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 Jul 10
Reina Franco
You left, and that was it.
What happened to the beautiful days?
We were still alright when the sun rose,
What happened when the sun sets?
I’ve been grateful for every day with you,
How can I be grateful now that you’re gone?

You were once my peace,
Now I can’t be at peace.
So many questions left unanswered,
Not a single word, not a chance for goodbye.
I opened my eyes, and that was it.
I didn’t know, but I wish I did.

On my Nadir, I am now to be found.
Regrets, tell me, which one?
Where to go? How to continue?
Today, I bleed and grieve,
And I guess, this is just it.
 Jun 18
No matter what, my life is nothing God.
Unless you O Lord is in it as well as well.
For you are my only Hope in life here.
No matter what, no matter what is going on.
Whether my world is really falling apart.
Or my life is always going smoothly here.
You are still needed here with me O Lord.
I oh Lord so desperately always need you.
For only through you do I genuinely have true life.
I O Lord am only speaking the truth Jesus my God.
 Feb 5
Reina Franco
Let me love you - incessantly,
Like the earth revolving the sun.
So gentle and subtle,
in full awe of the galaxy.
As I am in awe -
of your gentle heart,
and subtle soul.

Let me love you - deeply,
As deep as the ocean.
For I was drowning,
and you saved me -
from the uncertainty, and
madness locked in this world.
You are my safe harbor.

Let me love you - profoundly,
as vehement as the wind.
For you are such -
a very precious being
that breathes,
the calm on the verge
of my storm.
You are my oasis.

Let me love you - closer,
Close enough for you
to feel the warmth of my arms
- arms that won't let you go
even if things go wrong,
to keep you safe in an infinite bliss
where peace and quiet reigns,
where contentment is viable.

Let me love you - a little more,
with the best version of myself
- devotedly, than I have ever
loved anyone else.
In every possible way, I could.
To do it again and again, I would.
Because deserving,
indeed you are.
An answered prayer,
oh yes you are.
 Oct 2019
A man who becomes my mother
Love and Care was his place of wisdom
He was none other than my brother who will be with me ever.

He presented me a beautiful flower
She blooms the happiness of my brother's kingdom
A man who becomes my mother

Was her power
Who took her to paradise with his presence of welcome
He was none other than my brother who will be with me ever .

An eminent founder
Who founds my hidden optimist and sounds it with a feel of awesome
A man who becomes my mother

Was my living saviour
Who views me through prism
He was none other than my brother who will be with me ever.

He is my mighty creator
Who could reedem me from dead lonesome
A man who becomes my mother
He was none other than my brother who will be with me ever .
A new type of poetry ' VILLANELLE ' learned today ...
Form - 19 lines .
   Repeat 1 st line in 6 , 12 , 18  and 3 rd line in 9 , 15 , 18 .

Important note : My first try - A blend of three heart ... Me my anaaaaa and annnniiii ... ( A wish , picture of best days of our future days )
 Oct 2019
Matthew Berkshire
I drank you deeply at dusk,
and that,
is where I'll wait-
-for you,
drunk on your magic
grasping at your ether.
 Sep 2019
I pray that Christ shall heal all of your pain.
Thus enriching your poetry with Great healing.
I pray that Christ then shall use you all mightily.
To reach out and he shall keep filling your heart.
With love, so you can keep reaching out to more.
With the same love that Christ has loved you with.
Then God shall start to bless others through you.
For first of all, he shall bless each of you here.
With so much more than you could ever handle.
So that people shall know that Christ lives in you.
 Jun 2019
P-Røšę Pøę
Be proud of your roots.
Let them grow,
wide and deep
where you are.

Be a shelter
for weary souls.
We all need to rest
from time to time.

A shade for travelers;
living can be hard.

Storms will come,
but stand firm.

They will make you stronger.

Just hold on.

We really only need
and Mother Earth.

The rest isn't needed
for you to truly grow.

And when you die,
die gracefully,
just as you lived,
with your heart open and with
outstretched limbs.

maybe... ..

most importantly,

like a tree,
you are beautiful in every season of your life.
 Apr 2019
did i ever need you?
there are days
i can't remember
the feeling
of your touch
there are days
i wish
i hadn't known it

you never needed me.
your gaze
never quite held
the same weight
as mine
your words
never quite
broke the surface

did you forget me?
do her
hands heal
the pain
mine caused
does her
love put mine
to shame

i never forgot you.
i still
stew alone
in my room
at night
i still
mourn a love
never born
another raw piece.
hopefully, i'll be out of my slump soon.
 Apr 2019
we go in circles

|circles, circles, circles|

an undisturbed cycle
of two particles
trying to annihilate each other

until a millisecond passed
the pattern broke
you went away
scattered across the dark matter
gone forever
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