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 Apr 2019
I was walking to the bathroom to get ready for work and he said,
“You’ve been making me really happy lately.”
I stopped and asked, really?
“Haven’t you been able to tell?”
I looked at the floor and then back at him.
I could, I just didn’t want to get my hopes up
 Jul 2017
Sitting on my balcony
As the dark envelops the lake
Drinking a glass of wine
I forgive everyone their sins.
 Jul 2017
brandalynn huling
I need you
In the mornings with my journal and my bible
On cold windy fall days
Perhaps on lazy days while watching kid movies
when i sent your smell i feel comfort
the smell fills my home, fills the streets and cities
i want you
 Jun 2017
Nuha Fariha
Saturdays we left for epic adventures
Through snow capped Kashmiri mountains
Falling in love amid flowering Swiss fields
Dancing wildly in dimly lit Spanish bars

After two hours we'd stop for Intermission
For fried pakoras and warm ketchup
Or cold chai spiced with Milly Aunty's gossip as old as the stained theater seats

From Monday to Friday we’d work
In offices in warehouses in farmyards
Until late nights became early mornings
And our bowed heads kissed concrete

With our eyes blind & our ears deaf
silently waiting for our stars to come
 Jun 2017
Seán Mac Falls
Early morning buzz
Coffee and chair in garden
Bees in the clover
 Oct 2015
Travis Barefoot
Haiku Hibachi;
A syllabic restaurant
With chicken fried rice.
 Jun 2015
Rainey Birthwright
Light over the village
Is breaking my eyes
The sea is so calm
And so are the skies
The cliffs are raining
White birds, little stars
Such a lovely wee spot
To sit down and take in
There is peace all round
Now is a new beginning
What is past will come
Again to who is faithful
Light over the village

— The End —