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What value shall we place
Upon the human race
What effort shall we give
So other people may live
In dignity and in peace
Who shall love the least?

What reason do we give
For having far to much
I give to Saint Jude's Hospital
But that is just a crutch
A sainthood moment
It feels good to ease
My bursting store house
Of this white man disease!
Are you

Brave enough

To be Yourself

for a change?
Hours left to live
the doctor said so to me
so it must be true
Young faces bright with dignity
and unmolested conscience,

Unclouded minds,
saintly beings with
unclipped wings,

Unaware of the conspiracy,
Or, the burdens they'll be forced to bear in the machine society,

They'll be embedded
in the mass production
With no life to speak
beyond their console.
Young children are stripped of their freedom, ingenuity and creativity via years of indoctrination.
My heart sang in the cool morning,
silenced with light

starry music in the void of night
vanishing points aligned with flight
delicate mist shining in white

smoothed coolly by the hands of dawn
distant longings thronged
Castration of inward vibrations
reverberates through these impetuous echo halls.
Catapult cadavers over scrupulous normalities,
I choke on every word I hold.
Let us baptize our divine ineptitude in a mortar of glorious lore.
Most of them are oblivious to the revelation of rushing thunder,
dripping needles, perfidious servitude teetering the precipice of war.
© JDMaraccini 2021
Oliver danced
Olivia glanced
reflections were found
on the ground
by chance.
then again, today,
I heard Oliver say
"She was ever so kind -"
To be stuck in a mind...
This is random and fabulous lol
Aftaab kay dhalnay kay baad
Chaand ki roshni kay jadoo may
Sitaron ki chadar ki nichay
Tumhari kaali zulfo kay talay
Meray khwabo ki jannat hai
Ek arsa ** gaya woha gayay huay
Kabhi ek martaba ayo toh mera pass
Meri rooh ko ek ajeeb sa sukoon milega
Aur Mera dil ka ghar khushi si khil uthega
(Urdu and Hindi)

English Translation

After the setting of the sun
In the magic of the moonlight
Under the blanket of stars
Underneath your black hair
Lies my paradise of dreams
It's been ages since I've been there
Just come to me once
My soul will feel a strange sense of comfort and relief
And the home of my heart will flourish with joy
She continues to be broken
She continues to pick up the pieces
She continues to fight hard
She continues to be strong
She continues to believe
She continues to have faith

We all face hardships
We face our fears
Standing up to pain
Never running away
Even though we are a little broken
We never give up
Always finding a way

She may be b r o k e n
But she’s is a f I g h t e r

She is a

W a r r I o r

Through all that she endures...
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