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 Sep 2021
S Olson
this is not my life. we are fighting, as though
we are happy, dad is
dying. i love him. as though i am a child.
as though i were a sapling at his root.
as though i were a construct of his being
as i am
i am
happy. as though i am a child. i am giving
as i will not take what i cannot give him
in his grave. he is wilting, as i realize i am
alive, and i will give him every inch of every
root that i am, constructed on the skeleton
he has given me. with life. within himself
as he is
he is
happy. as though he were a child forever.
as though he were a mighty spread tree.
as though we could love each other
beyond the end.
 Sep 2021
In that ignorant
crowd, He found two companions,
Pain and loneliness!
This modern fast paced world is making people weak and lonely
 Aug 2021
Slur pee
I make my own soup and I kiss my own boo-boos,
I tell tall tales about love, hell, and voodoos.

I cover up my sadness with jokes, smoke, and malice
Who knew living a tragic life could feel so lavish?

God and I have a pretty tight relationship
I talk to him every night when my fingers touch my lips.

I throw my bones at dogs and contort my soul for fun,
Chewed up, spat out. I’m just like everyone.

 Jul 2021
i leave behind residue in beds
i am grimy and saturated from dirt
my muddy footsteps follow you into the bathroom and i smudge the mirror with my fingers, crusted and cracked from the heat

i follow the shadow of the sun and trail their streaks of death
it drips down my thighs and stains your carpets
i am vermin i am disease i am death and decay
my stench sullies the walls and my greasy hair sours your stomach
you pinch your nose as i pass by and i cannot find it in me to blame you. i would too.
i feel so gross
 Jul 2021
There is beauty
in these depths.

But you’d have
to drown
to see it.
 Jul 2021
phil roberts
On cloudless moonlit nights
When the world is silver and darkest blue
And silence seems to reign supreme
If you stretch your hearing inwards
You will hear the distant moans
Of long lost lonely dreams
Homeless and obsolete
Fading away
To become endless shadows

                                           By Phil Roberts
 Jul 2021
Just when you thought
that "Silence" is the answer

Its not...

Its only the beginning
Of endless thoughts and regret

Don't fool yourself

For silence is a lot different
from Peace.
Breathe somehow
 May 2021
I fell for the elegant lull of your heartbeat,
it thumps within you
but why can I feel it beating in me?
deep in my bones and etched onto my lungs?
Your love suffocates me,
its sinister grip unforgiving as it chokes me.
—oh, is it blissful.
**** me, love,
throttle my bleak soul
who never knew of a love so exquisite;
then see me reborn,
with each touch you grace my body with;
with each syrupy lie which spills past your mellow lips.
Greetings! It's been long.
 Mar 2021
I am not a writer
nor am I something great
but all I know
Is that I loved you
even from far away

How I wish it was me
you wrote that song to
Or it was my hand
that cuddled you

How I would turn back time
just to say I Do
Don't let Fear blind you from the blessings infront of you
 Jan 2021
Isang Lugar
Kung saan
Walang Katungkulan

Wala ni isang
dapat gampanan
o dapat tularan

Malaya kang humakbang
sa pampang ng pinagmulan
Ng walang iniisip
o pagaalinlangan

Huminga ka ng malalim
At wag ng ipagkait
ang pangarap **** minsang Inukit
Na Tila ba'y ika'y naging malupit

Tama na, Tahan na
karapatan mo ang kumalma
ibigay mo sa sarili mo
ang dati'y wala na

ang maging masaya..
ang maging malaya..
sa sariling pagakakulong
ng wala ni isang
Be kind to yourself
 Jan 2021
Bakit kaya ganun...
Nasasaktan ako kahit hindi dapat

Gusto ko umiyak...
Ngunit pawanag naubos na ang mga luha

Hahakbang pasulong...
Subalit tatlong tapak paurong

Pipiliting ayusin ang lahat...
Pero pawang gumuguho at mas gumugulo lang

Don't i deserve better...
Don't i deserve to be loved..
Don't i deserve to be happy without ever being afraid of failing again..
I didn't t know that the most painful heartaches are those without tears.
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