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 Mar 28
I am not a writer
nor am I something great
but all I know
Is that I loved you
even from far away

How I wish it was me
you wrote that song to
Or it was my hand
that cuddled you

How I would turn back time
just to say I Do
Don't let Fear blind you from the blessings infront of you
 Jan 24
Isang Lugar
Kung saan
Walang Katungkulan

Wala ni isang
dapat gampanan
o dapat tularan

Malaya kang humakbang
sa pampang ng pinagmulan
Ng walang iniisip
o pagaalinlangan

Huminga ka ng malalim
At wag ng ipagkait
ang pangarap **** minsang Inukit
Na Tila ba'y ika'y naging malupit

Tama na, Tahan na
karapatan mo ang kumalma
ibigay mo sa sarili mo
ang dati'y wala na

ang maging masaya..
ang maging malaya..
sa sariling pagakakulong
ng wala ni isang
Be kind to yourself
 Jan 24
Bakit kaya ganun...
Nasasaktan ako kahit hindi dapat

Gusto ko umiyak...
Ngunit pawanag naubos na ang mga luha

Hahakbang pasulong...
Subalit tatlong tapak paurong

Pipiliting ayusin ang lahat...
Pero pawang gumuguho at mas gumugulo lang

Don't i deserve better...
Don't i deserve to be loved..
Don't i deserve to be happy without ever being afraid of failing again..
I didn't t know that the most painful heartaches are those without tears.
 Dec 2020
Sk Abdul Aziz
I look at you with love and compassion...
...Like yours is the only face i want to see
You on the other hand look at me with disgust and contempt...
...Like you'd rather see any other face than mine
...what contrasting views we have!!!
 Nov 2020
Alyssa Underwood
There are those we have known
with a natural and uncanny ability
to spin words into haunting melodies
and phrases into vivid portraits
which transfix the heart
and transport the memory
across the bounds of nostalgia
and into the realm of the eternal,
those who know intuitively
how to strike a familiar chord
in our veiled longing.

These are the poets.

 Oct 2020
Ever felt like your
Living your death..

Everyday is just drag
An endless road
Of pain & suffering
from the bad choices
that you didn't even made

It just happened..

You tried to fix it
Everyway you can
But somehow...
something..or someone
manages to crush you
back down...
and they don't even care..

All you have is your words
Trap inside your mind
emotions piercing
each and everyday into your heart

The person inside you
Lives no more
She wanted to shout
She wanted to get angry
But she is too shattered
too tired..
That the only things she could do
Is cry..

"I want my life back! "
My advice: "Don't f****king stole someone else's life just because you can't live yours!"
 Aug 2020
Thomas W Case
The breakup was
the best thing that
ever happened to me.
I lost everything except
my dignity.
I escaped with my soul.
She tried to buy it with
Sushi and Thai food,
but it's not for sale.
I would rather
freeze and be free,
than die warm in her cage.
No amount of love can
fix that abysmal madness;
that car crash confusion.
Daisies withered when she
walked by.
Her heart was rotten, like
an STD, like a
fish hook to the eye.
Some relationships are toxic
 Aug 2020
Hello Tissue Box,
You are my new best friend..
Don’t be offended if I use you all up and toss you in the trash. It’s nothing personal.
My nose just decided it was time..
to go crazy!

Ughh..colds are dumb! ;)
 Aug 2020
All I wanted was a Hug

A kind of touch that doesn't need words
nor does it need to know
Just ask me the right questions
and it will all pour down
like an endless waterfall of pain and regret
from the depth of my soul
that no one could understood
not even I
so what's the point of asking if

All I wanted was a Hug
If we're sad, don't be quick to say "cheer up" because empty words doesn't help us
 Jul 2020
Lipok Jamir
In the early bright
from a distant drift
came an echo swift
Ah! something's not right.

Another case of a missing child,
Fallen prey in their wicked plan,
labelled high in their evil mind,
takes a place in their tainted chain.

With news of such, i'm grieved,
Their words offend my ears.
How could one heart respond
To such wicked plan of yours.

Innocent souls for the price tag,
Forced to work against their choice,
in the hands of the folly gang
their frolic moment gone.

Trails of their innocent tear
screams loud for a helping hand
take heed my fellow dear
go seek and heal their wound

fighting for another man's cause
i will not rest and have peace
i care much as to be fair
to save a child in despair

In this game of cat and mouse,
It wont take long, rest assured.
For i'm committed to the cause
To assure that justice is served.

I stand here on the frontline,
Tracing every drop of an innocent tear
And lily-white prints on a weathered stone
To cure the wounds and heal their fear

And when the chase is done
il lay my head and rest
And thank to God for what is done
And be at peace and be at rest

And in the break of dawn
from a distant drift
came an echo swift
'everything's gonna be alright.
I'm an amature writer so if you can give any constructive advice. I'd appreciate it
 Jul 2020
if i woke up this morning and decided to off myself
for the first time in my life
i'd be putting myself first.
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