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 Sep 2019
Wandering witches, wave your wands,
lose your limbs of earthly bonds.
Friday the 13th full moon sings
so flex your power and stretch your wings.

Wandering witches, weave your words
to be the bane of beasts and birds.
Hex the hateful with potions of love
Poke the prideful in crestfallen thereof

Sing sisters sing, into the full moon night
never knowing the demon's blight.
Fearful farce and fallen stones
bury the bad in blood and bones.

A little fun write for Friday the 13
 Aug 2019
Paul Hardwick
hold your own heart
tale care
you will need it
love it its you after all
look for the colours in words
hold yourself first here on a page
your own hands
spell me than kari on spell anything
then you will become one of us
know what is
what was
then you are the man
 Jul 2019
Paul Hardwick
Yes I am triping
my mother said
always wear protection
so I always leave my socks and gloves on
has to be a news day
in a restaurant
ask the man
where are the toilets
he said just go down the stair
saw a sign on my way home
said falling rocks
what am I to do with that
life is a lottery be lucky
walked past my local Indian
sign says
try our curries
your never get better!

Love P@ul.
I don't intend to get it right all of the  time.
If I do please praise me.
Don't compare me
Am only human
I  am allowed to fail.
But when I do I can pat myself on the back.
Because I am a stronger person.
Grown in character.
and in Love.
 Jan 2019
Paul Hardwick
That hurts
Woman stuck a needle in my arm
you will feel a scratch
**** u are sticking me pins
Baby that hurt
see her blue eyes and start to flirt
whats your  name           Jane
Stay with us you
Look me in the eyes
I am going to call Paul
That's my name
how did my net in this sea miss you
so we meet like this

Thank You, Nurse Jane.

Love P@ul.
 Jan 2019
kaylene- mary
Some nights when I'm looking you right in the eyes, I can hear glass break in the backseat of my mind
Thinking, "this is it"
And when the engine finally starts I can't feel my own skin except the rambling in my veins knowing that somethings about to snap and I don't know what that means but you remind me of a pigeon trapped underground with no way to get out except straight through and maybe that's why they say you shouldn't bring a knife to a gun fight when you can't see the exit wounds
I know you're draining like a tub full of sand but you pulled your own plug and now I'm stuck sweeping up the floor
 Dec 2018
Edmund black
As you can see
My perspective
I’m an old soul

and blues
Is where
My mind dwells...

At times
Some , would give
Their all  
To tango along
With my rhythm

They don’t give
A **** about
My blues ...................
 Dec 2018
Blade Maiden
Since I already knew
I'd die of a broken heart
I made preperations
treating my death like art

Stop worrying
I took care of everything
the guests and the burying
even ordered flowers in early spring
I'm still around. If anyone was actually wondering where I've been I apologize. I missed posting on here so I might get back to it more often. No promises. I hope you, whoever reads this, are having a good day, week, month.. and if not, hang in there. Just hang in there.
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