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been pecking the pole since the forties

we think,

how delightful.

yet it must be changed and moved

in case it falls down, what would we

do then?  he asked.

i decided not to think about that, and

rejoice in the creosote

of the new thing.

may be the woodpecker will


 Apr 2016
When the sun and the moon
Collide in the sky
When blood drops,
Are the only tears I cry
When snow flakes
Fall in the middle of June
When the sound of silence
Remains the only tune
When the fish sprout wings
And fly from the sea
When the only thing standing
Are petrified trees
When the sky loses its color
And is no longer blue
That, my sweet, is when
I'll stop loving you
 Apr 2016
Jake muler
Middle of the hourly awakening
I'm tired, can't sleep
But the hazelnut coffee
Sounds so good.
Even if I can't go
Back to sleep
And my poetrys misunderstood! It's all good,
My eyes will at least be partially open
When my body starts to lag
Because of the hazelnuts high
The good taste for a minutes grab.
 Mar 2016
Anger builds, like a fire
Neglected flames only grow higher
In the heart, the intention burns
Making smoke with dark concerns
Undulating through and through
Scorching only, the inside of you
Animus is a word with the same meaning as animosity. Harboring animosity only hurts the one who harbors it.
 Mar 2016
Jake muler
The lifestyle of crime
Is no way to get by
Living the high life
Is fun for its while.

But in the end
It casts betrayers as friends.
Benedict arnold's with grins.
Happily they pretend
As your sitting in a hole
Of your own filth.

Watch for the dudes
Who call moms (****).
Watch for the girls
Who think makeup makes up

The lifestyle of shame
Just leads to more guilt.
Not relieving yourself.
But imprisoning by the

Life's about decisions
The crime of self we can escape.
Though our minds are in constant state of ****
From mainstream society.

Though will you follow mainstream?
Or imaginative beliefs?

The difference between the three
Decides your fate.
Change now
While Its not to late.
Giving another shot with different style tonight!
 Mar 2016
Star Gazer
Red rivers flow through
Black and blue corrupt our hearts
Slowly perishing.
 Feb 2016
Thanks for looking at me
Even though it didn't last
Your memory I'll cherish
Til the day I turn to dust.
I saw him today! #GuyInWhite
 Feb 2016
Jake muler
What goes best with some spicy salsa? Hot poetry.
 Jan 2016
Jake muler
Pitter patter, my eyes are getting sleepy. Think a good sleep will do, why am I writing. Why am I awake? I think this brains sleepwalking for me. Jake's not even here. Or is he? Ive passed the sleep stage. I've entered\zombie mode. Maybe I'm a zombie. But if im a zombie, why do I want funyuns, don't zombies like blood thirsting things, like chicken or turkey.
 Dec 2015
Jake muler
If you have never written any poetry I suggest you do, pick up
A pen\ write your heart out.\ no need to be some bad or awesome writer, you don't need to be some fantastic novelist. What you speak is what you express, and what you express is part of your being, so let the being inside you speak.
That's poetry!
 Nov 2015
Earl Jane

♥                                       ........ooooooo........                                       ♥
oh                                     .......oooo.o.oooo.......                                    my
l­ove                               ......ooooo.O.ooooo......                               king
soulmate                       .......oooo.o.oooo.......                        husband
life is wonder-              ........ooooooo........                  ful with you
saccharine are your.             lips.bewitching are
your eyes. oh your face        ..oo..          are a heavenly .visage
in the amidst of my excru-     oo   ciation I have crowned you
with my love you are my chosen king that I have.enthroned
in my kingdom, my love shines all throughout like a gleami
-ng crown in a king's head, your silk cape falls down with glo-
ry, your glimmering presence fill the vicinity with peace and
exuberance, your smile an ornament in my heavenly realm, oh
how blissful I am to have you and yes you're my king and I am
..your queen and we will be together with God in everlasting..

with love <3

© Earl Jane
♥ E.J.C.S.
For Brandon <3

i love you a lot my king,, hope you like this ****** one,, i really don't know how to make it,, i just tried my best....

sorry for this... LOOOlll,,, really soo ******.. :/ that's my first concrete poem ever, loolll took so long to make and not even worth reading,,,, :/ gumenasai minna-san... (I have a poem with same title as this,, the thoughts are the same but the other one is just short,, :D still, this is ****** :/ no good )
 Nov 2015
brandon nagley
I don't do drug's, I am drug's-

Salvadore dali quote......
If you don't know who Salvador Dali is he's one of mine favorite artists born 1904 died 1989...  His works from the 60s were very bizarre as if something out of a pink Floyd film lol... He was an amazing artist and bizarre man though a mind of a genius and wasn't the same as all other artists of his time. He stood out being different and bringing beautiful strange works... As the melting clock painting which is popular...
 Nov 2015
Jake muler
Wish I could be a spaceman sometimes
Just to leave planet earth
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