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 Oct 4
guy scutellaro
I saw a former love in the supermarket
a ghost comes to haunt me

you were all special
for a day, a month, a year
(I never met a women
who didn't want to be a model or a nun.)
now "love" a cold mournful sound
like an icy wind, scored street.
a vulture pecking at a dead body.

don't take offense
I loved all of you.

a broken nose,
a broken heart,
if there is one thing I ve learned
from boxing and love

I can take one hell of a beating

in the life of a lonely heart
the leaves run from the wind
and from love lost
there is no escape.
please do not take offense. I believe women are the better part of he human race,
 Sep 29
Bijan Rabiee
Earthly time is fine despite Death
The eternal dark out of which
Shadows creep sparking illusions
That hold sway over dreams.
I came from darkness
To store the burning Light
That echoes the yells of creation
Toward some demotic destiny.
Achievements soothe so little
Within the web of eclectic waste
We tend to call societies
Run by the elite undergrowth
Who pay no heed to evergreens.
It was only yesterday
When i first went to school
When i tasted my first cigarette
My first beer, first *******
When i wrote my first poem
And many things in between
Well, out of long list of vices
Only cigarettes have survived
And they probably will
Till my stiff body
Touches the cramped coffin.
Scoop me up Ursa
In your *****
My spirit shall bask
Playing heavenly marbles
Within the volatile void.
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