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Melissa S
Strong like a foundation
Rock solid in every way
Her skin is soft as velvet
God built her this very way
She hides most of her fears
Wears all her hats like a boss
She flows against the stream
and is the calm in the chaos
A beautiful mystery to unravel
One layer at at time
Only people close to her
Know the thoughts of her mind
Her eyes show compassion
and fierceness just the same
From the ashes she will rise again
and Woman is her name
This is a re-post but wanted to share again since Mother's Day is coming up.
I miss my mother everyday but I know she is still with me in some ways.
Love and Blessings to you all
The night is here
Sleep is away.
I count the bats
Fly away.
I am the witness to an empty age
Feel the noose as tight as the open grave
See the truth and call it lies
And as you speak someone dies
And the poets go on writing amid the cries
. . . of anger and the questons why

See there is no justice anymore
The cops have become the thieves and even more
Poisons **** us just breathing air
The heads of states refuse to care
And the raindrops glow as they fall on the wheat
Compliments of Fukushima and climate's changing increasing heat

So I have been called to testify
So have you as you were there
But like the billions who wait their turn
Justice hangs by sword on a single strand of gold/orange hair
BJ Donovan
The righteous quote their bibles
  the sinners quote their poetry
  the desperate quote them both
  The suicides quote van Gogh  
  stars he set afire and French Blue
  skies full of birds cawing invitations.
 Oct 5
Poetic T
How fragile must the skin of those that
                      need to feel that they are owed
                                  something from nothing.

Are owed or are grateful for waking up.  
                    Yet not taking on the fragility of life,
                    that others though they held
                there hands up high
were now silent beneath the gaze
  of tearful eyes asking
                                   why, why, why...

Thanking something that wasn't apart
               of that moment but more
             every action has a reaction.

We must realise that life is a random consequence
                                                               of our actions.

And no rabbits foot,
              or palms crushed together till numb.

Will change the fact that the world is a random,
                               chaotic path..

If wake up its because we were lucky,
                  because were all going to take
that wrong step sometime...

And no hands held high
                  or silent words will ever change that.
 Oct 5
She lost the sparkle
cause she remained,
Engraved in pain
 Sep 28
Poetic T
My hello's
           were never enough to
you coming to me...

But my goodbyes kept you
                      for that lingering
taste of what you didn't want.

But in the end I never answered
                                the door.

(knock, knock)
       my heart is with holding its number.

The lines dead, Ill never say hi, goodbye...

                 that moments...….

But I have peace of conscious,
                   peace of mind..
      now your not in my thoughts.
 Sep 26
and it failed
resuscitated to no avail
 Sep 18
Paul Hardwick
So Limp Wristed
and for me wanked twice
that is somthing to say
Girls do not read on
but you will.

Knew all will come somday
be on my own
to be with life now so far gone
love I have
of my own.

Love that nags me everyday
somedays I tell my self
this must not go on
this day that ***** is gone
Paul get that woman out of your life.

New day is born
all questions ask what did the **** did I do wrong
going along with everything
how did not see, you from the start
all the joys we had meant nothing to you.

This woman played you
from the start of everything
Paul now be yourself
be a king of your own realm
Hi my name is Paul I hurt at times.
For all my Exes who ever they are.
 Sep 15
Nippy Afternoon
Birds are quiet traffic too
Leaves fall peacefully
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