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 Aug 2015

i'll hum to you
a melody
i'll sing to you
a song
that pain will cease
you will find peace
i hope you
sing along

children listen to me
poets please give ear
feel the pain
in this refrain
i hope that you will hear

there are ships
sailing the sky
don't you worry
question why
they drop stardust
where you lie
hear the
poet's lullaby

keep on loving
for this is what
we do
we have dreams
we have schemes
to keep
that love renewed

keep on living
be all that you can be
young or old
your tale's told
write it down
be free!

there's a ship
your muse is near
let her listen
let her hear
give your poetry
and tears
hold on to what
you hold most dear

yes, your ship is sailing
on a sea of ink
once again
you'll dip your pen
once again you'll think

but for now
you're weary
your eyes begin to close
feel the drift
into the rift
where ink

forever flows

(C) 8/18/2015
This poem is dedicated to
Pastor Tina Michelle

I hope she reads this before she goes to sleep... and may its soothe her into slumber!  

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