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 Nov 2018
Val Vik
When I close my eyes,
I'm in my own space.

My breath... is
of ocean weaves.

             & release

of all stress
                         to Peace.

 Oct 2018
Val Vik
My voice: projection
"the Universal creation".
We are of one love.
Big Bang Theory.
Has anyone noticed that every creation story starts with the sound?
 Oct 2018
Val Vik
~ One day will come
when I am part of the Universe. ~

~ My soul lingers to reincarnate
from the roots of the tree,
and the body wills to bring life to another.

~ to become part of breathe ~
~ mind eternally at peace ~

I will become a flower.
I'll walk on the clouds
and my waters will fill the rain. ~

Hasn't it come true?
~Samsara no longer a punishment~

was written in 2013 (maybe even later) by mini me
as a Freestyle.
 Aug 2018
Val Vik
There's no need to commit
when there's love connection, indeed
     ~real mutual~
There's no need for passion
when you're my thriving inspiration
   ~true vibrations~
There's no need of intimacy
when I finally met the lost part of me
  ~rhythmic infinity~
I believe these 3 things help maintain a relationship, but they don't create love.
 Mar 2018
Val Vik
without its breath~
nothing would come to be...
the ocean gave birth to my most intimate tree...

~the river flows, absorbs through my skin...
'Without beginning, there is no ending.'

Without its branches, its essence...
we are but a dream...
 Feb 2018
Val Vik
Our planets~ like the droplets of rain
resting on the surface of the car's windshield.
The way tear drops~ imitating a falling star
vanishing in the blink of an eye.
The way suns are portrayed
by the wavering beam of the bulb...

Shine through the nightfall
which tears into my waking hour!
Universal love- just is- soo comforting
 Jan 2018
Val Vik
Удар кистью Bетра
окрасила вокруг Мира

~ индивидуальность тучь ~

Солнце греет потоком Стрелы,
завершает красоту материи

~ танец Стрельца ~

Дитя - прыгнул с горы в воду
и так родилась Краса Природы.

~ моя любимая земля
самая красивая богинья ~
"Glorious Canvas"
The Blow of the Wind's brush
has painted around the Universe
~individuality of the clouds~
The Sun warms with the stream of its arrows
completes the beauty of matter
~dance of Sagittarius ~
Child - jumped from the mountain into the water
and so was born the beauty of Nature.
~My beloved land
the most beautiful Goddess~
 Dec 2017
Val Vik
Getting up high in here...
Getting so much relief...
You have got to believe...
"You are leaving me burning."
 Dec 2017
Val Vik
to be truly divine
one must have an open mind
 Dec 2017
Val Vik
I daily wrestle with heavy-mind
swallowed by darkness
or blinded by light
but at the end, I always find beauty at heart
to be a higher self, to be truly kind
this strength dwells deep inside shall not part
In life and death
never stop!
spin seamlessly, eternal fire
release! my inner karma
Slam Poetry
 Dec 2017
Val Vik
what true love really is?
a perfect blend of two energies...

but if you look at it like this:
remember the dream of our first kiss

harmony of love - we are one...
like the moon adores the sun
 Dec 2017
Val Vik
****** day...
                     maybe a smile...
                                                  is the way...
                                                                       for a goodnight...
 Dec 2017
Val Vik
I don't know what lies ahead
but I may wander...
In life, there is *** and dread!
Let us be there for each other
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