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 Oct 2021
I know nothing about them
they mean everything
to me
Each one
a branching group of wizards
waving their wands up to
the sky
Inviting the magic of inspiration
 Feb 2021
Harriet Shea
Let our beloved earth heal
she needs to close darkness
away caressing light, flowing
through in all directions.

Blue-white light energizing
across each thought that
never knew how lovely
awakening in spirit could
be, so divine in promise, love
leading all forces to crystal
abundance followed by
predestine awareness
after the storm has
passed all intellectual

Imagine! everything beautiful
you have seen your entire life
enormous overload to mind
of man, well known to God who
created everything incredibly perfect
now darkness covers all this beauty
he wanted us to have through love
made of devotion to his lighted
form, power of our universal
imaginary deliverance, now a
reality, not an illusion.

Love is us, we are love, life is us
earth is love.

We are all one Love within Love.


Copyright ⓒ DerenaBree( All Rights Reserved)
sounds pleasant to have a river so close

ours is nearby
down the lane past the bamboo

and prehistoric plants
the land that time forgot

yours is nearer and I imagine
your view and the little oak


i went to blaenau in the rain
you may google that so best
add ffestiniog to the name

i saw the garden with all the birds

i have two oak trees grown tall

sheltering and strong in a storm
i stand on the doorway to watch

the branches thrash

you will miss the swallows I am sure
it is best we look after the birds and
other creatures while we can james

yet seems from what you say that some
don’t bother

my scope is limited now
yet it comes enough for

beauty spots were once to adorn
the face
hide the imperfections
The harvest moon
Fills the room
With moonlights brightened glow
The nighttime brings a peaceful state of mind
Where shadows
Come and go
Among the stars
On heavens porch
A true sight to behold
Smiling down
On mother earth
Where we all call home
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