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 Apr 2019
Ezre Holland
If only my endless words, my versus of poetry,
my sad encyclopedia could heal this wound,
but letters and spaces don't thread needles,
don't wrap bandages,
don't pop pills.
 Jun 2018
At the darkest end of the rainbow
It lies,
The balance of vitality gone askew
Unleashing its evil side,
It creeps slowly then bares fangs
With speed,
Potent beyond regulation
Its aberrant seeds,
That will grow into whatever they want,
That will grow however they want,
That will grow as much as they want,
Taking shapes of
Flesh and blood and bile and bone
And twisting their faces so
They're recognisable no more,
As if mocking us and our prayers
For Growth-
The immoral, the immortal side of the coin,
Cancer, the evil twin of Life.
 Nov 2017
Sadikshya Tripathi
If I was able to run from myself, would live a satisfied life I guess.
Memory loss would be the boon and days would be beautiful soon.
Difficult to deal with the person you hate,
Even most difficult, when it turns to be yourself.
Life full of regret,
No other way to escape,
Escape from yourself,
Escape from your days.
 Jun 2017
Sadikshya Tripathi
I'm hurt,
Its not you who hurt,
not your intention to hurt,
It's me,
my thought for you,
my suggestions for you,
is killing me like the hell.
My expectation on you,
on your feeling,
on your expectation on me.
Its the situation that hurt me,
the situation to expect more on you,
the situation to belief more on you.
It's me, who hurt me.
Some mistake can't be forgotten,
It makes feel regret for life.
 Jun 2017
Sadikshya Tripathi
sometimes a power,
provide motives to fly higher.
a broad weakness,
drive the life towards darker.
 Sep 2016
Ranjeet Kafle
Discrete are our tone, odds are our hue
White is your color, mine is blue
Countless are your buddies but I have few
Humdrum I am, exhilarating are you
Castle is your home and I live in due
Omniscient you are, where I can’t even get a clue
Whole world know that is true
But should they be only reason, I not loved by you????
 Jul 2016
at its core is an eternal fulfilling promise
heavens touch, a deep peace felt
even in the midst of mind numbing pain
an assurance that all will be well
- received in the very depths of the soul.
 Jun 2016
Hanna Kelley
Why is it that soldiers are trading dog tags for hospital beds and body bags?
Why are graduates gambling away their lives through drugs and alcohol?
Why is it that we have to keep moving on like things are okay? Like this isn't as messed up as the news make it sound
Why is it that teenage girls are playing a game of rullet with their bodies; like teen pregnancy is just a myth
Why are young kids that have expierenced true pain not acknowledged; like their hurt is not worthy of being praised
"They don't know true pain. They're just kids"
Oh but their pain is just as real as yours.
Why do we rely on relationships to help us feel whole?
Like happiness is received through the lips of another and love is something guarantied
Why are we knocked down by all that is wrong with the world just so someone can say "get up"?
How many people have to leave are lives while we are dreaming of the memories only certain minds can relate?
How many times are we supposed chock on last goodbyes due to illnesses that don't have cures?
How many kids are going to be left with out parents? Sisters? Brothers? How many kids are going to be orphens of the world that has turned them down time and time again?
How many?
How many kids will leave all of their faith in fictional characters, in superheros, until they are shown the justice that they have longed for?
What level of the word "racist" are we supposed to reach before something is actually done to stop it?
Its not really the number of problems I'm looking for
What I really want to know is how many people are going to take a stand to actually stop these things?
Just a little rant.
 Jun 2016
Ezre Holland
I despise the word 'loss",
it implies that something CAN be found,
but I know that I will
Never find you again.
So, next time you see me crying on the street,
don't tell me your sorry for my loss
I know your words like the back of my hand,
stolen from a card,
not given by the heart.
 Mar 2016
The ecstasy of
buds lie in wait...
tracing to their
Source blindly.
When they reach
it... they will suddenly
see in color, be color.
Garner eyes of worship.
 Mar 2016
Julie Langlais
Some of us are fractured
Stubborn scars that just won't heal
But here's the thing
I've recently discovered
We survived by shielding our souls from monsters
We managed to stay beautiful
Despite our ugly life
We are special gems
Like no other
We have profound empathy  
Seeking happiness in helping others
Our love glides the length of the sea
As deep as its bottomless kingdom
If you ever fall in love
With someone like this
Commit to never losing this precious treasure
This remarkable woman is a priceless pearl
An irreplaceable gift

© Jl 2016
I was thinking of a warrior queen on HP when I wrote this.
 Mar 2016
Quiet as a nun the day passes deep in prayer
Sunlit shining like a newly minted silver coin
all the blue sky tinted wispy white, wispy white
the Sun's diffused warmth through windows
blinds down, creeping into the skin of your hands
as your mind takes in all the promises of spring.
The world had magic, once
But we drove it out
With our hate and our sorrow
And our pollution
And our new age machines
With our war and our strife
And our forgetting
Most of all, the forgetting

We forgot the hum of the earth
And the song of the wind
We forgot the language of trees
And the comfort of soil
We forgot to be kind to the world
And that drove out the magic
That kept us whole, and good

We are left now with rubble
And a grey, polluted sky
The trees do not whisper to us
Since we started cutting them down
The earth doesn't hum
With our oil swords plunged deep

We have forgotten our roots
And they, have so, forgotten us.
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