
Concerts, glasses of Portuguese wine
On her balcony to the sound of magpies

We named our neighbours.
We were beautiful.
Began beautifully.
Ended gracefully.

I open hands that held hers and see
Nothing but skin worn by labour,
And air.
Ashes on the water, now.

Embers without a chance against rivers  
Cold with melted mountain snow and
Unyielding differences.
Some loves drown with lungs too full

To cry; others float like a funeral-pyre-
Longboat into the night, ablaze.
King and queen, hand upon hand.
Crowns tied from fresh flowers,

We were beautiful.
Began beautifully.
Slid apart the way a glacier parts from
The hills; slowly, but with the force

Of its thousands of tons.
Ashes on the water,
Where the ghost of our union rests
Underneath the surface of our memories.

I will remember you.
Until the stars burn out, raining the
Dust of themselves like snow upon
These waters that always are moving.
 Mar 2016
Haritha Seby
My life should be the way
I wan't it to be!!
Not the way others wan't it to be.
It is not because i am egoistical
But i am altruistic.
Compassion of love towards the greatest weapon not only in life but also on earth..
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