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Up in the air
It is smoke and dust
Up above
More clouds in place
Up to the moon
Take me away
Let's leave anyway
Into the sky
If it was up to me
I'd never come back.
 Jul 28
Catnip Lily
Nymphs and butterflies were you? Simply a mystery.
People changed and we must step on. Nope, not relating to any experiences; I just loved nymphs and butterflies. # testing
 Jul 28
Jonas ernest
If there are no mistakes in art
Then there are no mistakes in

let it go
 Jul 27
I haven't even touch upon it
All I see is blackness in my dreams
This darkness follows me like shadow
Is it an indicator to a bleak future
Am I made without a cure
 Jul 23
The first time I said the words
"I love you",
was not the first time I told you I loved you.
The very first time
was when you had come home from work.
I didn't hear from you
for a couple of hours.
Not entirely unusual, but you know me,
I'm a worrier.
You finally texted me and after a brief exchange of words,
you asked me to call you.
Of course I did without hesitation; calling you had become
my favorite part of every day.
You told me you had been crying.
Really crying.
I remember the feeling in my stomach,
the immediate urge to run to where
you were,
to wage a war against whatever it was
that had caused you that much pain.
To hold you.
Verbally, I've never been good with words.
I wanted to say so much.
I could have said it then.
After a drawn out pause, I told you
"I want to take care of you".
Maybe you knew,
maybe you didn't.
I think my heart knew before I did
that I loved you.
But I meant it then, more than anything.
Still do.
 Jul 22
Druzzayne Rika
You have nothing and everything
Hollowness and infinity
Renouncing the world
To find real world within
It is serene calm
Peace and quiet

Away from the possession
And the violence accompanying with it
The obsession of name
And deceit all the same
It is an illusion of pretty
Get ****** in
To never come back

Away from the life
There is soul calling
It is the presence
Of the divine
Breathe in
And find the strength
Living in.
 Jul 22
Nature wont tell lies
Nurture tells otherwise
 Jul 19
Enough at fairytales,
The more i look up,
I can see why there are darker skies,
And when with you, it starts at fantasy,
Full of colors and schemes,
Incredible things i couldn't described,

Well i'm enough at fairytales,
In the thought of love starts when you're younger,
And butterflies ruins your stomach,
That you're only thing in my mind,
And i couldn't change it no more,

But my life isn't a fairytale like,
I lived in a cold dark city,
Full of secrets and lies,
I am that intersting mystery story,
You'll never read,

Cause you are a fairytale,
Made up by how you light up a whole town,
But i'm not into that **** no more,
I see more interesting section of a book,

Than people falling in love...
 Jul 19
Skies stay, even when clouds leave
They'll remain when there is lightning
Be present for sun, will welcome the moon
It will turn orange for you, pink for me
Embrace us in blue, hide secrets in dark
With rainbow in sight, birds taking flights
The vast sky keeping us closer
Embracing from all over.
 Jul 18
She's as wild as the wind but as serene as the rain. Her eyes are full of life but her heart's full of pain.
I do not hate love
I hate the ones
I fell for
There is a difference
Love is beautiful
 Jul 18
Alexa Pishtey
I can't see, there's static everywhere
I can't breathe when I run anywhere

What is wrong with me?
Why do I feel so weak?

I see static on the sky
Illusions on my eyes

Something is wrong inside
But it sure loves to hide

It cuts me every time I run
Does it think this game is fun?

Blurry edges
Static senses
Warping walls
And bending halls

My legs feel weak
When I try to sleep
And I can't sleep
When I hear strange things

The noises scare me
On top of my ears ringing
I get paranoid
That I'll sink into the void

I see static on the sky
Illusions on my eyes

Something is wrong inside
But it sure loves to hide

It cuts me everytime I run
Does it think this game is fun?

Is it the flies?
Will it fade with time?

Do I have to wait
For it to take me away?

Doctor, please believe me
This is hurting me

Is it my brain?
Am I just insane?

It hurts either way
Just make it go away

I see this static sky
Illusions taunt my eyes

You see nothing on the inside
Does it just love to hide?

Laughing every time I run
It must think my pain is fun

Make this static sky
Fall down to reveal
The picture beneath

I just want to see
What it really looks like
Without the screen

Show me what this world
Is really like
Without the illusions

I can't speak of their pain
The kind of pain
That doctors see

But I still feel so weak
It really hurts me
But it hides in this static sky

Rid me of this static sky
But how can you?
When there are no signs
Pointing to the exit

Life looks like a simulation
Underneath this static sky
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