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Lost in labyrinthine passages
flitting from one bright dangly thing to another
following the lead of my cravings
which was no lead at all
somehow roads were paved
in your direction
and I found my way
into the chambers of your heart.
The animals came, with
The wolf behind
They took me into the sunset, with
The Lights above;
The Sun descended to me, with
Its rays into my eye, and
That’s how I became that night
An autumn lie.
 Jul 25

Oh, how we love, so easy we do-

We love when we are near or afar

sometimes as bright as a star

and we love with the passion of youth

and the calmness of time

when it sticks to the skin.

We love with the words that we write

every last of each rhyme

every place we have been

searching long for someone

to be loved like we know,

for its easy to love

like we do-

the boy at the coffee shop
is, in fact, a barista

he whiles away his time
at odds with metal monoliths
coaxing honeyed shots of espresso
from the scalding machines
and honing his delicate craft

his language is one of
valves, gaskets, filters
copper boilers and pressure

his artistry
in the turning of steam knobs
folding froth into rich milk
the pulling of levers
the milling of fragrant beans
the pouring of flowers

he learnt his calling
when he first sipped that
viscous indian coffee
cut with bitter chicory
softened with caramelized cream
and dark brown sugar

this is what he understood, coffee:
input/output, give/take
ratios and recipes
detailed tasting notes
he spoke to the machines
and they answered eagerly

and the barista thought the world
to work the same way...
till he saw the girl at the coffee shop

questions glimmered in her eyes
and sweet mocha laced her lips
she was nothing like his machines
all hopeful uncertainty and "what next?"

she wears her hair in braided crowns
concealing her mica-freckled skin
behind oversized cable-knit sweaters
scribbling in sketchbooks for hours
she too, honing her craft

he is a
chipped porcelain cup
gilded with gold
letting others sip their fill
till the cup is empty
and nothing remains

someday he will
go up and talk
to the girl
at the coffee shop
but for now
he is just
a stranger
longing from afar

forever people watching
and forever watched by people

for context, au stands for alternative universe: a coffeeshop au is a trope where the barista and a customer fall in love.

thank you to jules for the collab :)
 Jul 24
She sits by darkened hearth
No warmth now issues forth
Her tattered clothes look more like rags than a dress
But still she carries on
Even when hope is gone
For a princess is a princess nonetheless

If dancing at the ball
Or scrubbing floor and wall
In scullery or in carriage for a ride
Hanging linen out to dry
Or set on throne most high
None of that can ever change what is inside

For it’s not silken gown
Not scepter, sword, or crown
Nor poise to rule court with great ability
Look closer and you’ll find
A heart that’s good and kind
Are the signs of grace and true nobility

Of palaces she dreams
White horses matched in teams
With jewels agleam and in its place each tress
Though life may be unjust
She is regal in the dust
For a princess is a princess nonetheless
There are princesses who never get to wear a beautiful gown or tiara. This makes them no less royal.
 Jul 24
Other than my family and my golden circle of very select real friends
For those no longer in reach or out of touch
Grateful for the time we had and that you passed my way
Fair weathered  friends and otherwise
Last three years we lost a parent and two Dear friends
You, Poetry have been my constant companion
So on my daily walk
The bush had one tiny flower with an opal center
Surrounded by orchid and lavender
Who was saying Hello?
Poetry doesn't judge ,it listens
Let's me get things out and over
Let's me share
My friend Poetry

 Jul 24
Tones and sounds.
Organized in such a way they create music..

Songs heard through darkness and light..

Tangents and pathways..
Transparent clusters of thoughts and emotions...

Actions viewed through the porthole of the universe...

New stars and galaxies..
And the full dreams of undisturbed sleep..

Galactic access to infinite wonders..

Eyes open and mind set.
I ask myself. " Which is the dream?"
Not coming out
Except through
Your fingers ...
Through Your eyes ...
A rainbow,
arched over rice fields
Start croaking...

I Become a mother ...
In A bright Sunny day ...

Illinois cornfield...
too many fireflies at once
too many fireflies...

Oh my little black star!
I know the grooves between your hands...
Smelling you Among my bright motherly clothes
Oh white and free lily,
In my June ...!
The butterfly’s
flaming wings
on the rim of the birdbath...
You are the
Blooming in the wind ...
You are a fetus,
You have not been
In my femininity
womb ...
O my flesh!
O my spring!
And O beyond my
Rainbows dancing
In the glitter of your eyes ...
Oh, my flower of the moon!
Lala, Lala
Dahlia flowers...
The sun is gone
The night has come ...
Lala, Lala
Chrysanthemum flowers,
Coco's chicken will sing again
Lala, Lala Velvet flowers ...
A deer sleeps in the forest
Lala, Lala
The flower of Moonlight ...
A firefly is in the meadow
Lala, Lala
Tulip flowers...
The leopard moaning a lot
in the mountains...
Lala, Lala
Almond flowers ...
Sweet flowers, sleep quietly
Lala, Lala
Zinnia flowers...
My baby can wake up
 Jul 24
Change as sun will fall
Stars unite for  one and all
Waters still through glass
 Jul 24
Thomas W Case
I'm blinded by your kindness.
Science doesn't do it for me.
I know that you know God,
by the way you treat
your fellow man.
Baby, you're a Saint.
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