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 Jan 2018
Dr Zik
You are so matchless
Beauties and words are useless
All over the world

You are most precious
No fame and fun are worthwhile
All over the world

You want You select
No one dare access You
All over the world

Your delivered call
No one dare to modify
All over the world

You are mighty Lord
We are in need of mercy
All over the world

We bow in prayer
Bless us peace everlasting
All over the world

Sun sets after all
But Your love has no downfall
All over the world

Bless enlightened path
We are all in search of You
All over the world

We obey at once
No one dare disobey You
All over the world

Bless us Your will
We bow in Your love O’ Lord
All over the world

You are caring us
You are almighty my Lord
All over the world

You are Merciful
You are Bountiful my Lord
All over the world

We have countless gain
You are first and final Lord
All over the world
Dr Zik;s Poetry;
These are humbly written lines and hi to all of my friends after a short interval again in the circle of my honorable well wishers and readers.
 May 2016
The Dedpoet
Liquid evening when the rains
Whisper to the lovers and soften
Their lips to comfort one another.

Drenched mornings when not even
Noah's dove can be spotted,
The solitudes as one makes the journey;
The thunder crackles tirelessly
On the windshield.

Liquid days when the earth is a fog,
When I admit I get lost at times,
Because the mist forms tears on
My face, and somewhere just above
The light shows how that it is half
There, such wet pessimism.

Rain like a sudden death
That invites grey days known as
Tears from Heaven,
A fitting farewell for the missing
Or gone.

Rain, liquid like old blood
That sits by a fire,
Cup in hand and reminiscing
On old storms as supplication
For the tired bones that once ran
To the lover, that once made love
In a slow drizzle,
Awaiting a final lightning.

When my soul hits bottom
I take a walk,
I feel the wet earth at my feet,
The drops on my face,
The thunder that makes me
Know I am small,
The lightning that shines the way,
And in the distance,
A ray of sun that escapes,
And I know this too shall pass.
 Sep 2015
Like a rose she smells so sweet,
but the petals fall as winter meets.

Cause right now there's a timely snow,
oh how I wish her love would hold.

The pretty rose buried below,
and now my heart seems oh so cold.

Knowing that her love has froze,
leaving colored rose of dull.

The scary thing to feel inside
is when the sun shines bright outside.

Will this rose from that sun hide?

Has the love just gone and died?

Will the sun search higher tides?

To find out why it sets to rise?-JS
rise and shine to find with time I'm left in search of what was mine
 Jun 2015
Dr Zik
For Whom!
Who, organized
scattered type, unpopular letters
and enabled the
'Simple Words' to deliver a speech.

اُس کے نام
اُلجھے، بکھرے ہوئے حرفوں کو سمیٹا جس نے
اور پھر سادہ سے لفظوں کو زباں دی ہے۔۔۔
Dr ZIK Poetry an extract from "Rah Takti Ankh" Urdu Poetry.

Poets are invited to make translation from Urdu Poetry to English and other languages.

OOs kay naam
uljhay bikhray hooay harfo ko smaytaa jis nay
aur phir saada say lafzo ko zubaan di hay

Critics are invited to make positive criticism through messages.
I am waiting with full devotion and eagerness.
 Jun 2015
brandon nagley
Even the cherubs cry,

When they heareth that song....
                                                        ­AVE MARIA!!
In case one doesn't know ave Maria's a beautiful heavenly song played in movies ():
 Jun 2015
This morning i had to wake up.
curled right next to you
bottoms gone tops my legs twisted around yours like red vines
the feeling sweeter then anything
you woke me with kisses,
soft as hershies
and i giggled bubbly like lemonade
i hope this feeling never fades
waking up
every morning
in sweet sweet love with you
 Jun 2015
Dr Zik
How can I, idle?
Start and end is You my Lord!
No words! You with me
ZIK Poetry
 May 2015
Dr Zik
Poet says to passerby, "How are you?"
Passerby replies, "Fine"
Poet says to passerby, "What do you do?"
Passerby replies, "I am lord of this area"
                             "Would you like to offer me a cup of tea please?"
Poet says to passerby, "Why are you so proud?"
Passerby replies, "I'm the richest among you all"
                             "Would you like to offer me lunch to share?"
Poet says to passerby, "What's your family background?"
Passerby replies, "I belong to a highly respected family"
                             "Would you like to drop me to my home?"
Poet says to passerby, "Biting back is a curse, what's your opinion?"
Passerby replies, "I don’t like biting back"
                             "but the person who facilitates me is the mean one"
Poet says to passerby, "Are you educated person?"
Passerby replies, "Yes! I am."
                             "But it’s our family tradition to say,
                             "Except us all persons are mean ones"
                             "We don’t like smiling persons"
                             "We don’t care of others"
                             "We appreciate Darwin’s theory"
                             "Man behind the monkey"
                             "But for others."
Poet says to passerby, "Do you know antonyms?"
Passerby replies, "Yes! I know"
                            "We are superior and you are inferior"
 May 2015
Dr Zik
Heart cannot be purchased
As currency is matter of no use
Only one can succeed
Who deals in barter system!
Dr Zik's poems
 May 2015
Dr Zik
I can't change
departure into arrival
or vice versa
I find myself
to do one thing
I can feel affection
 May 2015
Dr Zik
Come on
Thank you
See you
Good Bye

and perhaps
I can't do that

but I often observe it all
as a silent picture fixed on a wall
in your deep eyes
about to fall
Zik Poetry
 May 2015
Dr Zik
Truth is life
Life is flower
Dew is you
Fragrance is smile
that goes to the last mile
Zik Poetry
 May 2015
Dr Zik
The rolling stone always remains disturb
And does not maintain his status
By leaving selfishness one can emit light as human do
The martyr observed the cruelty of the unwanted persons
And condemns their supremacy
A martyr shows a distinctive confidence
Which is matchless
A time is coming when you will find a deserted way and nothing else
But you’ll be alone without me.
A translation of my own poem written in Urdu language. The name of book is "RAH TAKTI AANKH (راہ تکتی آنکھ)"
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