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 Aug 2015
the waves that carry you
swelling like a bruise
with every drawn breath
bringing you to your death
waves of turmoil, anguish
with sole will to punish.
trapped; sinking into an abyss
darkness, like a soft kiss.
watching the world cave in
as you think about what could've been
how do you let go of the things
that are ever so haunting?
cast them away upon the waves,
the very ones forming your grave.
 Jun 2015
Poetic T
As a head went against the door,
Then a noise akin to a squashed melon
As their were no more tapping,
As crimson seeped under the floor.
Through the eye hole, not like anything will
Be looking back,
I slowly look through this little portal,

"Eye spy with my little eye,

Really not the time to think of that,
I breath,
What it white?
Like piano keys, but with red tints,
Then pulls back, I see lips that are smiling forward.
I lunge back as a where eyes once spied,
A door splinter's, a thousand tooth picks litter the air.
I turn as I no what comes next,

"Run little piggy,
"Run as fast as you can,
"I'll peel you flesh while squeal and cry,
Beads of sweat pour from my brow,
I can hear it behind me
Don't look behind, don't look....

"O' ****, what the **** its dressed in a suit of white,

It laughs as it luges forward, lips curled
As if this was a demented game of kiss chase.
Dam fool not with that breath, here kiss this
As I grab a vase,

"I didn't like it anyway,

A jaw and flesh, like a stone ripples in a pond
It stalls for a moment, and smirks,
I have that saying from a Hanks film,
As I do in to a room I leave the door ajar,
Was that a mistake, as footsteps heard outside,
It treads closer, inquisitive to why not locked, shut
While I sit on a chair waiting inside,
The Door splinter as shards embed in the cheap wallpaper.

"Welcome white taker,
"Do you know that saying,
"A spider is ever patient ever waiting,
"For its dinner to entrap itself,

Well I have waited a long time do you know there are
things older than
Has a way of needing, and this time is to feed,
I could taste your essence from miles away,
Luring you with whispers in the wind,

"Didn't you wonder what urged you here,

As a fist flies forward, and a finger greets this enraged
Moment, thing of white, I smile as
With but a finger on corruption a fist does turn to ash,
Like butterflies it floats around the room.
I inhale consuming this nourishment, but more I must have.

"My time is now to feed,
"What were your words,

"Little Piggy,
"Little man in white,
"Your time is ending and ash you will become,

"I am not food for you,
I am darkness personified,
"I will not tremble in your presence,

And in a closed room, in a home nowhere special,
A scream of darkness* is heard enthralled in its demise
Butterflies of ash floated in the room,
Then they were gone, consumed in the blink of an eye.

"I do like these little games of chase and hunt,
"What to eat next a feathered friends,
"Or feast on a city of those children of dust,

A figure is seen walking out of that area with a
Toothpick in his mouth,
People swore that he Yawned as if a big meal ate,
Rubbing his belly,
And that a black  butterfly flew out,
Licked his lips and ate it??

"I have a hunger,
"Be hopeful that the urge never takes,
*"In those dwelling you call home.
 Apr 2015
Tracy Malloy
It is inevitable if we are determined
to take chances with our heart
that we find it shattered some mornings
Only when we must bend
to fetch the shards
do we again wish that we had been safer
more cautious

But then
when I think about life without such love...
I smile that Mona Lisa smile
I know myself better than that

Some people brave mountains or the stars
I dare to love crazy and wild
 Mar 2015
Brianna Sutterfield
I wish you would say every thought in your head
While you blissfully stay 'sleep in our bed.
I would stay awake the whole night through
Just so I could hear every word from you.
But you've been asleep for quite a few hours
And I've been having a breakdown that comes in showers.
I've been staying silent so I don't wake you up
But all I want is to be held and rubbed.
I love you so much and the future scares me
I know the road we're on is pretty bumpy.
I feel like when we talk I'm the only one speaking
I know saying what's on your mind isn't very easy.
So I wish you would say every thought in your head
While you blissfully stay 'sleep in our bed.
Then I could stay awake the whole night through
Just so I could hear every word from you.
Mine, please don't steal it <3 Previously titled "Communicate". I felt Midnight Meltdowns 2.0 was a more fitting title.
 Mar 2015
Poetic T
It just hung there, rusted shut
Black as coal
That was not meant to be. I seized
My limbs frozen as if blocked upon
There reach.
Inscriptions placed in tongue
Of old.
"signati inter stratis universi"
I took my camera
Photos where as if nothing seen
Visions of a black that cant be disguised around
Blossom of pink delectably spread around.
But beauty often hides the thorns,
That which is perpetual
That which seeps unto this world
Darkness that is like a whisper
Permeating into this world.
It is a gate,
A portal to a place that light does
Not enter or exit from this place.
The gate to......
I walk away as if hurried from this moment,
Ushered with a momentary....
"Where the hell am I"
"I cant ****** remember the last few days"
"I sense a smell of blossom"
I fell heavy as they tell me
"It's temporary"
I had hit my head some place,
I'll get my memories back.
I open my back gate and my hand retreats
As if knowing of danger,
But I once again reach,
My head aches,
As I sleep I dream of pink blossom
I see the gate...
They find me three days later
Fear distorted upon my features,
Scared to death, died in my sleep, finger frozen
Out of reach,Scratched into my headboard
"The gate is open"
"The blossom has fallen"
**"The gate, the gate the ga............"
 Mar 2015
Brianna Sutterfield
You're the source of all my anger.
You were the one who was a ****** mother.
You're sad, you're selfish, you drink every night.
Your words of abuse cut like a knife.
You think you're so tough and you don't give a ****.
Then you try to manipulate; well, tough luck.
I'm not falling for the guilt trips; I know your games.
I refuse to speak with you and I feel no shame.
You think you raised me to have respect.
But you were a tyrant who gave nothing but threats.
I remember being frozen with fear.
You'll never apologize because you don't ******* care.
You're never wrong because you're so ******* perfect.
I don't even matter, I'm just a reject.
You were the reason I cut so many times.
But don't worry, I'm doing just fine.
If you don't change soon you'll lose another kid.
But it's not your fault of course, we're easy to rid.
You're a wreck; completely broken.
You don't even remember how to be human.
It's mine, please don't steal it <3. It feels unfinished and some day i think i want to turn it into a song. PS. my favorite word is ****. It's so ******* versatile.
 Feb 2015
Brianna Sutterfield
He's asleep and I feel like ****.
I can't seem to cry but I want to throw a fit.
I work in the morning and I hate my job.
All I want to do is lay in bed and sob.
I don't know if my parents' plane ever landed,
And sometimes I still feel like I've been abandoned.
I call myself an artist but I don't think that's true.
I don't really put work into anything I do.
I'm afraid I might be an imposter just following a fad.
I don't know anything about anything and I know that's bad.
Mine, please don't steal it <3
 Feb 2015
Brianna Sutterfield
I am Human.
My body sprawled out.
I am Human.
Close my eyes.
I am Human.
Feel each drop fall along curves.
I am Human.
Open my lids.
I am Human.
Inhale the condensation.
I am Human.
Lungs struggle; it's tolerable.
I am Human.
Watch the droplets on the curtain.
I am Human.
Colors change from blue to green.
I am Human.
Arms push up.
I am Human.
Legs stretch out.
I am Human.
Feet bend and toes curl.
I am Human.
It's mine, please don't steal it <3
 Jan 2015
John Ashton Upston
The once little, little prince,
stood wide-eyed, unto the sunless sky,
there, winged was she,
Rapunzel fair, princess no longer for he.

You see, he doesn't remember now,
how long ago it was he was told,
To find a princess, locked far away,
and if patient be ye, so too will treasure most pure,
his own.

And when, after many years traveling hence,
he arrived there upon the scene,
of the long, lonely tower, spiraling up,
there on and until the single window,
opened gently, and residing faintly,
laid a dream, he could not appease,
nay, no matter how much he rubbed his eyes,
Still, did the little prince look up and see,
Fair Rapunzel, in all her resplendent beauty.

Wait, she said, smiling gold,
In just a few years hence,
She laughed, merrily,
Will my hair grow long enough,
for you my dear Prince,
To come on up and truly rescue me.
For now it is good to talk,
and dream and be, for surely still,
must my luck be overwhelming,
with you here, to keep me company.
With just, YOU, here, little prince,
eyes nearly watering, she whispered,
And now not for me to be so lonely.

The little prince's heart, somewhere long gone,
Along the way, had already flittered up,
Though she could scarcely feel it,
With tower keeping them at bay,
Indeed it it land on her doorstep,
And there, long, did it lay.

So for many years, the Little Prince,
And Rapunzel did lay,
Her up high, and he down low,
With her hair, growing more each day.
And he was happy though, he was not sure,
If he was more trapped than her,
encased, but with each days growth,
of her luscious golden hair, did each time,
take a bit of his aching heart, beat by beat,
before mind barely had a say.

And then, alas, a few seasons hence more,
Around the corner was he, into her arms,
But cruel fate did lay, such plans for naught,
For at once her hair doth shed, and wings did she partook,
Yea, Little Prince, said she, Though doeth I love you so,
And the price I paid was dark and grave,
No bargain have I pursued could ever be forsook,
As this, one feeling, oh to fly over stone,
valley, canyon, and brook,
To be free, untethered, beating release,
Now I am my queen, and you,
She looked down softly,
Not even my cook.

And the little prince looked up in awe,
Always believing in that which he was seeing,
awful though was his mind, that, Even still,
as his heart did empty,
did it endeavor, hurriedly quick,
To deny that reality, of waiting for a trick.
I was a game, he thought, but still,
if this be a quirk of god or fate,
Even now, in its very face will I,
Lucifer, be, Agnostic in this,
my hell.

So he closed his red eyes,
as his angel did ascend,
ne'er close did he ever reach,
Just a story now,
for children,
and growing young men,
Don't wait so long for someone,
you love in a tower,
or else you'll find yourself,
too, A...
Little Prince, not so little,
So much symbolism. For me. For life. For others. And, I must admit, not even did I see that ending coming.
 Sep 2014
Lee Turpin
in the middle of everything you are to me
you are a tight grip I’ll never have
a fist clenched
on a weak arm
my foreign  hand, always ready to turn over
to goodbye

someone told me live dangerously
and so I smoked cigarettes,
you and I
by the ocean in foggy aches
and I got on the back of your bike

so I edged in and out of your bed
at starlight’s hours
a sink full of your sadness
because I didn’t want you to feel alone

so I thought of being a tree
and if you needed me, you could have my leaves
and my branches and if you were tired
I'd be a stump you could sit on

but because of that whisper dusk in the sand by your sister’s house
when you told me you and I told you me
and the air gleamed in a reflection
I opened my eyes and there was you
placed carefully in front of me

and with both sides of the edge visible,
ephemeral graces gave me their secret

and when you asked me to kiss you,
one thousand voices of providence,
silver threaded stitches
sank my soul to touch on you

bruised by the impact of a human being

and it was nothing to you
but it mattered to me
 Aug 2014
Ann M Johnson
The toughest scars to heal are concealed on the inside
As night silently creeps
For the world still sleeps
Relaxing for some other day
And nightmare comes this way
Installing fear within the mind
Dread is a rope used to bind

Only darkness makes it call
Fixing terror for one and all

Distilling horrors yet to unfold
A cold sweat will now take hold
Ready to open up the gates of Hell
Kindred demons released by a spell
Now cast by unearthly creatures
Every one with ghastly features
So dream on and you will never see
Strange beasts that are not meant to be
Copyright Chris Smith 2014
Evil comes, reaching and creeping
Darkness leaving you, shivering and weeping
Grey shadows fall, they bring doom
All around, trapping you in the room
Ready to claim you, as you scream

And you realise that this is no dream
Life almost deserts you, you're left alone
Lonely thoughts are chilling you to the bone
Almost as the nightmare starts becoming true
Now you feel the horror striking out at you

Panic begins stabbing inside your head
Out there come those you believed long dead
Endless laughter comes from a solitary raven
copyright Chris Smith 2010
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