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write it all backwards
 Nov 2021
Irving MacPherson
There was a time
when you could move mountains
with your smile, and the earth
was such a beautiful bridge.
Now Ursa dips deeply into
the dark well of sky while
little sister plays hide and seek,
perishing thoughts that
ride down with bitter cool.

How can you or I claim innocence
when we have both been here before.
Shall we cast down our glance in shame,
having lied through eyes of stolen charm.
Our birth is breached
as we cling tight to earlier yearnings.
And the wailing wall sounds
a whisper to the cry in my mind.

Those times when in spirit
our fingertips would brace,
prying open closed hearts
that had been slammed shut
by a life swung hard.
What fear brings this memory,
doesn't every tree stand alone
until you look below the ground.
 Nov 2021
Irving MacPherson
I come to find
that I relate
I relate to the
persons places
and things
in my world

My relating
is how I see life
not only mine
but yours as well

I relate to the joy
I relate to the pain
I relate to them
again and again

Can you relate?
 Nov 2021
Irving MacPherson
I sit in the relative quiet of the kitchen
The rain plays a shuffle on the window pane
I hear the chugging rhythm
Of the sump pump in the basement
The pills I take no longer work
Coffee long gone from any habitual routine
A cup in the morning is all I will allow myself
The clock on the wall, not digital becomes a metronome
Jazz or Classical is all I will listen to as I prepare for bed
If when I sleep it is incomplete and broken and I awake
My tears roll down my cheek to pool in my ears
Another morning and I rise feeling tired and bitter
Sweet sweet slumber why can't I surrender to your wholesome rest
I pray I don't tear someone another
When I leave my home to face the world
Day after day divided by dark, I remain edgy and short tempered
Not suffering fools or the intelligent  gladly
In need of some kind of medication, a pill to curb my sarcasm
Some therapy to wipe away the insipid drudgery in facing Day after Day after Day after Day.
 Jan 2021
Getting out of bed today
was a labour of love
Didn’t even do it yet
 Dec 2020
Mike Hauser
when i was young
i used to dream
used to dream
about some things
now a-days
with what i've seen
i'm afraid
to try and dream
i would find
my mind would run
now my eyes
are open wide
i've seen things
and then some
now i try
my best to hide
from the things
that i've seen
when i was young
and used to dream
 Jun 2020
Nathan Pival
I've lost my foothold
The world seems incorrigible
And no one is listening to me saying,
"Just be a good person!"

Everything is an argument
But why?
I see what is happening here
And everywhere else

The time is now
To begin to work together
Instead of fighting
But, demand change

The human RACE
Has only ever really benefited
From working together
The fighting needs to stop

Stand up and be you
 Apr 2020
Phil Lindsey
Looking out my bedroom window
past the bluebirds and cardinals
vying for position on the seed-filled feeder,
past the doves and the squirrels
shamelessly settling for the leftovers below,
past the obligatory but unused lawn furniture,
past the turtles and storks and herons, and
past an alligator swimming slowly, but purposefully,
toward his place in the sun,
I can see the second green and the third tee
of the golf course where I live.

In these days of pandemic and social distancing
the golfers each drive their own cart.
On the putting green players stand six to ten feet apart,
no one touches the flagstick,
there are no high fives,
no shaking hands.

The green carts are driven
down the cart path
from two green
to three tee,
like four green baby ducks
following each other,
identical, synchronous, six to ten feet apart.

After teeing off
the players in the carts
again follow each other
one-by-one to the end of the path
before scattering
to the fairway or the bunker or the woods
or the edge of the lake
where the alligator has fallen asleep
in the sun with his mouth open
as if he is warning the golfers
to maintain the appropriate social distance.
Considerably more than six to ten feet apart.
Hi All!
 Apr 2020
Ann M Johnson
Ann M Johnson ( Note,Oct 2015, original copy)
On The Day the Earth Stood Still (revised 2020)
The Market crashed as the people dashed
   All the banks closed down
   the people frowned
   Natural disasters were all around
   Stock brokers quite literally took a dive
Sickness abounds
   Many people died
   On the day the earth stood still

    The daily grind
     The worry over bills
      Was replaced with the need to just survive
       Some people rioted just to get something to eat
       On the day the earth stood still
       Some people screamed
        While others cried
         Some people looked down looking for someone to blame
Some people selfishness stood out hoarded things others need
         Still others looked outward and sought ways to help out
        Some people banded together to keep each other and their neighbors alive
        Some people looked up
       While some people prayed for wisdom for themselves and others
        to get through this trial
        Some people looked within only and felt all alone
        Still others thought of this as a test of their will
        On The Day The Earth Stood Still
         I wonder if we were faced with this crisis
         would we stand together
         or fall apart ?
         perhaps the answer is found already in our hearts
         If we are lacking a strong network of family and friends
          Now is the time to start
          We don't want to be found slacking if the world falls apart
                     Sometimes things happen in a blink of an eye
I just ran across this older poem of mine. It seems kinda eerie in light of this current Global Covid-19 crisis. My local banks lobby is closed by appointment only. Stores having a strict limit on food and supplies. People hoarding toilet paer whilee others have to do without. It was also mentioned that stores where low on 22 cartridges. Things are chaotic right now.
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