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 Aug 3
For two years, I wondered.
Where were you?
How are you?
What happened?

For two years, I searched.
Every hint, sign, detail,
"Is there something I've missed?"
I recalled.

For two years, I tried.
To forgive, to move forward,
to set you free.
Yes, I think I did.

For two years, I hoped.
That you also wondered,
searched, recalled,
and maybe tried.

For two years, I prayed.
To keep you safe,
happy, successful,
and well-loved.

Two years later, you answered.
You remembered, you allowed
yourself to be found.
You tried, I believe you did.

Two years later, I still pray.
To keep you safe, happy
and successful in my open arms.
That for the next two years to stay,
I may love you just well-enough.
Your drafts are always better than your poems
 Mar 19
Nishu Mathur
And gently falls the bakula
Upon the grass I tread
Fragrant flowers
Like fallen stars from the sky
A hundred poems to be read.
 Mar 15
Nishu Mathur
As I drink my tea
Through the window I see -
The lantanas growing tall
Besides the creepers on the wall.
Orange orbs on stalks of green
A butterfly  - all tangerine -
Suckling blooms, fluttering by
Beneath a cloudless, placid sky.
Flowering trees - no longer ****
Full of colour and ripening fruits.
The world it seems is blossoming
With summer and her offerings.
 Mar 15
For the most part of the day,
the weather's gloomy.
My bed-weather mood,
finally taken its toll.
In these tiny moments
of fragmented daydreaming,
my head and my heart
are clouded
by the very thoughts of you.

Suddenly, I am warm.
Suddenly, I am cozy.
Suddenly, I am at peace.
I behold this love from afar
although unspoken,
to have it in any other way,
I would never want.
Wait, is it love now?
Yes, it’s love now.
Yes, I can finally tell.

It’s not easy, you know
to love someone,
unknowingly. But duh,
love knows no bounds
neither any form of distance,
nor needs anything in return.
And I don’t need reciprocation.
It’s just how I feel,
at least while it lasts.
I’d like to keep it this way.

In this solace,
a bountiful of prayers
somewhere lies.
From my subconscious mind
to connect with yours, somehow.
I’d like to know:
how your day’s doing,
what are you thinking about,
what sort of things
made you happy today.

A prayer to get to know you,
to dive into your soul
and amaze myself
of what it’s like
to be ever present
right there,
in your world.
Because in my world?
Oh darling, you're there,
you always have been.

In a not-so-distant time,
any moment now, perhaps
we could finally have
our universe -
where there exists
two people
namely you and me,
side by side,
as happy as we’ll ever be.
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