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 Sep 2019
Poetic T
We will always be the sum of

                     2 parts,

              that = 1

                            - 1
       and there is only loneliness.

But together 1 + 1 = less but more
                        than was before.

You are the equation
       I've yearned for,

              that just adds up completely.
 Jan 2019
Poetic T
If I'm a question?

   then your always

going to be the answer...
 Nov 2018
Poetic T
Friend zone hardships,
never seeing through the eyes
that gaze with admiration
that you where always there.

                But never in the place

A side line referee, holding hands
             but giving red cards to those
             who foul up her heart with tears.

Lovers will *** and go, but a friendship
                     of mutual feelings that's never going
                                                              to be  strained.

As this is one place they'll stay, for love is endless.
                              When the friendzone is sat upon,
                                           its just a different respect.

Never wavering over time,
                     you'll always have one another's back,  
                     no matter the others pain your always friends.
 Sep 2017
Poetic T
A hundred words
        and more I could

But that look in your eyes
             says it all
   with out words.
 Sep 2017
this is a typical story
you see this amazingly cute guy and you like him
and you fell for him
like the blossom
from the cherry trees
he finally notices you and you're now together
it wasnt a normal boy
this one had the sunset in his eyes and you loved it
but little red flags popped up right away
and you saw it but failed to understand
internalize and do something about it
you didnt want to believe it
but now its all over cause there was someone else
i guess you were the side chick
how unwise of you to think you were the only flower in his garden
but oh baby he was digging up other roots
nobody can escape the prison of unfaithfulness
but infatuation never hurt so much
betrayal and deception is what he gave you
and it's dwelling in your heart
spreading faster than an epidemic
you wished you had saved yourself from the pain
but truth is we cant always be saved
sometimes we need to be in pain to know what makes us happy
so basically this is a ten word story:
you thought you mattered but you dont so move on
 Sep 2017
Love is word people use to get laid
But lately I've been feeling it
And lately I've been feeling lost
I've been feeling alone.
He makes me happy but only for a while.
He makes me feel hot and steamy but only for a while.
Everybody likes him and he likes that,
Its so easy for him to forget about me but so hard for me to forget about him.
He uses it to get laid,
I think i should let it be ,
Maybe then he will see how much he means to me ,
Maybe then we'll be happy together
Maybe then we'll be happy forever
Maybe then. Not now, cause
Now we are walking in the now
And now you never know what ugly things about love decay behind back walls, because what i saw was unimaginable .
Second best ,
Words I never knew i could use directly at myself ,
The idea of them together is as distant from my mind-as unrealistic- as a moon that resolves around a non-existent black hole..
There is nothing I can do.
Second Best thats me
Separated from the rest
 Sep 2017
Can't move on. Everything reminds me of him and the love we could have had.
I smile to hide the pain but my cheeks hurt.
I'm going nowhere.
Writing makes things better and only makes things worse.
It takes the pain away and it escalates it.
Emotions getting the better of me.
Hating everything and everyone except for him.
He is proud of himself for getting me all worked up.
And I'm disappointed in myself for getting all worked up over a stranger that introduced me to darkness.
That introduced me to pain and anger.
I wish to stop allowing him to **** me over.
But it's like I'm enjoying the pain.
I enjoy getting hurt.
That's the only way to explain why I still love him.
I somehow found pleasure in pain.
That's the only way to explain why I still try.
I'm addicted to the pain.
There were days where I wanted you back,
but I knew and always will
Even the best of memories of then fall through...
Because you're gone and I did nothing wrong.

I loved you, I cared,
you still did what I feared
You Left, without explanation
I still to that day,
don't know why...
Thinking without you.

I'll forever cry, without tears in my eyes
You were the only one
I wanted to loved forever,
Other guys that came along
meant nothing, I hope you know.
You were my everything.
wish you still were...
but instead
I'm left with nothing .

But the true I have no one yet
But I was waiting for you
To give to you all my days to you alone,
But you left with another
And you are gone forever.
I loved her and told her, she liked me for a day or two. And I have loved her forever.
 Sep 2017
I don't hate you. you're as beatiful as a sunrise and your laugh drips with honey and you're everything I've ever wanted to be. but I hate you all the same. because you prance around with your pair of scissors, cutting boys hearts like paper airplanes, snipping them clean in half as they fall out of the sky. you took the boy I've loved from afar for all these years and wrapped him around your finger, tying his heart into a bow. I think it's to remind you of something you lost. I know you'll hurt him, just like you've hurt the others. and when you do, I won't be able to comfort him. he doesn't know me, he doesn't want me to help pick his heart up off the ground. and if, one day, he ever loves me the way I love him, it'll be a broken love. because he never could get over what you did to him. he will never be completely the same. and I hate you for that.
 Jul 2017
"I love you,"

I said.

He replied,

"Good night."

That night

I knew

what love was for me

was a dream to him
 Jun 2017
Mahdiya Patel

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