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 Oct 27
Kate Borlasa
I name you Umbra, the thief of light
Imprisoned you are from whence you came
Nothing but darkness and most fearful night
Horrors define and crown your caliginous name

You sought light upon me, for you saw the sun, the stars, and the moon
In a second, these creatures were pilfered from my kingdom
Your darkness like epidemic grew
I was blinded by your color and you stole all hue.
For those of you who play Child of Light, this poem is inspired by it. I hope every poet in the world would take the opportunity to play the game.
 Oct 25
Arlo Disarray
you can
smell blood

you're like a shark

sniffing out the weak
looking for a way
to make
your mark

who do you think you're fooling?
mister "nice guy"

with your predatorial ways
preying on the weak
and trying to harpoon
your way
into my heart


i'm afraid
i'm not that sad
i'm not that lonely

writing is a way to
let out
the pain

not something to
bring you closer
to me

i don't want

in fact,
don't come
any closer

all my alarms
are going off

and i
don't think
could feel
much grosser

there was
a time when
i craved closeness
but i'm left

i have
done this
to myself
because of the
that i've

but i'm more hurt
from the love
i've lost
than the love
pushed away

i would trade you
so my dad
could live
another day

but he chose to die
and before long,
so might i

because who wants
to live

i feel
it's easier
to start
with goodbyes
 Oct 25
Arlo Disarray
i never made it
to jupiter
i didn't
make it
to mars

i never reached
high enough
to grab the moon
i never got
by any stars

i've traveled
a few thousand miles
have still stood in place

never quite made it
to the sky

drew a smile
on my face

these toes
have been
set in tar
never meant
to leave
these feet

never meant
to run too far
set and
into one street

memory lane
can really
a girl
no matter
how far
i try to go
i'm not
to leave my brain

even if
i made it to jupiter
even if
i touched
the stars
it wouldn't help me
to forget
it wouldn't minimize
the scars

don't have ****
on me
and i
couldn't care less
about how much
you care
about me

i'm ******
no matter
which path
i may lead
so what i need
does it?

 Oct 23
Arlo Disarray
will you give it a rest?

i keep ignoring you
and trying to make it clear
i'm unimpressed

but you keep running
your tired lungs
out of breath

i'm not sure
how you've got
any wind

i'm not even

i'm just bored

you keep coming back
no matter
how many times
you're ignored

and i've gotta
hand it to ya
you really persist

there doesn't seem
to be
a life event
that you've missed

i'm not ******
i'm not scared
hell, i'm not even sad

you're a dumb,
lonely man
how could i
be mad?

it's too bad

that you waste
so much
**** time

i can't reach
half an inch
i'm not worth
half a dime

get in line
if you think you can
help change my mind
that you can save
my sweet heart
that you can
help me rewind

i'm confined
to the guilt
i've tried
to leave behind
but there's no going back
i can't
dry erase
my mind

no matter how much
i scrub
and bleach
and try to wipe it clean
i'm left with
a black smudge
on my brain
and a nightmare
in my dreams
 Oct 22
Arlo Disarray
for a long time,
writing was all i had

i was swallowed up by words
and little bits of me
i had forgotten about
would be regurgitated
back into reality

most of my talent
has been scrubbed
and washed away
by all my failed attempts
to keep my memories at bay

and i'm left sobbing
with a knife
against my throat

and begging
for the inspiration
of all the previous
words i wrote

but nothing comes out
except the lies
that i choke

every day brings me pain
but i brush it away
lying to myself
and saying tomorrow
will be okay

tomorrow keeps coming
over and
over again
but nothing ever changes
i just keep waiting for the end

twiddling my thumbs
until they're callused,
creating friction
between them

my lungs fill with dust
blown in from
the piles of memories
stacked in the corner
of my brain

i try to unlock
and unravel them
in my dreams
but i keep waking up
and more

i can't tell if anything's wrong
or if

maybe i'm broken

maybe my story
is better left unspoken
To grief alone
is to die inside
not be understood
Is to feel
Your on a slippery  slop
To feel the loss of of connection
Drags you down  in isolation.
The storm clouds hither
You battle to stay alive .
You feel the loss
The pain won't  weather
Set apart  to deal
with  fear
of  parting
You are afraid to let go.
Deepest fear the pain won't subside
You hold on to the hurt
Entangling you in a broken chain.
 Sep 13
Arlo Disarray
death keeps calling my name
and i'm trying to avoid the temptation
of answering

i see them all in my mind
maddy, and daddy, and matt
they're all waving to me
and i'm waving back
there they are,
waiting in the black
telling me that
once i say yes,
there's no turning back

death is dancing on the dirt
that will soon be my grave
and yelling to me that it's okay,
because all my friends are doing it
this way

i wish they had been stronger
and stayed longer
but i know just as well that it's exhausting
to pretend
that you want to be present
when you want it to end

it hurts
to fake a smile
when your eyes
are aching
from the tears
you're holding back

but none of us
bother to
talk about that
 Aug 19
Ashly Kocher
Even the most colorless of roses, still have life and purpose…
It takes the right person to bring the color back to life and bloom to its highest expectations...
Am I sorry
Not at all
I cease
to change
The way
I  live
If I were sorry
I would be different.
I wish I could relive
The past
Wish I could get a glimpse of
the way things used to be.
But no-one has the power to do that.
Change is  difficult
Change we all must face
Some sail through it
Others  fights like dogs to avoid it.
But I say stay and embrace it
Before  it  changes you.
 Jul 15
Ashly Kocher
As the waters trickle down
Down the rocks and over the ground
Rapid waters never stand still
Always be grounded
Love what you feel
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