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I love you like darkness, It fuels my mind. In secret between the shadows and within the soul. Like a plant that hardly blooms beneath the others yet, when it does it's the most beautiful of them all. Carrying itself to the light, without knowing how I found myself being so fond of you, without complexities or pride within our way I found you existing within my heart. My chest, my arms, and eyes.
i plan to invade you
marching to your very heart
then surrendering
 Sep 2015
rained-on parade
You once said,
sleep is for the weak
and I feel like Achilles
limping across the battleground of your
subconscious; eyes half shut
are eyes half open.
How long will it be
before I too drift into
the limbo of your nights
and forgotten
when you awake?
I feel lost.
 Sep 2015
Erica Gerald Mason
let's make
a tiny little place
a quiet shady spot
under a
striped umbrella
for you and me
to watch
the world go by
 Sep 2015
Anoushka B
Through the naked crest of your back
The dips above your clavicles
And the way I lunge at your jaw.

Through pale hands and swollen lips
And heavy eyes

It echoes

Resonates through thin air
And seeps into the cracks of the walls
The way it collides with your skin
And buries through the flesh

That moment, awakening, I got through
You know now how much I love you
 Aug 2015
i lie in bed
with you at night
without you

my skin sees
the plates shift
under the curve
of the space
between your neck
and your jaw
hanging open
and breathing

our hands
have never touched.

and we bloom like bursting hearts
but are quiet like petals
at our funeral.

the air
and the pharomones
in the air
rush over
from where they should be

to touch you
and smell you
and live on your skin.

but you can not be touched


you are your own dress.

you are flamenco,
a dance of pure passion
cutting through the colors
that spill and drown the music
until the curtain is closed
the guitar has died
and the stage consumes you whole.

the audience left to wander
forgetting where they live
only picking sweet flowers
from their memory to eat.
Not a poem
you are your own dress
.the sound of your pleasure ripens on your tongue
and you hold it there in rythm and in chaos. It is sweet and untameable as it ripens and it rots.
it rolls off and leaks out of you in gaping rivulets, pours onto me and beads when it mixes with our sweat.
your veins and nerves try to leave your skin through any opening or pore and through the bites of your teeth to touch me and drink the humidity from our heat(taste eat)
i move closer until we climb inside of eachother
and become a specie(in specie?)
sharing only one body.
our finger tips burn wells in rows down the length of our flesh
and are met in the layers never touched by light
and move firm,
only pushed by a pulse
as we come to fruition
and our bodies and bed sheets are seemingly left behind as we are possessed by one anothers mind.
 Jul 2015
summer is just a bruise blossoming on my pearl skin
i'm eighteen and the world is sadistic
but you tell me i wear it well
you wear me
we're so elegant in this sin
you word me like a pariah
when it ends i'll be hell

you string words like a necklace
pull them around my throat
poet with a finest flute
filled with liquid gold
we lose
endless impressive nights
to the keen of jazz
trumpet notes collapse
a jaw bone against
a new language

dress me in silk
perfume my neck
engrave me with
your new decadence

you say
threading the word through
the tail end of august
like a chain of open mouthed flowers
the nights are wilting
shortening their hours
i could give her the world now
gold and love and the finest furs

when september comes
i turn nineteen
i wait in the atrium
bronzed like a summer's statue
your finery thread heavy against my neck
i am leaning into your mirror
the one that decorates the hall
it cuts me off at the neck
when it ends i'll be hell
 Jul 2015
when spring turns
cherry blossoms roll out their tongues
thirsty for this season of recovery
i join, flavouring my days
with their new perspective
 Jul 2015
You’ve got Orion in your eyes,
Shimmering and stumbling
all the way home
You with the audacity to live
To breath every northern wind,
Holding the ocean in your palms,
Arms stretched out waiting for
someone to grab on,
Journey to your moon and back again,
rub the cosmos on your gums,
Just like it was your first time
 Jul 2015
Tyler Durden
All I know is that you make me want to write and no one else makes me feel that way.
 Jun 2015
jayson m
let me worship between your thighs,
my mouth may sin but my tongue is holy.

i'll press kisses to your throat like tribute,
leave my mark on your body for remembrance,
for reverence.

let me take you apart and put you back together,
i promise to be gentle.
the first time, anyway.
 Jun 2015
Kimberly Rose
"I want to have conversations with you at 4 am when we're both out of our minds and dazed in sleep deprivation. I want to sleep in a twin bed with you lying next to me in my high school sweatshirts and plaid, baggy pajama bottoms. I want to kiss you like the bees kiss the flowers and like the sun kisses the sea. I want to sing to you in the car and listen to the quiet buzz of you humming along. I want to be there when you find beauty in not only the sky, but the world below it. I want to navigate my way through that maze of a heart just to find even more beauty and love in your soul. I just want to be so deeply in love with you that drowning becomes a privilege."
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