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Mommy drinks because you're bad
Destroy, she said
But remember
The practical pyromaniac
Burns responsibly
The wise wind blows one part of the desert to meet the other...

Forming a family of sand dunes that ever live in peace...

For the wind knows...

That to live under the scorching heat of the sun and for the fear of loneliness of the vast desert to fade away...

The sands would need company!
An ode to all our friends and family that taught us the sweetness of company!
Swaying in the soft gentle breeze,
succulent green leaves glisten and glow,
catching the sun's golden rays, filtering
through the coppiced canopy above,
reflecting off droplets from heaven;
Bringing the verdant vibrant woods to life.

There's many a story these woods could tell,
If only trees could talk;
Long in the night they'd stand and share,
of the songbird’s sweet call for loves lost,
the snowy owl's nocturnal adventures,
the *****’s screams of ecstasy, or pain.

And let us not forget, the forest fairies fair,
coming out to play on such a glorious morn.
Sunbathing atop a toadstool fly agaric,
Admiring the glistening golden spider's web,
Downing the nectar from a rain soaked leaf.
Washing dainty toes in the morning dew.

But don’t expect to see one.
For they are as timid as the fawn,
yet as brave as the lion.
As delicate as lace,
yet as strong as silk.
But they are there, rest assured.
Keeping the magic of the woods alive,  
protecting the spirits of the trees,
and allowing the secrets of the woods to live on,
For evermore
This is the second poem I’ve written. I wrote it the morning after the storm the night before, which inspired my first poem. I was inspired and lifted by the sun filtering through the trees and reflecting off the glistening vibrant green leaves
Lure Pot
I miss you
Miss your words
I find you
Find your hands.

I know you
Know your heart
I want you
Want your new art.

Do you feel me?
Feel my emotions!
Would you reach me?
Reach my affections!

You look at me
Look at my heart
Do you feel that?...
We aren't so apart!
Don't get me wrong
I still miss you.........
Since I was very young

This, a final offering,
before the clipping of wings.
A love like blood,
oh anathema.
A grey declined to black,
oh herem.

It means salvation
knelt with darkness.


So it be!
So it be!
So it be!

Ring the bell,
close the book,
blow out the candle.

Douse the sacred sun
and find belief caught in fishermen's nets.


In silence of angels,
climbing broken ladders,
no ascent, no longer.

Salvation has
knelt with darkness.
Where did you sail away
               out of my dreams
 Jul 31
Lure Pot
Make me great with your light
O Most Powerful God,
Keep your light shining to me
O Most Merciful God!

You stay in my entire life and death
O Most Gracious God,
My prostration is to you in full faith.
O Most Merciful God!

I don't want to go to the wrong way
I wouldn't respond to others in a wrong way,
I just only want your mercy,
O Most Merciful God!

Please open the door of mercy
And forgive all of my sins
with your love and mercy
O Most Merciful God!

If I have done any little sin in the day
Turn me to the right path immediately.
O Most Merciful God,
Keep your mercy flowing to me please!
 Jul 31
Carlo C Gomez
When you're not here

Is missing you half the fun

Or half the pain?

Either way

My love is with you

Whether I am there or not
 Jul 29
See the shadow art
moving figures
encased in cloth
with solemn eyes

darkness clings—dogged
chasing light away
from aching fingertips
craving the feel of a sunlit smile.

I reach for
gentle kisses of death
more fervently
than a lover’s embrace.

How cruel it is
when daggers
have more privilege
than a human’s seeking touch.
I miss humanity and smiling lips.
Violent acts seem a more accepted means of death than that of a meaningful embrace. Albeit I am a bit of a romantic yet still—the world is twisted.

“Oh happy dagger” Shakespeare—how fitting.

The loss of human touch—may drive a long-term loss of humanity—of a personal caring for each other. We are reduced to numbers and statistics..while lacking the comfort that comes from experiencing each other as living breathing subjects rather than objects. It’s tragic—that our concern for others safety could potentially erode the very fabric of a loving society. It’s seems a bit counterintuitive really. How much longer will we hold up under the strain until our “smiles splinter like brittle mirrors.”
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