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 Dec 2018
Sabelo Gasa
Everywhere I go you're there
You're my happiness creature
The horrible voices doesn't appear
You make my depressions disappear

My nights are so bright
Even though we're far apart.
Can you make my heart shine like you
You hate darkness in you.

Whenever is dark you light up bright
You make my problems light.
You were there before me
I consider you like my theme.

I'm talking to the moon
I miss it during the noon.
I only see you when my eyes are closed
We're miles apart, I'm so interested.

You taght me the sweet smiles
You wipe my wet eyes.
You love me unconditional
You don't take things personal.

Can you give me your peaceful soul?
The love you gave is so beautiful
Mom you're like a full moon to me
I always mess up you still believe in me.
*dedicated to my late mom**
 Feb 2015
Hands tied
Blind folded
And in pain
He sat there
As she explained
Explained to him
The rules of the game

“Every day I’ll cut off one of your fingers,
And you’ll count back
From one thousand by sevens.”

Going through her drawer
Of clampers and tweezers and scissors
She said
“Now let us, rehearse?”

She took out one of her knives
And oh so calmly
Chopped off one of his fingers
Asked “What’s one thousand minus seven?”
He couldn’t hear her over his own scream
She asked again
“What’s one thousand minus seven?”

“Nine hundred…nine hundred and ninety three.”
“Good! It isn’t that hard you see?
Now I’ll be back tomorrow
Oh, and this is just an experiment
In ten days, we’ll see what you become.”

He sat there crying in agony
Wishing tomorrow never comes

But it did, and he counted
“Nine hundred eighty six.”
“Do you know why I’m making you count?
It’s a trick.
I’ll tell you about it in the end.
Don’t bother trying to figure it out, you won’t.
So just keep counting till then.”

Days went by
And he was counting
“Nine seventy nine.” “Nine seventy two.”
As he was screaming and shouting
He lost all hope of freedom
At “Nine sixty five.”
Now the only freedom for him, was to die.

After ten long days
He finally knew what it was about
At “Nine hundred and thirty.”
She finally let it out
Unashamed as she explained
*“You see?”
It was all just to keep you sane."
 Aug 2014
Guy Random
In midst of thunderstorms I could see a house
Standing under a tree, eyes wide open
Rain have never poured more
Wind could not shout more

Sweat was blending with water on forehead
Sweat of failure, sweat of rejection
I knew I won’t enter, I knew I won’t knock
But then I saw lights turned on.

Invitation was mocking, possibilities were low
Will get grains only if you sow
Doors won’t remain open forever
Wait someone wants to enter

Inside was dry and warm
Fireplace was on, bar was open
Took what I see, spent what I owned
This is meant for me, I am meant for this

Attraction hypnotized deeply
Should it be a palace, who else could be the king?
Jolly heart then saw an ugly shadow!
The supposedly king was shown a visitors queue.

Eyes see with minds sight
Brain a diseased brain with optimism
Hunting Bear looks like black pet dog
Only when you are near enough to be prey

But when love hits, numbness surrounds
Considered taming a bear
Reconsidered retried insist pushed
But can a tide be turned

Woosh! Waash! Washed away
How long a castle of mud stands?
It waits for its wave to spread where it belongs
For other dreamers to try there skills?

With the fallen castle i still dream
Had i erected it a bit farther..
Had i put more effort..
But what could be a life in sand castle?
 Aug 2014
Guy Random
Eve of Holi

A spring eve that’s all different from others
Zephyrs blowing away the leaves
Orange sky adding the flavours
Blooming flowers nodding in a rhythm
So Ironical is nature of this evening
That all these beauties act as ornaments of Kali

On a normal evening man would work
They would work appraising weather
They know it will not last long, they enjoy
Today they as if ignore it, of morning celebrations

Morning is gayest morning of the year
Every reason to see every man
Mankind being unanimous
Evening on contrary balancing it to a usual day

An unexplainable soundlessness, vacuum of thoughts
A day depicting environment without men on work
Streets still hold colours on their chest
But this colour no more is a sign of happiness

People meet each other, everyone has a smile
But that doesn’t match with nature suit
There smiles have scope within its sight
Body of people walking on street enjoy zephyr
Their mind stay startled of unusual quietness

Standing on my entrance, I observe
A swinging litchi tree, missing sound of saw mill
Smiling flowers, orange cloudy sky
Empty streets, parked wagons, and utterly silence
Holi in India is a festival of colours, I remember wildness of it since my childhood, what have been a puzzle for me is it's evening. They are most the gloomy evening I can recall.
Every woman deserves a chance

Every woman needs some romance

Every woman has some love to give

Every woman wants a life to live

Every woman is living a secret wish

Every woman wants a slow kiss

Every woman can give so much

Every woman wants to feel a touch

Every woman has a dream to share

Every woman just wants to care

Every woman should not be alone

Every woman must have a heart to own

Every woman wants to be a mother

Every woman desires to be a lover

Every woman will give you her heart

Every woman waits for love to start

copyright Chris Smith 2004
A Wizard trapped her reflection.
To be within the mirror forever,
She had spurned him with rejection.
Two keys to a mystery box hidden forever.

A brave young Prince wanted to set her free,
Solve that secret of the mystery box.
So he began the search for the first key,
To open the first of the two locks.

He braved a dragon high on its' nest,
But he did not find the key hidden there.
He battled Ice Warriors with his best,
They had no knowledge of the secret to share.

Then he would save a Witch from a Demon Banshee,
She told him all he had to do was ask for his reward.
So the Prince was given the first key,
He searches on, battling a Demon Hoarde.

Years pass him by, until that Wizard he faced,
The Prince was an old man, he still would fight.
The battle was long, the Wizard was disgraced,
Gaining that second key was a victory sight.

The Prince travelled back to the mirror and mystery box,
He was tired and very old, but he would set her free.
So he took out both keys, and he opened the locks,
A light surrounded him from the beautiful sight he could see.

He is young again, he has his life given brand new,
From out of the box, he took out a diamond heart.
Now the girl starts before him with a heart that is true,
The Prince lifted her up in his arms, for they shall never be apart.
copyright Chris Smith 2010
 Apr 2014
on the crowded quai of inception
   gilded minutes ornately revolve
time is measured in tranches of soul
   transporting moments of his essence

never versed in the outside world
   an innocent daughter of imagination
boarding a train of transfixed reverie
   her departure held fast in sistine release

such a private exhibition on public display
   their affection left open to interpretation
a tearfully expressive and inspired farewell
   within a shrine devoted to the art of the muse
 Mar 2014
Remember 4th grade?
When we used to buy those orange candies and the blue marbles
But we never had more than 10 bucks so we always had to choose
But I guess the times have changed
Because all we buy now are packs of cigarettes and cans of *****

Remember 5th grade?
I memorized the rare candy cheat and you memorized the master ball one
Oh the good times when we used to play Pokemon and zwinky
But I guess the times have changed
Because now we're all about DOTA and call of duty

Remember 7th grade?
You fell in love and  a week later you fell out of it
And then you smashed that thing... What was it? A photo frame?
I was just standing there trying not to laugh at you
And two days after that, you yelled at me for taking her name

Remember 8th grade?
We used to play basketball all day
I was 4'11" and you were 5'2"
And although it was just three inches
I looked like a little ****** in front of you

But some things never change
Like those marbles and the place where we buried them
I bet they are still as beautiful
As they were back then

Yes,some things never change
Like the part of my mind which memorized that cheat
A44A FB0B 6808 D662
I can't believe I still remember that ****

Yes,some things never change
Like the pieces of that photo frame
And the fact that you still hate her
And the fact that I still call her "The ***** who shall not be named"

Yes,some things never change
Now I'm 5'11" and you're 6'2"
But its still three inches
And I still look like a ****** in front of you

Yes,some things never change
Like the part of me which loved you then
Because I still do
And all these memories
that are made out of you.
Notes (optional)
 Mar 2014
Jack Piatt
You’d do well to keep in mind
The lines falling short inside
And all the people standing outside
Looking in
Feeling the sin
Sink down their arms
Into their shoes
And out of brain range
This is it
The reckoning
Of sorts anyway
The lost keys found
The square peg round
The light at the end of the tunnel
On an extra long chord
Finally being pulled
Nighty night
Let all that ails you tuck you down tight
Bring back the child of let’s say 10
That version of you
And start explaining
As you have much to do
He might look up and say
“Who are you?”
And that’s a valid ******* question you know
Valid ******* question
Cause he won’t know
And neither will you
The disconnect is growing moss
Off the side of Highway 2
And memories are like old VHS tapes
That nobody watches anymore
Don’t have time for that
Too much going on
With all the nothing to move and stack
Sifting for change
Like it’s in your pocket
And you’re at the soda machine
After walking back into town mid-June
Cause your car breaks down
In the middle of the Middle(est) West
And you are thirsty
But the machine is all out
And the clock is broken
Along with your need for concern
It just doesn’t matter now
And you are more than well aware
You are ****** scope
From 300 yards up and away aware
There’s no move (even the slightest) getting past you
You guard that tower
Like an insecure guy guards his bestest (crush) girl –friend
You know the one that takes him shopping
And tells him secrets
That should be dropped in a volcano
– but regardless
He will never see the color of her *******
Unless she has him do her laundry
 Feb 2014
I pour my heart in ink on paper
In shades from black to red
From darkest shadow's deepest demons
To a soul laid fully bled
 Feb 2014
When I said that I'd be bad company
I meant that only you could brighten my day
The sound of your voice is my sunshine

When I offered for you to let me be
I meant that I would never force you to tolerate me
But hoped that you would want me by your side anyway

When I pushed you aside, however delicately
I meant for you to not want to go
For you to just sit with me for awhile

When I said I wasn't in the mood to talk
I meant for you to sit with me
In comfortable silence until you kissed me happy

When I sent you a message warning of my grumpy
I meant for you to call me
And make sure I was alright

When I said that I couldn't
I meant for you to show me that you believed in me
To help me believe in myself

When I set you free
I meant for you to not want to leave
For you to stay with me always
copyright©PrttyBrd 27/10/2010- From The Ride of a Lifetime
 Feb 2014
John Ashton Upston
They call me the deaf reaper,
The not-so-slim teacher,
You want a lesson?
Here ya go, let me beat ya,
I'm the best, I'm the worst dressed,
Ill fight you over your address,
I got arguments, I've got lies,
I ain't hearing your *******,
I'm making my own, and I Direct,
I do not listen.
I scream, to others but not to myself,
I'm half as great to me, twice as awesome to you,
I pity no fool,
I look at ignorance with a mixture of disgust,
And admirance.
I wanted to be a leader,
not a professor,
But profess this, my dearest,
queer hater, oh not gay,
Just weird and unneeded.,
Who will follow, A modern day ******,
Living for greatness, for evil for death,
no matter what else has been heeded.
Who can scream with the anger and the authority,
Oh, that is me, the deaf reaper.
Grim, grim!
Oh, but what a grin,
Smiling oh so devilishly,
Too deviously,
that even in his now once brightly lit din,
now on the road to recovery, through the death,
of his dearest emotions, friends,
family and hearing,
Only now can he see the vision,
But the vision was sent a year too late,
How cruel then, is fate?
Now, left with one penniless gift,
Lovely, quite irate.
Poetry, boys and girls,
Like what you feed to the dogs,
regurgitated meat,
infused with vitamins and
milk straight from the teats,
of an unwanted *****,
come here, a little closer,
if you dare meet fear,
Ill eat you, oh i'll eat you,
and lick up all your tears,
until only one fluid is leaking,
and your lips then smear,
for me all for me,
For I am not myself,
Only the images and lies,
Of beings far incompare,
what does it mean,
what does it mean,
oh Ill tell you little bean,
bean bounce bounce for jean,
look at her eyes, lustily,
She is a hand, the hand on the face,
watch it as it shivers, just out of place,
still in control, if only she could see,
Her hearing clouding her vision,
Of the demons in me.
No, no, for ever devoid,
take away the rest,
of these worthless toys,
You call feelings, given to me,
To ruin my intellect,
And degrade my being.
I will not let the good win out,
Oh I hate the light.
I will change the definition of good,
I will give death real meaning,
My own.
Listen, listen closely,
Listen to my tone.
It is the whispers, the whispers,
of the subconcious untold,
That part of you, deep inside,
that when seeing the hero win,
Says "well it woulda been cool to see,
the villain preside."
So give me the world, mind control,
and more. Oh look into these,
deep blue eyes, these,
fragile snowflakes,
these *****, *****, charms.
Feel my pain and agony,
As I disregard them,
Legion, consuming evertly,
Yum, Yum, I say with a sway,
But it is not food that I eat,
Nay, Nay, for the Deaf Reaper,
It is on another soul, another mind,
Another worthless human body,
That I PREY.
If you read it all the way through, please leave a comment. I want to hear what you have to say.
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