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A B Faniki
I love poetry so much
and she too love me
despite our age difference. Poetry
sometime speak to me in

colourful sweet words and sometimes
in sad words but most times
her words to me are humours
and sensual, no matter what

words she used to speak
to me I will always
cherish her because she has
always been good to me

by helping me express myself more
clearly, I will miss her
when what we have comes
to and end which it will

for all good things end
just like dawn follows dust
everyday without failing so
what we have most end oneday
© A B Faniki 01/08/2020. I never thought something as old and complex as poetry will come to me easliy or be the mediun of expressing my thought but alas she is and I love it. All right reserved
I immediately know by
the way you look up at me
from underneath your lashes

you don't have to say a word
the high color on your countenance
the spark in your eyes

speak their own language
convey their own thoughts
plead with me to touch you
The mountains stand still, cold and blue
Beyond the sunset
The evening sky and the river wear a twin hue

By the river, stands a twisted tree
Dark leaves glimmer in the fading twilight
The river soaked mud wears a sandy suit

An ample treasure chest
Slowly unfolds
Mesmerising beauty in nature rests
A photo shared by one of my friend,
of his evening stroll by the river
the sky and the river in perfect hue, had to word the moment, shared the same with my friend :)
A dear a friend wrote beautiful poem about 1956 and whilst I was reading Oh sweet memories came
flooding back to
Of my earliest days of school In the late 1950s
walking.through snow drifts up to my waist In the bitter cold of winter
for we never had no school runs like
mum or dad
would take us on our first day after that we were left make our own
The 50s and 60s I remember so well mum and dad worked all hours for very little pay like many other we were poor
but we never had  pressure at school like kids of
Growing up kids In my days were allowed to have play time feel all the pressure of exams all to much for the kids of today
for I feel they never have time enough to play and learn to grow
Like we did as kids back In the 1950s then came the 60s every new exciting music fashions everything so bright and so
and not forgetting pretty girls In there mini skirts revelin lovely legs that brightend one's day Oh such wonderful
Luz Hanaii
Blindly looking for love outside yourself
feeling broken and in chains
wearing masks for different times
going blindly by, feeling empty inside

feel the pain, let her lead you
feel her pull you deep inside
sit alone and feel her embrace
cry alone, let it all go, you've met yourself

all the love that lives inside you
the love you others give
feel it make you whole
let it save you
Bob B
With its trusty algorithm,
Facebook prioritizes for you
Posts and ads so that you see
What it THINKS you want to view.

Bold and sassy, the company
Doesn't even apologize
When certain Facebook users receive
Political ads that are filled with lies.

By the way, are you a purist,
Whom the trend might disturb
To see "like" used as a noun
And the word "friend" used as a verb?

The world today revolves around
"Clicks" and "Likes" on the Internet.
People become bizarrely obsessed
With how many "Clicks" or "Likes" they get.

Email to many is cumbersome,
But if there's something you want me to see,
The BEST way to ensure that I see it
Would be to email or text it to me.

-by Bob (1-17-20)
always by your side
shares your sorrow and laughter
a gift of treasure.
The only child at the Easter Egg Hunt
Lacks a big enough basket
To collect the bounty all laid out
Across the rolling lawn

Those who were not allowed to run
Look sadly from outside the fence
Their empty baskets tossed aside
In hopelessness and envy.

Who painted all those pretty eggs
And who decides who gets to run
Why can’t those other little hands
Collect an egg or two

They can, you say.  Here’s two or three
For each of you, if you applaud
The Golden Child who smiles at all
In sympathy and pride

And tells you you will likely never
Be the one they choose to run
So be content with your two eggs
And never let your green eyes show.
A treatise on the haves and the have nots.
Clouds like a tumble of opaque bubbles
Spread themselves across a sky
Slowly turning pink along the edges.
The air is cool and there is no wind
The only sound is Romeo the dog
Barking in the distance.
Am I not the only walker out here
In this very early autumn morning.

The crushed rock lawns
Do not make dew, so nothing
Sparkles in the streetlights
That never let the road be midnight.
There are no lights in any houses.
Are some of them abandoned,
Waiting for the snowbirds to
Make their winter landing and
Increase the population and
The traffic on the highway.

The air is growing colder now;
My hoodie is zipped half way up;
My hands are tucked inside the sleeves.
I will not miss the scorching heat
That fried three months of sweaty walks
When five A.M. was never cooler than high noon.
It won’t be long until the heavy duty
Jogging suit comes out of the closet
And I see my breath before my face.

Walking in all seasons is a learning curve
For one who only lived in Spring
With Summer the remaining months
And storms were cause for staying home.
I am mastering the days, as now
These roads and walkways know my tread.
Love my 6 A.M.walks.
When you head up the ***** of the Kirkstone Pass,
so-called for the rock, a glacier's erratic,
that's shaped like a chapel and stands at the head
of the steeply-raked pass

There's a place where the valley far down below you
splits either side of the hill, called 'The Tongue'
Way below is a farm at the tip of 'The Tongue'
from this height, so tiny, it looks like a toy

Be careful!  Don't go to the edge of the roadway
or your fall will be sharp and you might not survive
Drive on, up the twisting ascent of the mountain
until, near the summit, you spot Kirkstone Inn

It's built at the junction of the pass and 'The Struggle'-
the latter a test of a new driver's skill-
its car park a stop for walkers and drivers,
its promise of welcome a tangible call

What a wonderful feeling of warmth as you enter
You're inside, enjoying a favorite brew
Check up on the map, now decide where you're going,
then say your adieus and be back on the road
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