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 Nov 2022
S Smoothie
The distance between us seems endless

Yet you're only 2 feet away by measure

I wish I could reach you like I used to,

You know, in the way that a look,

or a penetrating thought could

Or that soul song we used to sing

when the world seemed perfect

Where You fluttered like a moth

And I danced like a flame

When I resonated through you

And your eyes used to burn deep into me

When your touch electrified

And my kiss hypnotised

As you sleep dreaming of flightful fancies

I hope I meet you there soon

But first, stop your ****** snoring!
Love is real
 Dec 2020
S Smoothie
Hold up

Enough of this bird drip

Wipe your nose and look up

Pathetic blind mice play 2 wise sheep

The artificial heart beeps

While yours bleeds

Your blood is coin

A fools folly of *****

Your child sacrificed

Cut to pieces and torn

Yet for the afflictedbstrangers you mourn

For animals you weep

Some to **** some to keep

Scientific lies poison your mind

Call the message fear

Call the message hate

Call the message division

God does not exist

Re-call the message

Re-call the message

Re-call the message

Fall asleep zombie

Fall asleep sheep

The lion sleeps tonight

The red dragon stalks

Green eyed monster

Gives birth to the invisible beast

A burden

Gray matter feeding artificial martyrs

You can do it yourself only you can't

You can be free only youre not

Poked with incessant panic

Prodded with incessant fear

Switch off

Recall the message

Recall the message

Recall the message

We are not saved in this world but the next

For the wise
Not the intelligent.
 May 2020
Poetic T
My pen is my shield,

and my words
             my armour.
 Dec 2019
S Smoothie
His kiss was vacant

His stare drew ice from her veins

That no warmth pleaded could melt away

And she knew now how he felt

When she ****** him and walked away

Because love hurt more than she could say

Because his touch was where she wanted to stay

And when he asked her why she left

the tender words would not come  

She flit about like a bird with a broken wing

Too angry pecking eyes out to sing

To his tune, Because his love left her cold aeons ago

And she could not unremember it.

And while the fractures of his frozen heart  fell,

Hers had melted into a boiling *** of pain and despair

She found love

But the words would not come

Unanswered he left before she was done

He tried to say, but his words would not come

And the tragedy is, that if they were really listening...

Neither one needed to say anything at all.
Say it when you mean it!
 Jan 2019
I am longing

To come out of this longing
More than 25 years ...
 Sep 2018
Cannabis Cannabis
Are you my friend?
We've  been asking this question
Since who knows when

From the bedroom
To the bathroom
To the den,
Sitting out on the porch
Or out on the back deck
Out by the cactus
Out in the pasture with the brook running through it
Or in
The redwoods ecstatic in the moving fog
With the walls closing in
To the poetry within,
Contentment, lethargic exhaustion, anxiety, with the music moving,
self consciousness exquisite,
ego disintegrating
Remembering, forgetting,
Back again
Oh, cannabis cannabis
Are you my friend

We've had the dance
I can't deny
From stems and seeds
To Humboldt flower dispensary
Many stops in between

You've played with my mind
Sometimes I wonder who I would have been

Cannabis, oh cannabis
Are you my friend? (Old friend).
As Traveler Tim told me many moons ago, "It's poetry, not autobiography"
 Jun 2018
Scattered showers
Shattered moments
Running through the rain drops
Running through the tear drops

Trying to find
a shelter

The past is unchangeable
The future is unpredictable

The present is drenched
Wearing the wrong rain gear


For now

But, if you never leave home
You never get to come home
You wind up
Looking for it everywhere.
Edited version
 Apr 2018
S Smoothie
The blood drips linger
afraid to leave the bastion of grace
that sustained them
fibres stretched and pulled
to the brink of profanity
sweat refused
clinging until raised as vapors to the sky
a piercing shriek of a quartz tip entered
somehow sliently
parting flesh from flesh
meat from bone and bitter liquid poured forth
searing a river of flesh devouring agony
a slight reprieve offered nothing but
the biting cold of sullied mead
poured mercilessly upon the lips of truth
to add irrevent pain upon excruciating reverence
the clouds gathered
the ground swelled up and shook
the cracks of the whip deafened
by the thunderous
thus it was done
and hope sat in stunned silence
the endless wait began
as the blood drips lingered afraid to touch the sand
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