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 May 2020
Maple Hartmann
I wanted to sing.
But the world doesn't let me.
I was born mute so I couldn't sing.
I think the world hates me.

I wanted to dance.
But the world really hate me.
I don't really much remember what happened since I was little.
But I do remember when they removed my knee.

I want to draw.
I still have both of my hands with me.
But the world really wants me to never do anything I wanted.
The world ******* me up when I suddenly couldn't see.

Even so I really can't do much anything right now,
I still can use my mouth and speak freely.
But then the world really, REALLY hates me to the core.
Just as I thought, it took my voice away from me.

I am blind, deaf, mute, and I can't even move myself.
Just what did I do to the world that it had almost cursed me?!
I'm done! I'm done! Just end my life if you hate me that much!
Just end my life... and put an end to my misery...

Im begging you...
I think it is better for me to become a doll instead rather than being a human. Dolls had a purpose why they are being made - to be played be children. Me? I don't have a purpose.

PS: The above statement is just a part of the poem itself. Kinda like an intro. Hehe. Seriously. (-___-)
 May 2020
The red moon illuminates,
over the water,
My stomach is pierced with blades,
thousands of them,
And darkness fills my empty heart,
dancing with the devil,
But the deepest shades of gray,
will never be mine,
And if by the end, indeed I'm dead, cry,
tears in my memory, sweet
But the red moon is painted with blood,
and it happens to be my veins,
And still the saddest birds cries it's tune,
bright in the early month of June,
enjoy :)
 May 2020
O my precious flower of amethyst,
Who blooms in the early spring,
And whose dreadful fate befalls him fast
For any of my everlasting love to last.
To you I will go forth and sing,
As once did my lord, the Sun King,
Of your amaranthine beauty, by which I am bewitched.

By the hands of the West Wind did you fall,
Where you withered in front of your god of light.
For I, your death was my most tragic loss.
But if I had stopped that discus in toss,
I would have prevented this plight
From ever befalling my sight,
And never would I have listened to you wrawl.

To the Messenger did the Sun King flee for comfort,
But I, without you, had no one to go.
Even in death, your fairness remains,
In the shape of the hyacinth, forever contained.
My love for you still overflows,
Even amidst all the woe,
But now, alone, I shall go into summer.
 May 2020
Carlo C Gomez
familial sea
asteroid debris
plagued black sun
the chain undone
derivation drought
acetylene light burnt out
sands of a surname
run through veins as aspartame
in departed sons & daughters
blood is thicker than water
but drains ever so faster
 Apr 2019
They never want anything from her,
until they come to her door;
And when they leave, her tender heart bleeds,
for there's nothing they want, once more.
Even though she is young, she remembers,
the shame and guilt they have brought;
She blames herself for their mistakes,
and she wishes that she were not.
Each night since she can remember,
their nightly ritual's go on;
They climb in bed beside her,
she wonders what she's done wrong.
With roaming hands, they touch her,
in places that make her feel weak;
She utters not a single word,
she can't find the words to speak.
They continue to touch this child,
she endures this in heartache and pain;
"Adult Games," they call their playtime;
as the child lies there in shame.
And when at last they're finished,
they leave her alone in the night;
She doesn't know what just happened,
she just ***** her thumb as she cries.
 Apr 2019
She never wanted to be a Mom,
and now her life is nothing but wrong;
What will she tell everyone she knows,
maybe she'll wait until she shows?
The Fetus who slumbers in her Womb,
one day will be running out of room;
She must Abort this one in her,
for shame she simply can't endure.
She makes an appointment at the clinic,
know one must know, no one must see;
She arrives the next day, still so unaware,
that her Fetus is growing, lots of hair.
They lay her on a Hospital bed,
where soon the Fetus will be dead;
The Doctor inserts a clear, long tube,
where it wreaks havoc, within the Womb.
The baby moves away from it,
it feels like she has just been bit;
Upon her face, there is a scowl,
it's much too late to turn back now.
The hose clamps on to her very, small hand,
the Fetus can't cope, nor understand;
It pulls the hand right off the arm,
yet Mother thinks she did no harm.
Next it grabs onto her hip,
and her tiny leg begins to rip;
Emersed in pain, she pulls away,
she'll not live to see another day.
At last it latches onto her head,
the heartbeat stops, this child is dead;
She smiles, her reputation intact,
a conscience is one thing she lacks.
I watched a video on a live abortion.  It had such a sorrowful impact on me.  My prayer is that these words, while graphic, may save but one baby's life.
 Apr 2019
She walks to grade school,
sack lunch in her hand;
Dressed in old, tattered clothes,
that a Flea Market had.
She hangs her head low,
don't want them to see;
The bruise 'neath her eye,
which is now blue and green.
Her shoes do not fit,
they're too large for her feet;
So she stumbles along,
then falls to her feet.
Since her lunch yesterday,
she's had nothing to eat;
She sheds a small tear,
which runs down her cheek.
Children pass by her,
they point as they laugh;
And under her breath,
she lets out a gasp.
She despises those bullies,
for the things that they do;
So she quickly runs home,
grabs a gun from Dad's room.
She rushes to school,
she'll make them all pay;
So she guns down nine children,
uncontained is her rage.
A teacher subdues her,
wrestles her to the ground;
Her killing spree's over,
yet she makes not a sound.
Nine children lay dead,
everyone is in shock;
They all learned a lesson,
No one's to be mocked!
 Mar 2019
Randy Johnson
Your wife isn't carrying your baby, she's carrying mine.
She wanted me to marry her but I had to decline.
She didn't want tongues to wag about her being an ***** mother.
She was afraid of people's reactions, that's why she married you after becoming your lover.
She pushed her mother down the stairs because she's very mean.
She posted naked pictures of me on Facebook, she's also obscene.
I'd had enough of her cruel behavior and I decided to dump her then and there.
When I learned she told you that you're the father, I had to tell you because it's unfair.
I can't let her do this to you, I can't and won't keep quiet.
You may not believe me and you may even want to fight.
When the baby is born, I'll tell you what you must do and it will be for the best.
You can prove that she's pulling the wool over your eyes with a DNA test.
I will gladly give her money for child support because it's my baby.
And when I tell you that you must have your marriage annulled, I don't mean maybe.
 Oct 2018
Madeline Killeen
the universe
has gifted me
a patient soul
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