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 Jan 2
It is a place of abode to eternity
Everything is vivacious and startling
With the blessing of almighty!

Nature creates its own mystic presence
With its vigor and extensiveness
To make it generous!

Everything resembles with our life and its process
Inspire and embolden to lead the life!

In the end we return to the place
In search of eternal peace!

It is a place of perpetual wind
We call it ‘Balpakram’ !
Inspired by the traditional cultural believes of Garo tribal community of Garo Hills of Meghalaya, India. Literal meaning of Balpakram is place of perpetual wind in Garo language.  As per Garo traditional cultural believes Balpakram is a sacred place where human soul rest after the death for eternal peace. Garo people also practice conservation in their villages in the forms of sacred grooves, village forest and community reserve.
Balpakram is now a National Park in South Garo Hills district of Meghalaya, India. The forest covers the canyon-gorges and plateau with vivid existence of limestone, woodlands, and grass land and water bodies. It is the habited of Asian Elephant, Red Panda, Sambar Deer, Barking . Deer, Tiger, Leopard, Clouded Leopard etc. It is also enriched with diversity of flora including the Pitcher plant.
 Mar 2020
It is the supply
Receipt of the followings
Ecological security,
Social and emotional security, and  
Economic security!
These supply are conditional
With the followings
Passion for naturalism and nature stewardship,
Care for humanism,  
Ready to co-exist with diversity,
And minimalism!
Total Cost for supply is
World with stable equilibrium linking to steady state
With additional taxes for negative externalities
And subsidy for positive externalities!
Receipt from mother earth
 Jul 2017
there's a solemn tune in my core
that longs for warmth
- a melodic rhythm
that produces spring's blossom.

though my core is in
solemn mood
but the mind speaks
  - its a mess.

never have i asked
something great
like a grand
Autumn concerto
just wanting
his own
music sheet
playing the song
to the one
     who cares.

for how long
will I be
or where will
I ever find the sign
for the right
notes befitting
to my tunes?

asking questions
only time can tell.
I'll wait....
longing i knew so well...
 Jun 2017
one more song from the lips of the dead poets
how loud they would sound
filling up the silence of their passing.
 May 2017
the unruffled sea fills the bay with deep blue
flat calm as the pastel sky

all the seagulls have gathered at the shore
to chatter about their day

fishing must have been good out at sea
as they plunged from sky to sea to sky

from blue to blue and back again
to sing at end of day.
 May 2017
I will sing from the grave
and silence
will be my song
 Apr 2017
Jenny Gordon
Once upon a time we had the hymnal propped by the kitchen sink so's I could learn; years later Mum would sing along with me, and now...I like never but once in a blue moon dare to sing aloud, for missing her to tears.


What's happened to--me?  Rainy hours detail
Thet eye with silver's touch while green lawns fence
The minutes fog obscures by vague suspense
With softest carpets rolled out to avail,
And I'm not erm, my own in sheer betrayl;
Erst naked trees lost to mists' whitish sense
Of yonder, I could shiver, and do hence,
Cuz in a blink I'm his upon that scale.
One comment like my wont five days ere, poor
As what?  now he distracts aught hours 'til through
Suggestion I am giggling, sober, tour
His deepest sorrows, and maunt say he'd woo?!
Of course, I'm better searching violets, fer
All that.  Let purple wink low, saying we knew.

Hyacinths, violets are classically known along with purple as signifying sorrow, the former I've seen rendered as "hyacinth/ai/ai--" like wailing.  And I love them, to be certain, or is that to say the least?
 Apr 2017
The moon was coming up
right over there the last
time they took you away
as I double~crossed myself
with the holy water
you swam in from the bath
though the ***** my break
the earth, but never your spell
remembering the sounds
you made when I touched you
the way you wanted me to
like a ***** loon at night
flying over a salt lake
and how you could sing
when you played the guitar
I would drown in your voice
like the river you crossed
and I will keep our troth
I swear as sure as that stone
over there I will learn to play
your rosewood guitar
cross my heart and hope to die.
 Apr 2017
My addiction
My addiction
My addiction
It's a funny sentence
My addiction
Im not sure sadness
Can be an addiction
But if it can that it's mine
The way it fills my bones with nothing
I like the emptiness better
Than the cold that burns hotter than hell
My addiction
My addiction
What a funny way of putting it
An addiction
My addiction to sadness
My ....
What's your addiction?
 Mar 2017
phil roberts
Won't you sing for me,
Sweet singing bird
It's been so long
Since I thrilled to the trills and warbles
Of your living song
This confused and bruised winter
Has defied nature's logic
So, set the world to rights
And sing for me
To remind me
That I'm part of something
That still remains wild
And vivid

                            By Phil Roberts
slight rewrite
 Mar 2017
Denise huddleston
Whenever you are feeling down
Turn on your favorite sound

Don't you know music soothes the soul
When your demons get you up and out of control

Just play those favorite songs
Get up and scream and shout let your body move around every beat you hear will clear so play along

That's right music soothes the soul
You feel no pain for a moment take control

Come get your fix for the day
Don't become his prey

Open your ears for a pleasant surprise
It won't be your demise

Let the music roll across your body
Let the notes sink in and sit back for the ride and have a hot toddy

Relax and let your mind go
With every beat that fills the air that surrounds you go with the flow

Let the music reach your inner soul
Get into the groove no more worries no more pain as you let the music bang

With every breathe hitting that beat
That's right baby no more pain let it sink in your soul and feel it in your feet

Feel the demon curling up wounded
your starting to feel relief crank up the sound make that devil run and hide
Saving your soul before you die
Written by: Denise Huddleston
 Mar 2017
Denise huddleston
I was unfortunate to have never meet you
I feel as if I knew you your so smooth

You took America's music
To another dimensional mystical

You sang with your heart, body,and soul
We as fans felt you when you was so amphibole

Your so perfect,flawless,and had an incredible gift
I could look at your pictures endlessly get my drift

Your music is heard
Every day in my heart,mind and soul for the world

Your Heart and soul
Was made of gold

You inspired so many people you mentored so many artists
You are the brightest

You was and still are loved
We as fans miss and love you wishing we could have made love to you

We all fell in love
Just like a beautiful dove

When you left us we all cried and continue to mourn
So *******

You will never be forgotten you will always be remembered
you are branded in our soul that's confirmed

When I lay quietly I can hear you singing with the angels
I surly can't wait to meet you in heaven to take you in like a sponge

Prince your the one and only
You will always live in my heart never to be lonely
Written by: Denise Huddleston
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