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The Boss is always right
as his boss is certainly too
ever a man of far sight
do as he wants you to do.

Quietly knock his door
and before you show your face
knock just once no more
wait for him to say yes.

Watch when you enter his room
if he is beaming or sad
don't invite your doom
he can be worse than bad.

Don't speak if he's busy at work
stand with patience noiseless
to speak never embark
till he looks straight at your face.

If he asks you your job's progress
be ready with all your tricks
the best way to have him impressed
is to confuse him with statistics.

Just ensure the figures add up right
there's no glaring mistake
if one such comes to his sight
no way you retain your neck.

Answer to the point he asks
give him the master's due
never ever try to assert
impose on him your view.

Not try to prolong the discourse
make it very brief and precise
your logic would always be coarse
to the Boss who is far more wise.

Move back facing your Boss
keep it always in mind
what makes him really very cross
is to see your swinging behind.

Once you are back to your seat
your wounds do secretly nurse
vent your head's all the heat
mutter your choicest curse.
 Sep 2015
Bill murray
Someone say
Filth, ****, dirt,
Just ask me
I'll take off my shirt.
 Sep 2015
Randolph L Wilson
Free access abated , vanguard of livestock , implements , man-made
and curt delivering instant justice to all ages , separating foolhardy  and the wise .... I've chewed an smoked tobacco , chased hens , brought snakes into the house and threw crabapples into the pig pen but the punishment for said offenses will never compare to the reprimand I received when I peed on the electric fence !
Copyright September 10 , 2015 by Randolph L Wilson * All Rights Reserved
 Sep 2015
Carl Joseph Roberts
The Life Of A Single Man

Sometimes we *** in the shower
We hardly ever make our beds
We clean ourselves with shampoo
Using the lather from our head

We will wear the same old socks
That we wore the day before
And don't even get us started
On how long jeans last on the floor

If the bed is made we sleep on top
Then just straighten when we get up
Do we really need to wash the sheets
If our skin they do not touch

We drink milk from the carton
Eat fast food way to much
Have pizza pie for dinner
Then eat leftovers when we get up

We want the house to look real clean
So there are rooms that we won't use
When we can write our names in dust
That's when we grab a broom

This is the life of a single man
We just do what we want to do
It is very hard for us to change
When we meet that someone new

So don't try to change us overnight
So far we have made it through
But if by chance we fall in love
We may just change for you

Poem by : Carl Joseph Roberts
I'm posting some of my favorites for my new readers. Hope you enjoy and share again if you like. Add to a few walls and help it trend.

— The End —