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O Holy God , listen to all my wounded pleas today.

Hold the hurting, rescue us and breath freshness today.

Into our hurting Lives,  for we all need you Holy God.

Hear our Cries, rescue all of your hurting people.

Breathe a Fresh start in every Life of your people.

Breathe Freshness into each of our Lives today God.

For each of our Lives , has some pain in it now.

For this world has changed, the world is lost one.

But you still have the power to save whom you choose to.

Because you are God, and you Love your people Lord.

So do what only you our Savior can do today, Save us.

For only you have the Power to save anyone from death within.

For there is none other that can Save, but only you Lord.

So do what you do best Bring out a Miracle into our Lives.

Save us from all of the wickedness, surrounding us today.

For there is so much evil in this here world today save us.
 Nov 2016
Allen Robinson
I left You
I lost myself
my path was
my faith was
my resolve was
... yet
Good Shepherd
You returned me
to the flock
I stand on You
my rock
stripped bare
exposed and
You've built
me up and
set my feet
on the path
My course
plotted and
ordered by
Grace and mercy
be unto
All blessings flow from above... thank You my Lord.
 Sep 2015
Mitch Nihilist
I was asked
                 why don't you
                   write something


maybe it's like
it's hard to weave
interests into subjects
coincident not
of delight

a page is an unworn
white t-shirt
that i seem to stain
when my pen
wipes it's fingers

and theres nothing
more to clean my
hands with

so i guess
why i don't write
positives a majority
of the time
is because when it rains
the ground doesn't
just decide to stay dry.
 Aug 2015
And if I
were to ask
God to protect
me from harm,
I would be
asking God to
protect me
from myself.
 Jul 2015
Dear God,
I pray you bring me someone who adores me.
Who loves all the small irrelivant things about me and finds them completely relevant.
Who will ask me if its okay every time.
Who respects my opinions and beliefs even if he may not understand them.
Who will never belittle me by mentioning another girl.
Who won't provoke me for sport.
Who will appreciate the things I do for them especially if they become compromising.
Who will put my feelings and anxieties first if they pertain to their control.
Who will never make me worry about them for a minute.
Who won't make me question if it's okay to be mad about.
Who doesn't make me feel crazy except in a good way.
And most of all I pray that he will love you more than me.
 Jul 2015
WendyStarry Eyes
Why in our hearts do we believe
Our prayers are too
Complicated for God to conceive
Something in our minds
tells us we don't deserve
Or cannot believe
It is satan's job to persecute
The promises of God
Try hard not to give into his madness
Believe in Our Father
Rise above
Confusion is satan's best friend
With confusion he leads us
Into the land of sin
Prayer and faith will guide
Man through
If we sincerely believe
Christ creation is truly something to behold.
When you get a glimpse at a beautiful sunrise.
Whether its in Florida or California or anywhere else.
It takes your breathe away, the beauty of it all.
For Christ creation does take my breathe away.
Seeing the leaves change color on the tree tops.
The greatest part about it no one can charge you.
To see all of this genuinely beauty is free of charge.
So get your camera out and start shooting pictures.
 Jun 2015
Just look at her!
She's so radiant and flawless!
Her footsteps leave marks of perfection
She walks with confidence
She's not afraid to walk with her head *****,earning all mans respect
She's not afraid to breathe because this air is her own!
Her smile is so contagious
She makes it look so effortless!
Something most people couldn't do for years she does on a daily basis!

Little do they know that she leaves behind a morbid home.
A place where her heart is unknown.
Where punches get thrown like dice
Where she walks on thin ice!
Where her tears put her to sleep
Where she prays to God and gives Him her soul to keep.

But before she goes out into the world she masks her face with the ashes of her soul.
Because she's perished on the inside
And flaunts whatever is left of her tarnished soul.
She approaches the world forgetting about her pain
But still holds on to the thought that each day she sees might be her last.
So she smiles
That woman with the smile on her face.
Stop woman abuse!!
Does anyone like my drawing of praying hands
I drew it one night
When I was feeling lonely
My heart felt so sad
I felt I needed to pray
For my fellow poets.
To over come their fears.
I prayed for some to
Get out of the boat
and gently walk on the still waters.
I prayed for others to
Seek God and ask for more strength.
I  lifted up to God
a sense of discontentment.
And asked him
To quieten your spirit.
And change you hearts
But most of all
I prayed for you to know God.
I know that life is tough, and getting tougher as well.
This is why we need to rely on Strength from God.
For it shall be the thing that keeps you from giving up.
For we are made into Great Warriors fighting for God.
Not in flesh but in Spirit with his words of truth and justice.
For this world justice is not the same as Christ justice .
For we fight with Love, Gods unconditional Love here.
While this worldly warriors fight with human understanding.
With human strength but our Strength is by far greater.
Because our strength is not of this world but from God.
Love covers
Frees.  Your heart

Copyrighted by R H Alexander
Relationships take a lot of work
 Jun 2015
now final loss
is speaking close
i don't know how
but here it is
and fallen clouds
that cannot float
lie scattered on the ground

i look up at the
brazen curve

the ancient cage
of stifled gleams
beats into me

and just before the end
it's all a dream
i cannot seem to

the fire of my heart is hot
but coldness sits inside
and rots
the heartache

why the places that i see?
what is here for me?

beyond the ashen hill
i cannot find
the final resting place
i've left behind

before the void comes can you tell
which way the wind blows

or is it just
a silent stillness
on the land
of iron hills and fallen clouds
and solid sky above?

tell me the answers
that i seek to know

perhaps i'll see
the secrets of
my mystery

or else i'll find in something stolen
answers for a broken mind
to feast on
in the day

at night they ****

but trust me, i don't want to die
the broken mind asks, why this pain and suffering? what is the answer? is it pointless in the end? is it just a barren plain of broken dreams? if it doesn't find the answer the broken mind steals the borrowed hopes of lethal dreams
Christ is the answer to the brazen cage. He is coming again.
I humbly repent
I can sometimes be judgemental
Need to get out of that mode.
Can't control family.
when you think that they aren't
Living  a life that is affecting
Them to spirituality grow
and mature.

Hands off
Says God.
The battle belongs to me.
Trust me
Remain faithful in Prayer
See  that I will not pour out the windows of heaven.
To bless you.

Pay attention to your own
Walk with  me.
Grow in faith.
Trust me
Walk the walk daily.
Don't be disappointed when things  don't
go according to your plan.
See I am the Your Father
and I do things differently.
Learn to lean on me.
And  your soul will be uplifted.
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